120+ Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with D

by Sophia Roberts

Choosing the perfect name for your newborn is a cherished endeavor. In the rich tapestry of Muslim names, those beginning with the letter “D” exude a profound sense of cultural heritage and meaning. From traditional to modern, these names embody qualities of strength, virtue, and faith, reflecting the aspirations and values of the Islamic tradition. Each name carries a unique significance, encompassing a spectrum of attributes that parents may wish to instill in their beloved son. Delve into the world of Muslim baby boy names starting with “D” and uncover the beauty and depth of each carefully selected name.

120+ Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with D

No. Name Meaning Arabic
1 Daanish Knowledge, Wisdom دانش
2 Daud Prophet David داود
3 Danish Knowledge, Wisdom دانش
4 Danyal Prophet Daniel دانيال
5 Dawood Prophet David داود
6 Dayyan Ruler, Judge ضیاءن
7 Dhuha Forenoon, Morning ضحى
8 Dinaar Gold Coin دينار
9 Diyan Religion, Faith ديان
10 Daamin Guarantor, Surety دامن
11 Dabir Secretary, Scribe دابر
12 Dafi One who brings happiness or removes sorrow دافع
13 Dafiq Intelligent, Clever دفيق
14 Dahab Gold ذهب
15 Dahir Always, Open, Distinguished ظاهر
16 Dahman Everlasting ضحمان
17 Daiyan A mighty ruler ضیان
18 Dakhil Foreigner, Visitor داخل
19 Dalil Guide, Leader دليل
20 Damir Heart ضمير
21 Danyar The first morning light دانيار
22 Darim Brave, Courageous دريم
23 Darrin Precious Present دارن
24 Dastan Story, Epic داستان
25 Dawwas Morning light, Dawn دواص
26 Dihya Splendor, Illumination ضحية
27 Dirar Old Arabic name ديرار
28 Diyaat Light, Splendor ديات
29 Dizhwar Old Arabic name ديژور
30 Duaa Prayer, Supplication دعاء
31 Duhaan Light of the Morning دهان
32 Dulaim Name of an ancient tribe دليم
33 Dulfikar Name of the sword of Ali دلفكار
34 Durrish Pearl درش
35 Durar Pearls دارر
36 Durrani Pearl-like دراني
37 Durran A pearl-like light دران
38 Duyan Garden دوين
39 Duzan Ruler دوزان
40 Daiman Everlasting دائما
41 Dabiyyah To lead, To guide دبية
42 Dafir Captain, Leader ضافر
43 Dajjal Deceiver, Liar المسيح الدجال
44 Damur Sparkling, Shining دامر
45 Danishwar Wise, Knowledgeable دانشور
46 Daqqaq Name of a scholar دقاق
47 Darnish God is my judge درنيش
48 Dastgir Helper, Protector دستگير
49 Dayar Homestead, Dwelling دايار
50 Dilawar Brave heart, Courageous دلاور
51 Dimashqi From Damascus, Syrian دمشقي
52 Diwan Royal court, Tribunal ديوان
53 Duaan Praying, Invocation دعان
54 Dujan Rain دجان
55 Durrah Pearl درة
56 Durzan Pearl-like درزان
57 Duyuf Guests, Companions ضيوف
58 Daaji Gentle, Benevolent داجي
59 Daghfal Name of a great king دغفل
60 Daraab Good, Learned داراب
61 Dhabih One who sacrifices ذبيح
62 Dhawqan Taste ذوق
63 Dhilal Shade ظلال
64 Dinar Gold Coin دينار
65 Dirham Silver Coin درهم
66 Dushal Old Arabic name دوشل
67 Daa’im Perpetual, Everlasting دائم
68 Dafiqul Intelligent, Clever دفيق ال
69 Duhai Forenoon, Morning دهاي
70 Diyanat Religion, Faith ديانت
71 Duman Dark-skinned دومان
72 Dhakwan One who brings happiness or removes sorrow ذكوان
73 Dawam Everlasting دوام
74 Daftar Register, Record دفتر
75 Deyaan Praising God ديان
76 Daulah Wealth, empire دولة
77 Dhillan Shade ظلان
78 Daulat Wealth, empire دولت
79 Dhuhaan Light of the morning ضحان
80 Daalim Judge, Unjust ظالم
81 Dilshad Happy Heart, Cheerful دلشاد
82 Daarim Brave, Courageous داريم
83 Dazil Loyal, Faithful دازيل
84 Daylam Name of an ancient tribe ديلام
85 Daqwan Intelligent دقوان
86 Dhiyaan Bright, Shining ذيان
87 Daqqa Intelligent, Wise دقا
88 Deyaar Someone who studies the stars ديار
89 Dawamah Everlasting, Eternal دوامة
90 Dujaan A gentle breeze دوجان
91 Daifullah Guest of Allah ضيف الله
92 Daraaj Steps, Stairs درج
93 Daboor Bear دبور
94 Dervish A Muslim ascetic and mystic درويش
95 Duruj Steps دروج
96 Diwakar Sun, Lord of light ديواكار
97 Dovran Eternal دووران
98 Danial Prophet Daniel دانيال
99 Damar Dragonfly دمار
100 Danash Wise دانش
101 Daraan Wise, Precious داران
102 Da’if Weak, Feeble ضعيف
103 Dawwar Revolving, Rolling دور
104 Dhahir Clear, Evident ظاهر
105 Diab Wolf ذئب
106 Daakir Remembrance, Invoker ذاكر
107 Durwesh Ascetic, Saint درويش
108 Dazhir Visible, Apparent ظاهر
109 Daraysh He who keeps dignity in everything داريش
110 Da’ood Beloved, Darling داود
111 Du’aa Prayer, Supplication دعاء
112 Dhaakir One who remembers Allah ذاكر
113 Duwwar Remembrance دور
114 Darwish Mystic, Ascetic درويش
115 Darsheel Something valuable دارشيل
116 Dilbar Lover, Admirer دلبر
117 Dayyaan One who has a strong sense of justice ضيان
118 Dhukran Thankful ذكران
119 Dhukaan Smoke, Mist ضُخان
120 Daryan River  دريان

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In conclusion

In conclusion, this comprehensive list of 120+ Muslim baby boy names beginning with the letter “D” offers a diverse selection, each carrying unique meanings and cultural significance. These names, rich in tradition and symbolism, reflect attributes such as strength, wisdom, faith, and prosperity, embodying the essence of Islamic heritage. Whether parents seek traditional or contemporary names, this compilation provides a valuable resource for selecting a name that resonates with their aspirations and values for their beloved son. With profound meanings and historical roots, these names serve as a source of inspiration and cultural connection for Muslim families worldwide.

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