100+ Most Popular Taiwanese Names for Boys

by Sophia Roberts

Choosing a name for your baby boy is an important and meaningful task. In Taiwan, names often reflect cultural heritage and personal aspirations. This guide explores over 100 of the most popular Taiwanese names for boys, providing insights into their meanings and traditions to help you find the perfect name.

100+ Most Popular Taiwanese Names for Boys

No. Name Taiwanese Equivalent Meaning
1 Wei Great, extraordinary
2 Jun Talented, handsome
3 Liang Good, excellent
4 Ming Bright, clear
5 Hao Vast, grand
6 Yu Universe, space
7 Chao Morning, dynasty
8 Cheng Accomplished, succeed
9 Xuan Spacious, lofty
10 Zhi Wisdom, knowledge
11 Bin Refined, civil
12 Guo Country, nation
13 Feng Edge, sharpness
14 Jian Build, establish
15 Ren Benevolence, kindness
16 Yi Freedom, ease
17 Jin Gold, metal
18 Kun Earth, solid
19 Sheng Rise, ascend
20 Tao Big wave, surge
21 Wen Culture, literature
22 Xin Heart, mind
23 Jia Praise, excellence
24 Rong Glory, honor
25 Long Dragon
26 Kang Health, peace
27 Hong Vast, grand
28 Qiang Strong, powerful
29 Kai Triumph, victory
30 Zhong Middle, center
31 Han Elegant, graceful
32 Chun 駿 Swift, talented
33 Shu Book, write
34 Xing Star, celestial
35 Da Achieve, attain
36 Min People, citizens
37 Bo Broad, extensive
38 He Harmony, peace
39 Song Pine tree
40 Ning Peace, tranquility
41 Ming-Hui 明輝 Bright brilliance
42 Wei-Lun 偉倫 Great ethics
43 Shih-Hao 士豪 Scholarly and brave
44 Chih-Hao 志豪 Aspiring and brave
45 Yu-Cheng 佑丞 Protect and assist
46 Yu-Wei 佑偉 Protect and great
47 Chun-Wei 俊威 Talented and great
48 Chih-Hsuan 智軒 Wise and lofty
49 Tzu-Chien 子健 Son and healthy
50 An Peaceful, safe
51 Chih To govern, to cure
52 Hsin Happy, joyful
53 Shih Generation, era
54 Tsung Ancestor, clan
55 Tung East
56 Yung Forever, perpetual
57 Hsiao Dawn, daybreak
58 Chien-Hao 建豪 Build and heroic
59 Chia-Hung 家鴻 Great and family
60 Chia-Yu 家瑜 Great and precious
61 Wei-Chung 偉忠 Great and loyal
62 Ming-Chi 明奇 Bright and amazing
63 Chih-Yuan 志遠 Aspiring and far
64 Yu-Jen 佑仁 Protect and kind
65 Hsin-Yi 忻怡 Joyful and harmonious
66 Wei-Ting 瑋廷 Great and court
67 Li Stand, establish
68 En Grace, favor
69 Ming-Hao 明皓 Bright and luminous
70 Yu-Han 瑜翰 Precious and graceful
71 Yu-Chieh 宇杰 Universe and outstanding
72 Wei-Jie 偉傑 Great and outstanding
73 Chia-Wei 家瑋 Great and majestic
74 Chih-Han 志翰 Aspiring and graceful
75 Chih-Wei 志威 Aspiring and mighty
76 Hsuan High and wide
77 Hsin-Cheng 心誠 Heart and sincere
78 Chien-Wei 建偉 Build and great
79 Yu-Ting 宇廷 Universe and court
80 Wei-Liang 偉良 Great and good
81 Chih-Hsien 志賢 Aspiring and virtuous
82 Kuan-Yu 冠宇 Crown and universe
83 Yu-Sheng 羽生 Feather and life
84 Chih-Hung 志宏 Aspiring and vast
85 Wei-Cheng 維誠 Maintain and sincere
86 Jui Auspicious, lucky
87 Yu-Tsung 宇聰 Universe and wise
88 Kuo-Hsin 國信 National and trust
89 Wen-Hsiang 文祥 Culture and auspicious
90 Tzu-Hao 子豪 Son and heroic
91 Yu-Hsuan 宇軒 Universe and high
92 Hsiao-Chuan 曉銓 Dawn and balanced
93 Chih-Yu 志宇 Aspiring and universe
94 Wei-Kuan 偉寬 Great and broad
95 Chih-Yang 志洋 Aspiring and ocean
96 Chien-Hung 建宏 Build and vast
97 Chung-Hao 中豪 Central and heroic
98 Li-Wei 立偉 Stand and great
99 Chieh-Yu 傑宇 Outstanding and universe
100 Hsuan-Yu 軒宇 High and universe
101 Chung-Yi 中逸 Central and freedom
102 Kuan-Chieh 冠傑 Crown and outstanding
103 Chih-Chieh 志傑 Aspiring and outstanding
104 Chia-Hsuan 家軒 Great and high
105 Tzu-Chieh 子傑 Son and outstanding
106 Yu-Chien 宇謙 Universe and modest
107 Ming-Cheng 明誠 Bright and sincere
108 Hsin-Wei 忻威 Joyful and mighty
109 Wei-Han 偉翰 Great and elegant
110 Yu-Jui 宇睿 Universe and wise
111 Chi-Hung 祈宏 Pray and vast
112 Chih-Hsun 志勳 Aspiring and meritorious

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In conclusion,

Selecting a name for your baby boy is a deeply personal and significant choice. The popular Taiwanese names highlighted in this guide offer a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage and values cherished in Taiwan. We hope this list has provided you with inspiration and insight, helping you to choose a name that resonates with your family’s traditions and aspirations. Whether you are honoring your heritage or seeking a meaningful name, these names are a wonderful starting point.

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