70+ Most Popular Vietnamese Names for Boys

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Choosing the perfect name for a newborn is a significant and joyous task for parents. In Vietnam, this tradition carries profound meaning and cultural heritage. Vietnamese names are not only a reflection of family values but also carry wishes for the child’s future. This list of the most popular Vietnamese names for boys will help you find a name that is rich in history, meaning, and significance. Whether you are looking for a traditional name or something more contemporary, these names are sure to provide inspiration.

70+ Most Popular Vietnamese Names for Boys

No. Name Meaning
1 Minh Bright, Clever
2 Anh Peaceful, Calm
3 Quan Soldier, Army
4 Phuc Happiness, Blessing
5 Hieu Understanding, Filial Piety
6 Duy Purity, Honesty
7 Tuan Group, Regiment
8 Vinh Glory, Honor
9 Nam South, Boy
10 Hoang Royal, Yellow
11 Khoa Key, Lock
12 Thanh Clear, Blue
13 Long Dragon, Prosperity
14 Khanh Victory, Celebration
15 Trung Middle, Loyalty
16 Dat Date, Time
17 Huy Support, Brave
18 Quoc Nation, Country
19 Duc Virtue, Morality
20 Tai Talent, Ability
21 Hung Brave, Heroic
22 Thien Sky, Heaven
23 Nhan Human, People
24 Bao Protection, Preservation
25 Trong Inside, Within
26 Cuong Strong, Powerful
27 Sang Bright, Shining
28 Lam Blue, Forest
29 Phong Wind, Style
30 Vu Lake, Pond
31 Khan Strong, Sturdy
32 Nghia Righteousness, Duty
33 Tam Heart, Mind
34 Son Mountain, Pine
35 Quy Turtle, Precious
36 Thang Victory, Success
37 Huu Friendship, Companionship
38 Quang Bright, Clear
39 Canh Scenery, View
40 Phu Wealth, Riches
41 Dung Correct, Right
42 Tien Money, Wealth
43 Quyen Authority, Power
44 Thao Grass, Plant
45 Hien Good, Virtuous
46 Chau Youth, Spring
47 Giang River, Stream
48 Binh Peace, Calm
49 Toan Complete, Whole
50 Tan New, Fresh
51 Duong Road, Path
52 Phat Buddha, Enlightened
53 Huan Satisfied, Content
54 Tho Poem, Verse
55 Thai Young, Junior
56 Truong School, Institution
57 Kiet Modest, Reserved
58 Han Cold, Winter
59 Hoc Study, Learn
60 Van Literature, Culture
61 Linh Spirit, Soul
62 Hoa Flower, Blossom
63 Thoai Dialogue, Conversation
64 My Beautiful, Beloved
65 Tung To grow, Develop
66 Danh Fame, Reputation
67 Thinh Thin, Slim
68 Tinh Love, Affection
69 Phuong Phoenix, Flower
70 Dinh Peak, Summit

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In conclusion,

The rich tapestry of Vietnamese names for boys reflects the country’s deep-rooted culture, traditions, and aspirations. From timeless classics to modern innovations, each name carries its own story and significance. Whether you choose a name steeped in history or one that embraces contemporary trends, the most important thing is that it resonates with you and your family. As you embark on this journey of naming your son, may you find inspiration and meaning in the diverse array of Vietnamese names, and may the name you choose be a source of pride and joy for years to come.

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