170+ Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with M

by Sophia Roberts

Embark on a captivating journey through the extensive array of Muslim baby boy names commencing with the letter “M,” each name resonating with cultural richness and spiritual depth. From traditional names steeped in historical significance to those derived from Islamic scriptures, this compilation embodies the essence of Islamic heritage. With meanings that encompass virtues of strength, faith, and wisdom, these names hold a profound significance for Muslim families seeking to honor their cultural identity. Dive into this collection to discover the perfect name that reflects your aspirations and values for your beloved son.

170+ Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with M

No. Name Meaning Arabic
1 Maahir Expert ماهر
2 Maaz Brave Man معاز
3 Mubarak Blessed مبارك
4 Mahir Skilled ماهر
5 Musa Prophet’s Name (Moses) موسى
6 Malik Master مالك
7 Mahmood Praiseworthy محمود
8 Maqbool Accepted مقبول
9 Murad Desire مراد
10 Mustafa Chosen One مصطفى
11 Mudassir Wrapped in Clothes مدثر
12 Majid Glorious ماجد
13 Muzammil Wrapped in Garments مزمل
14 Muntasir Victorious منتصر
15 Munir Radiant منير
16 Murtaza The Chosen One مرتضى
17 Mubin Clear مبين
18 Mani Gem مني
19 Maarif Knowledge معارف
20 Majdi Glorious مجدي
21 Muneeb One Who Turns in Repentance to Allah منيب
22 Muneer Shining منير
23 Maazin Proper Name مازن
24 Muaath Protected مؤذ
25 Moosa A Prophet’s Name (Moses) موسى
26 Marwan Solid مروان
27 Muhannad Sword مهند
28 Muhsin Charitable محسن
29 Muhamed Variant of Mohammed محمد
30 Mirza Prince ميرزا
31 Mohid The one who believes in oneness of Allah محيد
32 Musheer Advisor مشير
33 Muzaffar Victorious مظفر
34 Muharrem Forbidden محرم
35 Mohsin Charitable محسن
36 Mubashir Spreader of Good News مبشر
37 Muhid The one who believes in oneness of Allah محيد
38 Mumin The believer مؤمن
39 Mumtaz Distinguished ممتاز
40 Mujtaba The chosen one مجتبى
41 Mudassar Wrapped in clothes مدثر
42 Mahboob Lover محبوب
43 Maqsood Intended مقصود
44 Mehran Kind مهران
45 Mehrab Altar محراب
46 Mehrdad Gift of the Sun مهرداد
47 Masood Fortunate مسعود
48 Moiz Respectable معز
49 Mufeed Useful مفيد
50 Munawar Illuminated منور
51 Muazzam Respectable معظم
52 Muhsen Beneficent محسن
53 Mukhtar Chosen مختار
54 Mashood Witness مشهود
55 Mufaddal Preferred مفضل
56 Murshid Guide مرشد
57 Muti Obedient مطي
58 Mubeen Clear مبين
59 Muaawiyah A Young Dog معاوية
60 Maahi The Earth ماهي
61 Maajid Glorious ماجد
62 Maalik Owner مالك
63 Maarij The Ascending Stairways مراج
64 Mahad Great مهد
65 Mahdi Well Guided مهدي
66 Mahfooz Secured محفوظ
67 Mahfuz Preserved محفوظ
68 Mahjub Concealed محجوب
69 Mahmoor Enthralled محمور
70 Mahmoud Praised محمود
71 Mahroz Visible محروز
72 Mahtab Moonlight مهتاب
73 Maimun Auspicious ميمون
74 Maisam Lion ميثم
75 Maiz Discerning مَئِزْ
76 Majd Glory مجد
77 Majdudeen The Glorious of the Faith مجد الدين
78 Majdy Glorious مجدي
79 Majed Glorious ماجد
80 Majidudeen The Glorious of the Faith ماجد الدين
81 Majiid Glorious مجيد
82 Majjed Glorious ماجد
83 Majnun Love-sick مجنون
84 Majeed Glorious مجيد
85 Majiyd Glorious مجيد
86 Makhdoom One Who is Served مخدوم
87 Makki Pertaining to Makkah مكي
88 Maknoon Obscure مكنون
