130+ Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with N

by Sophia Roberts

Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy can be a joyous yet daunting task. Muslim baby names, rich in cultural heritage and deep meanings, often hold a special significance for many families. In this exploration of names starting with the letter “N,” we delve into a rich tapestry of options that embody strength, wisdom, and spiritual significance. From traditional favorites to contemporary gems, these names not only sound melodious but also carry the weight of history and tradition, making them a timeless choice for your beloved son.

130+ Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with N

No. Name Meaning Arabic
1 Naseem Gentle breeze نسيم
2 Nabeel Noble, handsome نبيل
3 Nauman Flower نعمان
4 Nadeem Friend, companion نديم
5 Naim Comfort, ease نعيم
6 Nizam Order, system نظام
7 Nasir Helper, supporter ناصر
8 Nizar Unique, rare نزار
9 Noor Light نور
10 Nadir Rare, precious نادر
11 Numan Blood, red نومان
12 Naeem Blessing, favor نعيم
13 Nawaz Gift, blessing نواز
14 Naqib Leader, captain نقيب
15 Nasib Noble, share نصيب
16 Nafi Beneficial, useful نافع
17 Naseer Helper, supporter نصير
18 Nihad Striving, struggling نهاد
19 Nisar Donor, distributor نصار
20 Nouman Gentle, kind نومان
21 Nihal Joyful, happy نهال
22 Naushad Happy, fortunate نوشاد
23 Naif Innocent, simple نائف
24 Naji Safe, survivor ناجي
25 Nooruddin Light of the religion نور الدين
26 Naimullah Blessing of Allah نعيم الله
27 Niaz Offering, sacrifice نياز
28 Noufal Generous, liberal نوفل
29 Nasheet Energetic, active نشيط
30 Nadim Friend, companion نديم
31 Naseeb Fortune, fate نصيب
32 Nayef Elevated, high نايف
33 Naqeeb Intelligent, wise نقيب
34 Nazim Organizer, arranger ناظم
35 Noaman Good-hearted نعمان
36 Nuh Prophet Noah نوح
37 Nasif Just, fair ناصف
38 Nafis Precious, valuable نفيس
39 Nasrullah Victory of Allah نصر الله
40 Numaan Delightful, pleasant نعمان
41 Nour Light نور
42 Nafees Pure, refined نفيس
43 Nawfal Generous, liberal نوفل
44 Nadwi Scholarly, knowledgeable ندوي
45 Naimul Comfort, ease نعيم الله
46 Nahyan Safe, happy نهيان
47 Niyaz Prayer, supplication نياز
48 Naabih Noble, famous نابح
49 Nadeer Rare, unique ندير
50 Noumanullah Gentle, kind servant of Allah نعمان الله
51 Naseeruddin Supporter of the religion نصير الدين
52 Nabeeh Intelligent, wise نبيه
53 Nafeez Defender, protector نافذ
54 Naasih Advisor, counselor ناصح
55 Nasrat Victory نصرة
56 Nafeel Beneficial, useful نافيل
57 Nuhayr Radiant, bright نهير
58 Nadwah Summit, height ندوة
59 Nishat Joy, happiness نشاط
60 Nasri Supporter, helper ناصري
61 Nusrat Help, support نصرة
62 Naqibullah Leader of Allah نقيب الله
63 Nusayr Supporter, helper نصير
64 Nidal Striving, struggling نضال
65 Nadheer Rare, unique نذير
66 Nasim Fresh breeze نسيم
67 Naufer Generous, liberal نوفر
68 Naashit Energetic, active ناشط
69 Nayyar Bright, radiant نير
70 Nazeer Observer, supervisor نظير
71 Nabi Prophet نبي
72 Nuhayd Leader, guide نهيد
73 Nithar Sacrifice نذر
74 Nabeez Gentle, kind نبيذ
75 Nijad Noble birth نجاح
76 Nuaaym Softness, comfort نعيم
77 Nishan Sign, mark نشان
78 Nooh Prophet Noah نوح
79 Nusair Supporter, helper نصير
80 Nusaib Adviser, counselor نصيب
81 Nisrin Wild rose نسرين
82 Nazar Gaze, look نظر
83 Navaan Good news, tidings نافان
84 Nitham Strict, firm نظام
85 Nijaz Success, rescue نجاح
86 Niazi One who attains نيازي
87 Noorullah Light of Allah نور الله
88 Naiim Comfort, ease نعيم
89 Naazim Organized, disciplined ناظم
90 Nuwayr Small fire نوير
91 Nifaz Adherence to principles نفاذ
92 Nizad Support, aid نزاد
93 Nayel Achiever, winner نايل
94 Nihit Eternal, everlasting نهيت
95 Nader Rare, unique نادر
96 Nushair Good counsellor نشير
97 Nithish Truthful, honest نتيش
98 Nazeef Pure, clean نظيف
99 Nazeeruddin Observer of the religion نظير الدين
100 Nuaym Softness, comfort نعيم
101 Naqash Artist, painter نقاش
102 Nisam Fragrance, perfume نسم
103 Nidhal Generous, noble نضال
104 Noori Light نوري
105 Nushar Victory نشر
106 Nizami Organized, systematic نظامي
107 Naiyf High, elevated نايف
108 Numa Blessed, fortunate نعمة
109 Nibal Arrows نبال
110 Naqvi Descendant of Ali نقوي
111 Nithilan Beautiful, attractive نثيلان
112 Nadhir Warner, cautioner نذير
113 Nijaat Safety, salvation نجاة
114 Nubaid Bringing happiness نبيد
115 Nazimuddin Organizer of the religion ناظم الدين
116 Nalain Sandals نعلين
117 Nabeer Noble, capable نبير
118 Noorul Light of Allah نور الله
119 Nasr Victory نصر
120 Naazir Observer, supervisor ناظر
121 Nazeem Organizer, arranger نظيم
122 Nudrat Freshness, beauty نضرة
123 Nahil Happy, blissful ناهل
124 Nisheet Cheerful, happy نشيط
125 Nohaan Gentle breeze نوهان
126 Nissaar Helper, supporter نصار
127 Nayyir Bright, radiant نير
128 Nisaar Helper, supporter نصار
129 Nabil Noble, generous نبيل
130 Nidham Order, system نظام
131 Nushan Mark, symbol نشان
132 Noha Beautiful, gentle نهى
133 Naadir Rare, unique نادر

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In conclusion

In conclusion, this extensive list of over 130 Muslim baby boy names starting with the letter “N” offers a plethora of meaningful and culturally rich options for your precious little one. From names that exude strength and valor to those that embody wisdom and grace, each name carries a unique heritage and significance that can resonate deeply with your family’s values and beliefs. Whether you seek a traditional name with historical roots or a contemporary one with a modern twist, this compilation ensures that you can find the perfect name for your beloved son, reflecting the beauty of Islamic culture and tradition.

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