100+ Most Popular Ukrainian Names for Boys

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Ukrainian names for boys carry a rich cultural heritage and a sense of pride. From traditional choices rooted in history to modern favorites influenced by contemporary trends, Ukrainian boy names offer a diverse range of options. In this article, we delve into the most popular Ukrainian names for boys, exploring their meanings, significance, and enduring appeal. Whether you’re expecting a son or simply fascinated by Ukrainian culture, join us as we uncover the charm and uniqueness of these beloved names.

100+ Most Popular Ukrainian Names for Boys

No. Name Meaning
1 Ivan God is gracious
2 Oleksandr Defender of the people
3 Andriy Manly, brave
4 Mykhailo Who is like God?
5 Volodymyr Rule of the world
6 Dmytro Dedicated to Demeter (goddess of agriculture)
7 Yuriy Farmer
8 Serhiy Protector
9 Taras From Tarasios, meaning unknown
10 Bohdan Gift of God
11 Roman Of Rome
12 Yaroslav Fierce and glorious
13 Anatoliy From Anatolios, meaning unknown
14 Viktor Conqueror, winner
15 Vasyl King
16 Ihor Warrior
17 Pavlo Small, humble
18 Oleg Holy
19 Maksym Greatest
20 Denys From Dionysos, god of wine
21 Oleh Holy
22 Kyrylo Lordly
23 Vitaliy Life
24 Artem Safe, sound
25 Vladyslav Rule with glory
26 Hryhoriy Watchful, alert
27 Mykola Victory of the people
28 Stepan Crown
29 Borys Warrior
30 Fedir Peaceful ruler
31 Oleksiy Defender of mankind
32 Yevhen Well-born
33 Olena Bright, shining
34 Kateryna Pure
35 Anastasiia Resurrection
36 Yuliia Youthful
37 Mariia Bitter
38 Nataliia Christmas Day
39 Tetiana Blessed
40 Olha Holy
41 Viktoriia Conqueror, winner
42 Iryna Peace
43 Anna Grace
44 Yana God is gracious
45 Daria Wealthy
46 Yaroslava Fierce and glorious
47 Sofia Wisdom
48 Valeriia Strong
49 Veronika True image
50 Oksana Praise be to God
51 Larysa Cheerful
52 Oleksandra Defender of mankind
53 Polina Small
54 Diana Divine
55 Liudmyla People’s love
56 Vira Faith
57 Nadiia Hope
58 Alina Bright, beautiful
59 Khrystyna Follower of Christ
60 Inna Strong
61 Karina Pure
62 Taisiia Silence
63 Anastasiya Resurrection
64 Yelyzaveta God is my oath
65 Margarita Pearl
66 Maryna Bitter
67 Ivanna God is gracious
68 Sofiia Wisdom
69 Marianna Bitter grace
70 Valentina Strong, healthy
71 Halyna Light
72 Liliia Lily
73 Milana Gracious
74 Solomiia Peace
75 Vladyslava Rule with glory
76 Zlata Golden
77 Lina Tender
78 Nastia Resurrection
79 Yulianna Youthful
80 Marharyta Pearl
81 Yevheniia Well-born
82 Kseniia Hospitable
83 Viktoria Victory
84 Valeriya Strong
85 Liliya Lily
86 Yarina Gracious
87 Yuliana Youthful
88 Roksolana Sunrise
89 Milena Gracious
90 Nadiya Hope
91 Liubov Love
92 Mariana Bitter grace
93 Nastya Resurrection
94 Valentyna Strong
95 Tetyana Saint
96 Darina Gift
97 Angelina Messenger of God
98 Yeva Life
99 Orysia Divine
100 Iveta Yew
101 Zenovia Life of Zeus
102 Zoryana Dawn
103 Ruslana Lioness
104 Ivanka God is gracious
105 Nadia Hope
106 Daryna Gift
107 Bohdana God’s gift
108 Olesia Defender of mankind
109 Sofiya Wisdom
110 Zorya Morning star

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In conclusion,

In conclusion, the array of popular Ukrainian names for boys reflects the country’s rich cultural heritage and diverse influences. From timeless classics to contemporary choices, each name carries its own unique charm and significance. Whether rooted in history, tradition, or modern trends, these names offer parents a wealth of options to bestow upon their sons, embodying the spirit and pride of Ukrainian culture. No matter the choice, may these names bring joy, honor, and a connection to Ukraine’s storied past for generations to come.

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