100+ Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with A

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Choosing a meaningful name for a newborn is a cherished tradition in many Muslim families. With a rich cultural heritage and diverse linguistic influences, Muslim baby boy names carry significance and often reflect desirable virtues or qualities. The letter ‘A’ serves as a promising starting point for such names, holding potential for names that signify strength, faith, or wisdom. From traditional names rooted in historical significance to contemporary ones that embrace modern values, the array of options is vast. Exploring the beauty of these names can offer a glimpse into the values and aspirations cherished within the Muslim community.

100+ Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with A

No. Name Meaning Arabic
1 Aaban Name of the Angel عابان
2 Aabid Worshiper عابد
3 Aadil Just عادل
4 Aahil Prince آهل
5 Aakif Devoted to عاكف
6 Aalam World عالم
7 Aalee Sublime عالي
8 Aamir Full, Prosperous آمر
9 Aarib Handsome, Healthy آرب
10 Aarif Acquainted, Knowledgeable عارف
11 Aariz Respectable Man عارض
12 Aaryan Of Utmost Strength آريان
13 Aasim Protector عاصم
14 Aatif Affectionate عاطف
15 Aayan God’s Gift أيان
16 Aazim Determined عازم
17 Abbas Frowning, Looking Austere عباس
18 Abd Servant of God عبد
19 Abdul Servant of the عبد ال
20 Abdullah Servant of Allah عبد الله
21 Abeed Worshiper عابد
22 Abid Worshiper عابد
23 Abrar Good, Pious أبرار
24 Abrar Virtuous, Pious, God-Fearing, Devoted to God أبرار
25 Adan Paradise عدن
26 Adel Just عادل
27 Adham Black أدهم
28 Adheem Great عظيم
29 Adil Just, Upright عادل
30 Adnan Settler عدنان
31 Adyan Religions أديان
32 Afif Chaste عفيف
33 Afnan Tree Branches أفنان
34 Aftab Sun أفتاب
35 Ahad One, Unique أحد
36 Ahmad Much Praised أحمد
37 Ahmar Red Colored أحمر
38 Ahsan The Best of All أحسن
39 Akeem Wise, Intelligent عكيم
40 Akram Excellent, Generous أكرم
41 Ala Nobility علاء
42 Alaa Nobility علاء
43 Albar Brave البر
44 Aleem Knowledgeable عليم
45 Ali Exalted علي
46 Alif Compassionate, Affectionate أليف
47 Alim Knowledgeable عليم
48 Ameen Trustworthy, Faithful أمين
49 Amer Rich عامر
50 Amin Trustworthy أمين
51 Amir Prosperous أمير
52 Amjad More Glorious أمجد
53 Ammar Virtuous, Pious عمار
54 Amr Order, Command عمر
55 Anas Friendliness أنس
56 Anees Companion, Friend أنيس
57 Anwar Radiant, Full of Light أنور
58 Aqib Follower عاقب
59 Arif Knowledgeable عارف
60 Arman Desire أرمان
61 Arqam Writer, the Penman أرقم
62 Arsalan Lion أرسلان
63 Arsh Dominion عرش
64 Arslan Lion أرسلان
65 Asad Lion أسد
66 Asar Mark, Sign عصار
67 Ashar Wise عاشر
68 Asher Fortunate عاشر
69 Ashraf Most Honorable أشرف
70 Asim Protector عاصم
71 Asir Captivating عاصر
72 Aswad Black أسود
73 Ateeb Very Pious عتيب
74 Atif Compassionate عاطف
75 Awad Reward, Compensation عوض
76 Awaiz Vision, Spectacle أويز
77 Awf A Plant with a Nice Smell عوف
78 Awais A Companion of the Prophet أويس
79 Ayaz A Servant in the Palace أياز
80 Ayman Lucky أيمن
81 Aymeen Blessed أيمين
82 Ayub A Prophet’s Name أيوب
83 Azam Greatest عظم
84 Azfar Luminous أظفر
85 Azim Greatest عظيم
86 Aziz Mighty, Strong عزيز
87 Azlan Lion أزلان
88 Azmat Respect, Fame عظمة
89 Azraq Blue, Name of a Companion أزرق
90 Azwar Great أزوار
91 Azzam Determined, Resolved عزم
92 Azzan Call to Prayer أذان
93 Azzat Respect عزت
94 Azziz Beloved, Friend عزيز
95 Azzuhri A Narrator of Hadith الظهري
96 Azud Upper Arm, Strength عضد
97 Azhar Famous أظهر
98 Azman Noble, Outstanding عظمان
99 Azmi Determined, Resolved عزمي
100 Azra Maiden, Virgin عذراء

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In conclusion

In conclusion, these 100 Muslim Baby Boy Names starting with the letter “A” embody a rich tapestry of meanings, reflecting qualities of faith, strength, and nobility. From the devotion of “Aabid” to the sovereignty of “Azraq,” each name represents a unique virtue and spiritual significance, serving as a source of inspiration for parents seeking meaningful names for their sons. Whether you prefer a name that symbolizes wisdom, prosperity, or resilience, this diverse list offers an array of options that honor Islamic heritage and carry profound significance for your beloved son’s life journey.

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