100+ Most Popular Taiwanese Names for Girls

by Sophia Roberts

Choosing a name for your baby girl is a meaningful task. In Taiwan, names reflect cultural heritage and personal dreams. This guide explores over 100 popular Taiwanese names for girls, offering insights into their meanings and traditions to help you find the perfect name.

100+ Most Popular Taiwanese Names for Girls

No. Name Taiwanese Equivalent Meaning
1 Hsiu Ying 秀英 Elegant and brave
2 Mei Hua 美華 Beautiful and splendid
3 Pei Chen 蓓晨 Morning dew
4 Li Mei 麗美 Beautiful and graceful
5 Hui Ying 慧英 Intelligent and brave
6 Yu Hsuan 玉萱 Jade and graceful
7 Chia Hui 家慧 Family and wisdom
8 Ching Hui 靜慧 Quiet and wise
9 Li Hua 麗華 Beautiful and splendid
10 Hsin Yi 心怡 Heart and joy
11 Ya Ting 雅婷 Elegant and graceful
12 Chia Ling 家玲 Family and tinkling
13 Hsiao Hui 曉慧 Dawn and wisdom
14 Hsiao Mei 曉美 Dawn and beautiful
15 Chih Hui 志慧 Aspiration and wisdom
16 Wei Ting 薇婷 Rose and graceful
17 Ying Hui 英慧 Outstanding and wise
18 Yi Hsuan 怡萱 Joyful and graceful
19 Hui Chen 慧貞 Intelligent and virtuous
20 Ya Wen 雅雯 Elegant and cloud
21 Chia Yi 家儀 Family and manners
22 Pei Hsuan 蓓萱 Morning dew and graceful
23 Yu Chen 玉真 Jade and genuine
24 Chia Hsin 家欣 Family and joyful
25 Hsiu Chen 秀真 Elegant and genuine
26 Li Fen 麗芬 Beautiful and fragrant
27 Chien Yu 健羽 Healthy and feather
28 Hsiao Ying 曉瑩 Dawn and lustrous
29 Hsiao Fen 曉芬 Dawn and fragrant
30 Hsiao Chin 曉琴 Dawn and zither
31 Hui Fen 慧芬 Intelligent and fragrant
32 Ching Fen 靜芬 Quiet and fragrant
33 Chia Yu 家瑜 Family and precious
34 Hsiao Yu 曉玉 Dawn and jade
35 Mei Fen 美芬 Beautiful and fragrant
36 Hsiao Hsin 曉欣 Dawn and joyful
37 Yu Fen 玉芬 Jade and fragrant
38 Hui Yu 慧玉 Intelligent and jade
39 Hsin Chen 心晨 Heart and morning
40 Chia Fen 家芬 Family and fragrant
41 Chih Fen 志芬 Aspiration and fragrant
42 Mei Ling 美玲 Beautiful and tinkling
43 Yu Hui 玉慧 Jade and wisdom
44 Chih Yu 志玉 Aspiration and jade
45 Chih Ling 志玲 Aspiration and tinkling
46 Li Ling 麗玲 Beautiful and tinkling
47 Hsiao Ling 曉玲 Dawn and tinkling
48 Yu Ling 玉玲 Jade and tinkling
49 Mei Yu 美玉 Beautiful and jade
50 Chia Wen 家雯 Family and cloud
51 Hsiao Wen 曉雯 Dawn and cloud
52 Yu Wen 玉雯 Jade and cloud
53 Hsin Hui 心慧 Heart and wisdom
54 Hsiao Hsuan 曉萱 Dawn and graceful
55 Mei Chien 美倩 Beautiful and graceful
56 Chih Hsin 治欣 Govern and joyful
57 Chih Chen 治真 Govern and genuine
58 Hui Hsin 慧欣 Intelligent and joyful
59 Li Chieh 麗潔 Beautiful and clean
60 Hsiao Chieh 曉潔 Dawn and clean
61 Chien Hui 健慧 Healthy and wisdom
62 Yu Chieh 玉潔 Jade and clean
63 Chih Ying 治盈 Govern and abundant
64 Mei Hsuan 美萱 Beautiful and graceful
65 Chia Chieh 家潔 Family and clean
66 Hui Chieh 慧潔 Intelligent and clean
67 Hsiu Chieh 秀潔 Elegant and clean
68 Li Yu 麗玉 Beautiful and jade
69 Hsiao Chia 曉嘉 Dawn and auspicious
70 Hsiao Chih 曉之 Dawn and knowledge
71 Mei Chia 美佳 Beautiful and good
72 Hsin Yu 心妤 Heart and beautiful
73 Chia Hsuan 家瑄 Family and splendid
74 Yu Hsin 玉欣 Jade and joyful
75 Hui Chia 慧嘉 Intelligent and auspicious
76 Ching Yu 靜瑜 Quiet and precious
77 Li Chia 麗嘉 Beautiful and auspicious
78 Hsiu Yu 秀玉 Elegant and jade
79 Hsiao Ching 曉菁 Dawn and smart
80 Chih Hsuan 治萱 Govern and graceful
81 Chih Mei 治美 Govern and beautiful
82 Yu Chih 玉之 Jade and knowledge
83 Chia Mei 家美 Family and beautiful
84 Hsiao Chien 曉倩 Dawn and graceful
85 Hsiao Wei 曉薇 Dawn and rose
86 Yu Chia 玉佳 Jade and good
87 Hsiao Li 曉莉 Dawn and jasmine
88 Hsiao Pei 曉珮 Dawn and jade
89 Chia Pei 家珮 Family and jade
90 Yu Pei 玉珮 Jade and jade
91 Mei Pei 美珮 Beautiful and jade
92 Chia Wei 家薇 Family and rose
93 Yu Wei 玉薇 Jade and rose
94 Hsin Wei 心薇 Heart and rose
95 Chih Wen 治雯 Govern and cloud
96 Mei Wen 美雯 Beautiful and cloud
97 Yu Ching 玉菁 Jade and smart
98 Chia Ching 家菁 Family and smart
99 Li Ching 麗菁 Beautiful and smart
100 Chih Chieh 治潔 Govern and clean
101 Hsin Chieh 心潔 Heart and clean

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In conclusion,

Choosing the right name for your baby girl is a special and meaningful decision. The popular Taiwanese names featured in this guide offer a blend of cultural heritage and personal significance. We hope this list has provided you with inspiration and insight, helping you find a name that beautifully reflects your family’s traditions and aspirations. Whether honoring your roots or seeking a name with deep meaning, these names are a perfect starting point.

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