60+ Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with L

by Sophia Roberts

Embark on a captivating journey through the world of Muslim baby boy names starting with “L”, each name resonating with cultural significance and spiritual depth. From names inspired by the Quran to those honoring esteemed historical figures, this compilation reflects the rich tapestry of Islamic heritage. With each name embodying virtues of faith, strength, and wisdom, this collection offers families a plethora of meaningful options to bestow upon their cherished sons, fostering a profound connection to their religious and cultural identity. Explore this assortment to find the perfect name that encapsulates the essence of your beliefs and aspirations.

60+ Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with L

No. Name Meaning Arabic
1 Luqman Wise لقمان
2 Labib Wise, Intelligent لبيب
3 Lutfi Kind, Gentle لطفي
4 Latif Gentle, Kind لطيف
5 Laith Lion ليث
6 Layth Lion ليث
7 Lamees Soft to the touch لميس
8 Lisan Tongue لسان
9 Lutfullah Kindness of Allah لطف الله
10 Liyakat Worthiness, Competence لياقة
11 Lashkar Army, Troops لشكر
12 Luay Shield لؤي
13 Laeeq Worthy, Deserving لائق
14 Labeed Poet لبيد
15 Lut A prophet’s name لوط
16 Lami Bright لامع
17 Lutfan Kindness لطفان
18 Lubaid Old Arabic name لبيد
19 Laseen Gentle, Smooth لسين
20 Laamih Shine, Glow لامع
21 Labeeb Intelligent, Understanding لبيب
22 Lashir Living لاشر
23 Laham Intuition لحم
24 Liyaqat Worthiness, Deserving لياقة
25 Lujain Silver لجين
26 Lutfiyy Kind, Gentle لطفي
27 Latifullah Kindness of Allah لطف الله
28 Lubnaan Elegant, Graceful لبنان
29 Lutfur Kind, Gentle لطفور
30 Lisanuddin Language of the religion لسان الدين
31 Layyin Gentle, Soft لين
32 Laithi Lion-like ليثي
33 Lamih Shine, Glow لامع
34 Lishan Language, Tongue لسان
35 Laam Soft, Shine لام
36 Layeen Gentle, Kind لين
37 Layyan Gentle, Kind لين
38 Lujjain Silver لجين
39 Lubaan Frankincense لبان
40 Lutfiy Gentle, Kind لطفي
41 Luhaib Soft, Gentle لحيب
42 Laasif Wind لاصف
43 Lahiq Attractive لهق
44 Lutful Kind, Compassionate لطف ال
45 Latifur Gentle, Kind لطيفور
46 Lais Lion ليس
47 Labibullah Wise, Intelligent لبيب الله
48 Lahiz Soft, Smooth لحيز
49 Laeq Worthy, Deserving لائق
50 Lutullah Servant of Allah لط الله
51 Lubayd Old Arabic name لبيد
52 Luban Frankincense لبان
53 Laythi Lion-like ليثي
54 Laaib Player, Gamester لعب
55 Luayy Shield لؤي
56 Luqmaan Wiseman لقمان
57 Luqmanullah Wiseman, Servant of Allah لقمان الله
58 Lahham Intuition لحم
59 Labid A Companion in War لابد
60 Lahz Moment, Instant لحظ
61 Layeeq Worthy, Competent ليق
62 Laithan Strong ليثان
63 Labeeq Intelligent, Understanding لبيق
64 Lahyan Gentle, Mild لحيان
65 Laban White لبن

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In conclusion

In summary, the extensive list of over 60 Muslim baby boy names commencing with the letter “L” showcases the richness and depth of Islamic heritage and culture. Each name carries its own unique significance, often embodying virtues of strength, kindness, and wisdom. From traditional names inspired by historical figures to those derived from the Quran, this collection offers an array of meaningful options for parents seeking to honor their cultural and religious identity. With its diverse and profound range of choices, this compilation provides families with an opportunity to select names that resonate deeply with their values and beliefs, setting a strong foundation for their child’s identity and future.

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