130+ Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with Q

by Sophia Roberts

Choosing the perfect name for a baby is a cherished ritual in many cultures, particularly in the Muslim community, where names hold profound significance. Among the array of Islamic names, those beginning with ‘Q’ exude a unique charm and meaning. With a blend of historical significance and contemporary resonance, Muslim baby boy names starting with ‘Q’ offer a tapestry of cultural richness and spiritual depth. From Qasim, meaning ‘one who distributes’ to Qadir, connoting ‘powerful’ or ‘capable,’ these names carry a legacy of valor, wisdom, and faith. Delve into the world of ‘Q’ and discover names that reflect noble virtues and timeless allure.

130+ Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with Q

No. Name Meaning Arabic
1 Qasim Divider, distributor قاسم
2 Qadir Capable, powerful قادر
3 Qays Firm قيس
4 Qabil Able, competent قابل
5 Qamar Moon قمر
6 Qasid Messenger قاصد
7 Qudamah Courageous قدامة
8 Qaysar Emperor قيصر
9 Qasit Just, fair قاسط
10 Qutaybah Irritable قتيبة
11 Qazi Judge قاضي
12 Qutb Pivot, axis قطب
13 Qatadah Tree with hard wood قتادة
14 Qaysan Uprising قيسان
15 Qutayfah A narrator of Hadith قطيفة
16 Qusay Distant قصي
17 Qa’id Leader قائد
18 Qanit Obedient قانت
19 Qusayy Distant قصي
20 Qaasim Divider, distributor قاسم
21 Qaabil Capable, powerful قابيل
22 Qaani Content, satisfied قانع
23 Qaasin Charitable, generous قاسن
24 Qaboos Kingly, majestic قابوس
25 Qabul Accepted, desirable قبول
26 Qaddam Advanced, early قدم
27 Qaddur Able, powerful قدر
28 Qadeer Powerful, competent قدير
29 Qadeir Competent, capable قدير
30 Qadi Judge, arbiter قاضي
31 Qadim Ancient, primitive قديم
32 Qadirah Skilled, competent قديرة
33 Qadri Powerful, competent قادري
34 Qaifa Elevated, eminent قيفا
35 Qaim Rising, standing قائم
36 Qais Firm قيس
37 Qaisar Emperor قيصر
38 Qaiser Emperor قيصر
39 Qaiss Firm قيس
40 Qaiz Intelligent, clever قيز
41 Qamal Perfection, excellence قمل
42 Qambar Lion-hearted قمبر
43 Qamber Moon قمبر
44 Qameer Moon قمير
45 Qammar Moon-faced قمر
46 Qamr Moon قمر
47 Qamra Moon-like قمرة
48 Qani Satisfied, content قاني
49 Qaqa Large pot ققا
50 Qa’im Standing, existing قائم
51 Qara Brave, courageous قارة
52 Qarib Near, close قريب
53 Qarin Companion, friend قارن
54 Qasam Oath, pledge قسم
55 Qasim Distributor, divider قاسم
56 Qashif Discoverer, explorer قاشف
57 Qasir Short, small قصير
58 Qassem Distributor, divider قاسم
59 Qassim Divider, distributor قاسم
60 Qatil Murderer, killer قاتل
61 Qatlan Killer, murderer قاتلان
62 Qattan Archer, bowman قتان
63 Qattar Perfumer, aromatic قطار
64 Qaud Shining, bright قود
65 Qaus Bow, arch قوس
66 Qaut String, thread قوت
67 Qavi Strong, powerful قوي
68 Qawa Strength, power قوة
69 Qawan Energetic, vigorous قوان
70 Qawi Strong, powerful قوي
71 Qawim Strong, powerful قويم
72 Qawiyy Strong, powerful قوي
73 Qayam Leader, chief قيام
74 Qaydar Powerful, able قيدر
75 Qayim Upright, standing قائم
76 Qayyum Eternal, immortal قيوم
77 Qazaf Angry, furious قظف
78 Qazim Restrainer, suppressor قاظم
79 Qazin Calm, composed قازن
80 Qazzaz Weaver, silk merchant قزاز
81 Qedar Dark-skinned قيدار
82 Qedem Ancient, oriental קֶדֶם
83 Qeis Firm, determined قيس
84 Qesse Wise, sagacious قسا
85 Qeta Determined, resolute قطع
86 Qetaf Graceful, elegant قتف
87 Qeth Strong, powerful قتح
88 Qeys Strong, firm قيس
89 Qibil Large, immense قبل
90 Qirfan Prosperous, wealthy قرفان
91 Qisaf Courage, bravery قيصاف
92 Qismat Fate, destiny قسمت
93 Qissam Distributor, divider قسام
94 Qithar Skilled, adept قيثار
95 Qitmir Clever, intelligent قتمر
96 Qiwam Support, maintenance قوام
97 Qiyam Standing, rising قيام
98 Qiyas Measurement, analogy قياس
99 Qobil Able, capable قوبيل
100 Qodus Holy, pure قدس
101 Qudrat Power, authority قدرة
102 Qudsi Holy, sacred قدسي
103 Qul Say, speak قول
104 Qulam Easy, straightforward قلم
105 Qum Rise, ascent قوم
106 Qumar Moon قمر
107 Qunbar Spear, lance قنبر
108 Qunbor Boar, wild pig قنبور
109 Quobad King, monarch قوباد
110 Quram Fair, just قرم
111 Quresh Tribe, clan قريش
112 Quthayr Brave, valiant قثير
113 Qutub Axis, pivot قطب
114 Qutuz Victorious, triumphant قتوز
115 Quwat Power, strength قوة
116 Quzayr Small, little قزير
117 Qvazi Judge قفازي
118 Qyam Arising, standing قيام
119 Qyed Support, prop قيد
120 Qyel Wise, sagacious قيل
121 Qyem Strong, powerful قيم
122 Qyler Companion, friend قيلر
123 Qylin Resolute, determined قيلن
124 Qym Powerful, capable قيم
125 Qyn Determined, resolute قين
126 Qyp Prosperous, wealthy قيب
127 Qyrin Skilled, adept قيرين
128 Qyren Wise, sagacious قيرين
129 Qyriq Strong, powerful قيريق
130 Qyrl Brave, courageous قيرل
131 Qyrn Determined, resolute قيرن
132 Qyrus Leader, chief قيرس
133 Qysen Intelligent, clever قيسن
134 Qyshaun Just, fair قيشان
135 Qytel Brave, courageous قيتل
136 Qyten Wise, sagacious قيتين
137 Qytrell Wealthy, prosperous قيتريل
138 Qytren Skilled, adept قيترين
139 Qyveon Brave, courageous قيفيون

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In conclusion

In conclusion, the above compilation showcases an extensive list of over 130 unique Muslim baby boy names starting with the letter “Q.” These names hold significant meanings, ranging from attributes like strength, wisdom, and leadership to qualities such as kindness, determination, and bravery. Each name represents a rich cultural and linguistic heritage, reflecting the diverse tapestry of Muslim naming traditions. Whether you seek a name that signifies power, virtue, or a connection to the divine, this list provides an array of options to choose from, allowing parents to select a name that resonates with the values and aspirations they hold for their newborn son.

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