120+ Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with H

by Sophia Roberts

The article “Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with H” presents a diverse collection of names rooted in Islamic tradition. The list encompasses a plethora of options, ranging from timeless classics to contemporary and unique choices, each carrying its own profound significance. With meanings that embody virtues such as strength, wisdom, and devotion, these names offer a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of the Muslim community. As parents seek meaningful and purposeful names for their sons, this compilation serves as a valuable resource, providing an opportunity to bestow a name that not only reflects their religious identity but also embodies the values they wish to instill in their child.

120+ Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with H

No. Name Meaning Arabic
1 Hadi Guide هادي
2 Hasan Beautiful, Good حسن
3 Hussain Good, Handsome حسين
4 Hamza Lion حمزة
5 Hakeem Wise, Intelligent حكيم
6 Haris Guardian, Protector حارث
7 Haider Lion حيدر
8 Hashir One who gathers هاشر
9 Hafiz Guardian, Protector حافظ
10 Haziq Intelligent, Wise حازق
11 Huzaifa An old Arabic name حذيفة
12 Hayyan Lively, Energetic حيان
13 Haroon Hope, Desire هارون
14 Hadiya Guide to righteousness هدية
15 Harith Farmer, Cultivator حارث
16 Hatim Judge, Ruler حاتم
17 Hisham Generosity هشام
18 Humayun Fortunate, Blessed همايون
19 Hud A Prophet’s name هود
20 Hameed Praiseworthy حميد
21 Haytham Young hawk هيثم
22 Hazim Strict, Restrainer حازم
23 Harun Aaron, a Prophet’s name هارون
24 Hafeez Guardian, Protector حفيظ
25 Hayat Life حياة
26 Haleem Patient, Tolerant حليم
27 Haikal Tale هيكل
28 Hanzalah The name of a tree هنزلة
29 Hamdullah Praise be to Allah حمد الله
30 Hanif True Believer حنيف
31 Hashim Broker, Destroyer of Evil هاشم
32 Hafeedh Preserver, Guardian حفيظ
33 Haseeb Reckoner, Noble حسيب
34 Hujayrah Brother of Prophet Muhammad حجيرة
35 Huzaifah A companion of the Prophet حذيفة
36 Humza The name of Prophet Muhammad’s uncle حمزة
37 Hakim Wise, Healer حكيم
38 Hanan Mercy, Compassion حنان
39 Hooran Lovely eyes حوران
40 Haisam Lion حيثم
41 Hazaq A type of date هذاق
42 Harf Plough حرف
43 Haqq True, Truth حق
44 Huthayfa Old Arabic name حذيفة
45 Hazrat Respect, Dignity حضرة
46 Hudhayfah Old Arabic name حذيفة
47 Haani Happy, Delighted هاني
48 Hadiyy A gift from God هدي
49 Hafs Name of a reciter of the Quran حفص
50 Halim Patient, Tolerant حليم
51 Hashem Crusher, Breaker of Evil هاشم
52 Hifz Guardian, Protector حفظ
53 Hikmat Wisdom حكمة
54 Hafez Guardian, Protector حافظ
55 Haqiq Truth, Real حقيق
56 Haarith Plowman حارث
57 Hamzah Lion حمزة
58 Hazratullah Respect of Allah حضرة الله
59 Hujjat Argument, reasoning حجة
60 Husam Sword, Sharpness حسام
61 Hooriz The name of a star هوريز
62 Hayaan Alive, Full of life حيان
63 Hayl Moonlight حيل
64 Hilal Crescent هلال
65 Husein Beautiful, Good حسين
66 Hikmatullah Wisdom from Allah حكمة الله
67 Hanbal Purity of faith, orthodox حنبل
68 Hudaifa Old Arabic name حذيفة
69 Hazar Attention, Ready هازار
70 Hariz Strong, Secure حريز
71 Hareem Sacred حريم
72 Hanzala Old Arabic name حنظلة
73 Haroun Exalted هارون
74 Hifzullah Guardian of Allah حفظ الله
75 Halimullah Calm, Gentle حليم الله
76 Hamaad Praises حماد
77 Hamood One who praises Allah حمود
78 Hashmat Dignity, Glory هشمت
79 Haaziq Clever, Shrewd حازق
80 Hudhaifa Old Arabic name حذيفة
81 Hafeezullah Guardian of Allah حفيظ الله
82 Hasib Noble, Respected حسيب
83 Harb War, Battle حرب
84 Hudhayl Old Arabic name حذيل
85 Hashimullah Brother of Prophet Muhammad هاشم الله
86 Hadeed Iron حديد
87 Haitham Eagle هيثم
88 Harisullah Guardian of Allah حارث الله
89 Hudaif Old Arabic name حديف
90 Harithullah Guardian of Allah حارث الله
91 Hesham Generosity هشام
92 Humaid Praises حميد
93 Hidayat Guidance هداية
94 Hudhaifah Old Arabic name حذيفة
95 Haamid Praising حامد
96 Haron Hope هارون
97 Hizaq Attention هزاق
98 Hujjatullah Argument of Allah حجة الله
99 Hadiullah Guidance from Allah هادي الله
100 Hasif Resolute, Firm حصيف
101 Haseem Handsome حسيم
102 Husnain Two lights حسنين
103 Hadee Director, Guide هادي
104 Hanzah Old Arabic name حنظه
105 Hadiy Guiding to the right هادي
106 Humoud Praises حمود
107 Hidaayat Guidance هداية
108 Huzayfah Curtailed, shortened حذيفة
109 Haafiz Guardian, Protector حافظ
110 Hanish Name of a Sahabi حانش
111 Haamiz Praising هامز
112 Hudayfah Old Arabic name حديفة
113 Haneef Upright, True حنيف
114 Haq True حق
115 Hishaam Generosity هشام
116 Huzayl Bin Shurah bil had this name حزيل
117 Haydar Lion حيدر
118 Haseebullah Reckoner of Allah حسيب الله
119 Husayn Good, Handsome حسين
120 Haamidullah Praising Allah حامد الله

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In conclusion

In conclusion, the collection of 120+ Muslim baby boy names beginning with the letter “H” reflects the rich cultural and linguistic diversity within the Muslim community. These names carry profound meanings, encompassing virtues such as bravery, wisdom, guidance, and beauty. The names signify the importance of tradition, faith, and values within the Muslim culture, serving as a source of inspiration for families seeking meaningful and significant names for their newborn sons. The variety of names provides a glimpse into the depth of Islamic heritage, honoring both historical figures and timeless virtues, ensuring that each name carries a unique significance and special resonance for the families who choose them.

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