90+ Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with C

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Choosing a meaningful name for your newborn is a cherished tradition in Muslim culture. The letter “C” offers a plethora of unique and significant names, each carrying its own historical and cultural significance. From classic names like “Caleb” and “Cyrus” to more distinctive choices such as “Caspian” and “Cayden,” the spectrum of options is rich and diverse. Delve into our curated collection of Muslim baby boy names starting with the letter “C” and discover the perfect name that encapsulates the values and aspirations you hold for your precious child.

90+ Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with C

No. Name Meaning Arabic
1 Cahir Castle, Rock قاهر
2 Cain Something produced, Good, Slaughter قائن
3 Caius Rejoicer قيوس
4 Cala Castle, Fortress قلعة
5 Calid Eternal خالد
6 Camil Perfect, Complete كامل
7 Casim One who restrains himself قاسم
8 Cemal Beauty جمال
9 Chakib Dignitary شكيب
10 Chaman Garden چمن
11 Chams Sun شمس
12 Chehraz Distinguished چهرز
13 Chiman Curious چمن
14 Chiragh Lamp چراغ
15 Chishti Saintly چشتی
16 Chisti Mystic چشتی
17 Choze Firstborn چوز
18 Cihangir Conqueror جهانگیر
19 Civan Young, Juvenile جوان
20 Codadad Gift from Allah قداداد
21 Cüneyt Brave, Valiant جنید
22 Cezmi Deterrent جذمي
23 Cudamah Courageous قدمة
24 Cudi Groove جودي
25 Chahid Witness شاهد
26 Chahine Good شاهين
27 Chaith Perception شيث
28 Chakshu Eye چکشو
29 Chandan Sandalwood چندن
30 Chandra Moon چندر
31 Chandrahas Bow of Lord Shiva چندرهس
32 Chandrajeet One who has won the Moon چندرجیت
33 Chander Moonlight چندر
34 Chandran Moon چندرن
35 Chandresh Lord of the Moon چندریش
36 Charanjit One who has won over the Lord’s Love چارنجیت
37 Charudutta Born of beauty چارودتا
38 Charuvardhana One who enhances beauty چاروواردھانا
39 Chatur Clever چاتور
40 Chatura Wise, Clever چاتورا
41 Chetan Perceptive چیتان
42 Chidambaram Lord Shiva چدمبرم
43 Chinar Name of a Beautiful Tree چینار
44 Chintan Thoughtful چنتن
45 Chintu Sun چنتو
46 Chirag Lamp چراغ
47 Chiranjeev Long-lived چیرنجیو
48 Chirayu Immortal چیریو
49 Chirdeep Lamp of the Eternal Light چیردیپ
50 Chirtrang With Multicolored Body چیرترنگ
51 Chirtrin With Multicolored Body چیرترین
52 Chitral Of Variegated Color چیترال
53 Chitrang With Multicolored Body چترنگ
54 Chitrarath The Sun چترارت
55 Chitresh Moon چیتریش
56 Chitt Mind چیت
57 Chittaprasad Happiness of the Mind چیتاپرساد
58 Chittaranjan One who pleases the Mind چیتارنجان
59 Chittaswarup The Supreme Spirit چیتاسواروپ
60 Chittesh Lord of the Soul چیتیش
61 Chudamani Crest jewel چودامانی
62 Chudar Hindu month چودار
63 Chulbul Mischievous چلبل
64 Chunilal Beloved Son چنیلال
65 Chyavana Name of a Saint چیوانا
66 Chyren Name of a Prophet چایرن
67 Cevat Grace, Beauty جوات
68 Chafik Sympathetic شفيق
69 Cham Light شام
70 Chandal Moon چاندال
71 Chandi Silver چندي
72 Chand The Moon چند
73 Chandak The Moon چندک
74 Chandrabhan Moon Beam چندربهان
75 Chandrabh Moonlight چندربه
76 Chandradev Moon God چندردیو
77 Chandragupt King چندرگوپ
78 Chandrak Peacock چندرک
79 Chandrakishor The Moon چندرکیشور
80 Chandrakumar The Moon چندرکومار
81 Chandrakiran Moonbeam چندرکيران
82 Chandrakishore The Moon چندرکيشور
83 Chandrav Moonbeam چندرو
84 Chandrasen Lord Shiva چندرسن
85 Chandrashek Lord Shiva چندرشیک
86 Chandrashekhar One who holds Moon in his Hair چندرشیخار
87 Chandravimal Moon Beam چندرویمال
88 Chandravimala Moonbeam چندرویمالا
89 Chandravikram Moon Striding چندروویکرام
90 Chandrika Moonlight چندریکا
91 Chandu Moon چندو
92 Chandul Moon Beam چندول
93 Chang Smooth چانگ
94 Changiz Conqueror چنگیز
95 Charak An Ancient Physician چارک
96 Charan Feet چارن
97 Charudatta Born of beauty چارودتا
98 Chidanand Lord Shiva چيدانند

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In conclusion

In conclusion, the list of 90 Muslim baby boy names starting with the letter “C” offers a diverse range of meaningful and significant names for parents seeking inspiration for their newborns. These names, rooted in Islamic culture and tradition, encompass various qualities such as strength, virtue, beauty, and spirituality. From timeless classics to unique and contemporary options, this compilation provides a rich selection for parents to choose a name that resonates with their aspirations for their child. With the significance of each name deeply embedded in its meaning, this list serves as a valuable resource for parents looking to bestow a name that reflects their hopes and dreams for their precious son.

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