120+ Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with P

by Sophia Roberts

Selecting a name for your newborn is a significant decision. If you’re looking for Muslim baby boy names beginning with the letter “P,” this comprehensive list offers a diverse selection of meaningful and unique names, each with its own special significance and origin. These names not only reflect cultural heritage but also carry profound meanings, embodying qualities that parents often wish to instill in their children. From traditional favorites to more contemporary choices, this compilation provides an array of options for parents seeking a name that resonates with their beliefs and values.

120+ Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with P

No. Name Meaning Arabic
1 Parvez Victorious, fortunate پرویز
2 Pasha A title of honor, nobleman پاشا
3 Parwez Successful پرویز
4 Pirzada Son of a saint پیرزادہ
5 Pervin Star پروین
6 Pervaiz Variant of Parvez, victorious پرویز
7 Paiman Promise پیمان
8 Perwez Variant of Parvez, victorious پرویز
9 Pilu Moon پیلو
10 Parsa Pious, righteous پارسا
11 Parviz Variant of Parvez, victorious پرویز
12 Pervais Variant of Parvez, victorious پرویز
13 Pervez Victorious, fortunate پرویز
14 Parveen Noble, elegant پروین
15 Pakeez Pure, chaste پاکیز
16 Parvaiz Variant of Parvez, victorious پرویز
17 Parham Feather پرهام
18 Pervis Successful پرویز
19 Pirooz Victory پیروز
20 Piruz Victorious پیروز
21 Parnian Butterfly پرنیان
22 Parshaad Happy, joyful پرشاد
23 Parshan A kind of bird پرشان
24 Parvin Pleiades, a constellation of seven stars پروین
25 Parzival Heroic, knightly پارزیوال
26 Parhaam Ray of light پرهام
27 Parnell Little rock پارنل
28 Parshant Peaceful پرشانت
29 Parsan Entertaining پارسان
30 Parnia Leaf پرنیا
31 Pardis Garden پردیس
32 Pardees Garden پردیس
33 Parsin King پارسین
34 Parnin Knowledgeable پارنین
35 Parwan Beacon, guiding light پروان
36 Parin Beautiful پارین
37 Parsam Melody, tune پارسام
38 Parhan Glory پرهان
39 Parjanya God of rain پرجنیا
40 Parastoo Swallow, a type of bird پرستو
41 Parvaneh Butterfly پروانه
42 Parsifal Pure, innocent پارسیفال
43 Parimal Fragrance, perfume परिमल
44 Parwin The Pleiades, a constellation of seven stars پروین
45 Parwis Fairy, angelic پرویس
46 Parisa Like a fairy, angelic پریسا
47 Parsi Of Persia, Persian پارسی
48 Parv Celebration پرو
49 Paranjay Lord of the sea परांजय
50 Parivartan Change, transformation परिवर्तन
51 Paryan A song پریان
52 Parwiz Wise, knowledgeable پرویز
53 Pasargad Name of an ancient Persian city پاسارگاد
54 Pashang A warrior پاشنگ
55 Pashman Flag bearer پاشمان
56 Paskal Easter, related to Easter پاسکال
57 Pason Lord of all, ruler of all پسون
58 Paroon A type of bird پرون
59 Parwaz Flight پرواز
60 Parhad Delight, pleasure پرهاد
61 Parvaan Follower of the faith پروان
62 Parbhat Morning, dawn प्रभात
63 Parman Wise پرمان
64 Parshva A Jain Tirthankara पार्श्व
65 Parsia From Persia, Persian پارسیا
66 Paridhi Limit, boundary परिधि
67 Parastu Guardian پرستو
68 Parim Fertile, abundant پاریم
69 Parzivand Wholesome, complete پارزیوند
70 Pashin Lord of all, ruler of all پاشین
71 Pasin Pure پاستن
72 Pavan Wind पवन
73 Pavya Pious, pure पव्य
74 Paresh Supreme being, Lord परेश
75 Pahan Brahma, the creator पहन
76 Pairoz Victorious पैरोज
77 Pahel The start, the beginning पहेल
78 Padam Lotus पदम
79 Padarn Legendary father of Padarn Beisrudd पदर्न
80 Paderau Legendary father of Paderau पदेरौ
81 Padma Lotus पद्म
82 Paitoon Beautiful ป๊ายตูล
83 Pajwan With honor پجوان
84 Palash Flowering tree पलाश
85 Palden Glorious, excellent पालदेन
86 Palwasha Paragon of beauty پلواشه
87 Pamir Mountain range in Central Asia پامیر
88 Panah Shelter, protection پناه
89 Pankaj Lotus पंकज
90 Pardes Foreign land پردیس
91 Parichehr Face like a fairy پریچهر
92 Pariyaar Beautiful, fairy-like परियार
93 Parmandeep Lamp of God پرمندیپ
94 Parmar Soldier پرمار
95 Parminder God of gods, highest god پرمیندر
96 Parnav Bird पर्णव
97 Parth King, warrior पार्थ
98 Pasoon A type of flower پسون
99 Pawan Wind पवन
100 Payam Message پیام
101 Pehlaj Firstborn پہلاج
102 Pejman Noble, kind پیجمان
103 Pervash Variant of Parvez, victorious پرواش
104 Petar Rock, stone Петар
105 Piran Wise پیران
106 Pranav Sacred syllable OM, symbolic of Brahma प्रणव
107 Praneel A name of Lord Shiva प्रनील
108 Pratham First प्रथम
109 Praveen Skillful, expert प्रवीण
110 Preet Love प्रीत
111 Prithvi Earth पृथ्वी
112 Prithviraj King of the Earth पृथ्वीराज
113 Priyank Dear one, beloved प्रियंक
114 Punarvasu A Nakshatra (constellation) पुनर्वसु
115 Puran Complete, ancient पुराण
116 Purna Complete पूर्ण
117 Puru Heaven, ample पुरु
118 Pushpinder Lord of flowers पुष्पिन्दर
119 Puya Knowledgeable پویا
120 Pwnc Prince پونک
121 Pyramus Mythical lover of Thisbe Πύραμος
122 Pyrus Fire Πύρος
123 Paaqir Courageous, brave پاقر
124 Parcham Flag پرچم

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In conclusion

With this extensive list of over 120 Muslim baby boy names beginning with the letter “P”, you have a rich selection to choose from for your precious child. These names are not only rooted in cultural significance but also embody various positive qualities and meanings, reflecting the depth and beauty of Muslim traditions. Whether you prefer a name that exudes strength, virtue, or spiritual significance, this compilation ensures that you can find a name that resonates with your values and aspirations for your son’s future. Embrace the joy of selecting a meaningful name that will be cherished for a lifetime.

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