50+ Most Popular Vietnamese Names for Girls

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Selecting the perfect name for a baby girl is a cherished tradition in Vietnamese culture, embodying hopes and familial values. Delve into the rich tapestry of Vietnamese names as we explore the most popular choices for girls. Whether rooted in centuries-old traditions or inspired by contemporary trends, these names offer a glimpse into the beauty and significance of Vietnamese naming customs.

50+ Most Popular Vietnamese Names for Girls

No. Name Meaning
1 Linh Soul, spirit
2 Mai Plum blossom
3 Thuy Water
4 Anh Heroic
5 Lan Orchid
6 Ngoc Precious stone, jewel
7 Huyen Graceful
8 Nga Elegant
9 Hanh Apricot blossom
10 Trang Moon
11 Thanh Clear, pure
12 Hoa Flower
13 Huong Fragrance
14 Phuong Phoenix
15 Dieu Graceful, charming
16 Bich Jade
17 Thu Autumn
18 Kim Gold
19 Ngan Elegant, gentle
20 Oanh Echo
21 Quynh Queen of flowers
22 Tam Heart
23 Loan Lotus
24 Nguyet Moon
25 Phuc Blessing
26 Nhu Gentle, soft
27 Quyen Bird feather, symbolizing beauty and grace
28 My Beautiful
29 Thao Peach
30 Yen Peaceful, calm
31 Ly Clever, sharp
32 Minh Bright, intelligent
33 Huynh Older sister
34 Phuoc Happiness
35 Truc Bamboo
36 Tuyet Snow
37 Van Gracious, gentle
38 Phung Phoenix
39 Dung Brave, courageous
40 Tuyen Angel, messenger
41 Ha River
42 Hien Gentle, mild
43 Khanh Celebration
44 Thien Celestial, heavenly
45 Nhung Velvet
46 Hang Apricot
47 Hong Rose
48 Nhan Intelligent, talented
49 An Peace
50 Thuc Good fortune
51 Tram Chrysanthemum
52 Hue Lily
53 Diep Butterfly

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In conclusion,

The journey through the most popular Vietnamese names for girls reveals a tapestry woven with tradition, culture, and meaning. From timeless classics to modern innovations, each name carries its own unique story and significance. Whether you opt for a name steeped in history or one that embraces contemporary trends, may the name you choose for your daughter be a source of pride, joy, and connection to Vietnamese heritage for years to come.

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