89 Makram Generous مكرم
90 Maktab School مكتب
91 Malak Angel ملاك
92 Maleek King ملك
93 Malih A Recipient مالح
94 Mamdooh Praised ممدوح
95 Mamoona Secure مأمون
96 Mansoor Victorious منصور
97 Mansour Divinely aided, victorious منصور
98 Manzar View منظر
99 Manzoor Approved منظور
100 Maratib Degrees مراتب
101 Mareez Strong مريض
102 Marghoob Desirable مرغوب
103 Marid Rebellious مارد
104 Maroof Known, accepted معروف
105 Masarrat Joy, delight مسرات
106 Maseeh Messiah المسيح
107 Mashal Light مشعل
108 Masoud Fortunate مسعود
109 Masroor Happy مسرور
110 Masruq Given مسروق
111 Massoud Fortunate مسعود
112 Matar Rain مطر
113 Mateen Solid, constant متين
114 Mauz Protected, sheltered مأوى
115 Mawla Master, lord مولى
116 Maysara Ease, comfort ميسر
117 Mazhar Appearance مظهر
118 Mazin Cloud that carries rain مازن
119 Mazyar A Character in Shahnameh (Ardeshir’s Son) مازيار
120 Mehmood Praiseworthy محمود
121 Mehrshad Kind and happy مهرشاد
122 Mehtab Moonlight مهتاب
123 Miftah Key مفتاح
124 Mihran A Character in Shahnameh (Rostam’s Grandson) مهران
125 Mihrshad Guidance, path مهرشاد
126 Mikail Variant of Michael ميكائيل
127 Minaal Achievement, goal منال
128 Mir Leader مير
129 Miraj Ascent, rise معراج
130 Miraan Princely, brave ميران
131 Misbah Lamp مصباح
132 Misam Smiling مسم
133 Miskeen Humble, poor مسكين
134 Mithal Example مثال
135 Mizan Balance, scale ميزان
136 Moazzam Respectable معظم
137 Mobeen Sensitive مبين
138 Mobin Knowledgeable مبين
139 Moeen Helper, assistant معين
140 Moin Fountain, spring معين
141 Moinuddin Assistant of the religion معين الدين
142 Mojtaba Chosen مجتبى
143 Momin Believer مؤمن
144 Monem Benefactor منعم
145 Montaha Ultimate, last, end منتهى
146 Morad Desire مراد
147 Morid Desirous مريد
148 Moufid Useful مفيد
149 Mouin Helper معين
150 Mounir Shining منير
151 Muadh Protected, name of companion معاذ
152 Muadz Protected معاذ
153 Muammer Senior, old man معمر
154 Muataz Proud, mighty معتز
155 Muballigh Preacher مبلغ
156 Mubid Intellectual, learned مبيض
157 Mueen Helper معين
158 Mufti Jurist, religious scholar مفتي
159 Mughees Seeker of refuge مغيث
160 Mugheeth Helper, succorer مغيث
161 Muhaimin Protector محيمن
162 Muhair Skilled محير
163 Muhammad Praiseworthy محمد
164 Mujahid Fighter, warrior مجاهد
165 Mujibur The best, the greatest مجيب الدين
166 Mukarram Respected, honored مكرم
167 Mukhlis Sincere, loyal مخلص
168 Muktadir Another name for God مقتدر
169 Munif Exalted, excellent منف
170 Munzir Warner منذر

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In conclusion

In conclusion, the extensive catalog of 170+ Muslim baby boy names beginning with the letter “M” reflects the cultural diversity and profound spiritual significance within Islamic tradition. With names inspired by historical figures, Quranic references, and virtues central to Islamic teachings, this collection offers an abundance of meaningful options for families to bestow upon their cherished sons. Each name carries a unique legacy and embodies values such as resilience, faith, and wisdom, serving as a source of inspiration and identity for generations to come. Delve into this rich assortment to find a name that resonates with your family’s values and aspirations.

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