80+ Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with I

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The Muslim tradition encompasses a wealth of beautiful and meaningful names for baby boys, each bearing a unique significance and cultural resonance. The compilation of Muslim baby boy names beginning with the letter “I” represents a tapestry of historical, spiritual, and linguistic diversity within the Islamic community. From timeless names symbolizing strength, intelligence, and righteousness to those embodying grace, wisdom, and guidance, these names encapsulate the essence of Islamic values and beliefs. As families search for names that carry deep cultural roots and spiritual significance, this collection serves as a rich source of inspiration, fostering a connection to the heritage and identity of the Muslim faith.

80+ Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with I

No. Name Meaning Arabic
1 Idris Interpreter إدريس
2 Ibrahim Father of a multitude إبراهيم
3 Ilyas A Prophet’s name إلياس
4 Ishaq Laughter إسحاق
5 Isa A Prophet’s name عيسى
6 Imran A Prophet’s name عمران
7 Irfan Knowledge, Awareness عرفان
8 Ismail A Prophet’s name إسماعيل
9 Iqbal Prosperity, Good Fortune اقبال
10 Inayat Kindness, Favor عناية
11 Israfil Angel who will blow the trumpet إسرافيل
12 Isaar Sacrifice إيثار
13 Ihsan Kindness, Benevolence إحسان
14 Irtiza Pleasure, Wish ارتضى
15 Iftikhar Pride, Honor افتخار
16 Ibad Worshipper عباد
17 Iqraam To be of assistance, Respectful إقرام
18 Ijaz Miracle, Inimitability إعجاز
19 Ihsaan Benevolence, Goodness إحسان
20 Irshad Guidance, Instruction إرشاد
21 Ilhan Precious إلهان
22 Imad Support, Pillar عماد
23 Ihtisham Modesty, Decency احتشام
24 Izhaar Expression, Declaration إظهار
25 Izaan Obedience اعزان
26 Irfaan Knowledge, Wisdom عرفان
27 Isbah Light, Radiance إصباح
28 Ibadullah Worshipper of Allah عباد الله
29 Ikhlas Sincerity, Purity إخلاص
30 Inam Gift, Present إنعام
31 Imtiyaz Distinction, Privilege امتياز
32 Irtiqa Progress, Advancement ارتقاء
33 Ishfaq Sympathy, Compassion اشفاق
34 Ihab Leather إهاب
35 Irhaab Terror إرهاب
36 Ijlal Majesty, Grandeur إجلال
37 Izan Obedience اذان
38 Irfanullah Knowledge from Allah عرفان الله
39 Idrisullah Interpreter of Allah إدريس الله
40 Irshadul Guidance from Allah إرشاد الله
41 Ihtiram Honor, Respect احترام
42 Ishtiyaq Longing, Craving اشتياق
43 Irtaza Choosen by Allah ارتضى
44 Inaamullah Gift of Allah إنعام الله
45 Iqraar Acceptance اقرار
46 Izzat Honor, Esteem عزت
47 Ibaad Worshippers عباد
48 Ishraq Sunrise إشراق
49 Inshad Singing, Chanting إنشاد
50 Imaduddin Pillar of the faith عماد الدين
51 Ishan Sun إيشان
52 Ilham Inspiration الهام
53 Ihtishaam Strength, Power احتشام
54 Inayatullah Gift of Allah عناية الله
55 Inaad Gift of Allah عناد
56 Ishrat Happiness, Pleasure إشراط
57 Ikhlaq Morals, Integrity أخلاق
58 Irfanul Knowledgeable عرفان الله
59 Izzan Obedience عزان
60 Ijmaan Ensemble إجمان
61 Inamul Gift of Allah إنعام الله
62 Imtinan Blessing, Favor امتنان
63 Izatullah Honor of Allah عزت الله
64 Iftikhaar Pride, Honor افتخار
65 Imranullah Prosperity of Allah عمران الله
66 Inan Care, Concern إنعان
67 Iqraarullah Acceptance from Allah اقرار الله
68 Izz Might, Honor عز
69 Isar Sacrifice إسار
70 Imaad Pillar, Support عماد
71 Ihsanullah Excellence from Allah إحسان الله
72 Izaar Cloth إزار
73 Imtiaz Distinguished, Superior امتياز
74 Ihtiyaar Preference احتيار
75 Izhaan Grace, Style إزهان
76 Irshaad Guidance إرشاد
77 Irtafaan High Status ارتفاع
78 Ikhwan Brotherhood إخوان
79 Ilhami Inspirational الهامي
80 Irtifaa Elevation, Rise ارتفاع
81 Irsyad Guidance ارشاد
82 Ismaeel A Prophet’s name إسماعيل
83 Izaz Honor, Esteem عز
84 Ibaan Clear, Eloquent عبان
85 Imtiyaaz Unique, Distinctive امتياز

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In conclusion

In conclusion, the extensive list of 80+ Muslim baby boy names commencing with the letter “I” showcases the rich cultural and spiritual heritage within the Muslim community. These names, each carrying its unique significance and meaning, represent virtues of faith, wisdom, resilience, and compassion. The diverse collection resonates with the depth of Islamic traditions and values, honoring both historical figures and timeless principles. Families seeking names with profound cultural roots and spiritual significance can find inspiration in this compilation, fostering a connection to the Islamic legacy and identity as they choose meaningful names for their newborn sons.

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