100+ Most Popular Swedish Names for Boys

by Sophia Roberts

Swedish names for boys reflect the rich history and cultural heritage of Sweden. From traditional choices with deep roots to modern favorites inspired by contemporary trends, Swedish boy names offer a diverse array of options. In this article, we’ll explore the most popular Swedish names for boys, delving into their meanings, origins, and enduring appeal. Whether you’re expecting a son or simply fascinated by Swedish culture, join us as we uncover the charm and significance of these beloved names.

100+ Most Popular Swedish Names for Boys

No. Name Meaning
1 Erik Eternal ruler
2 Lars Laurel
3 Karl Free man
4 Anders Manly
5 Johan God is gracious
6 Gustav Staff of the gods
7 Henrik Ruler of the home
8 Björn Bear
9 Magnus Great
10 Niklas Victory of the people
11 Oskar Spear of the gods
12 Fredrik Peaceful ruler
13 Sebastian Revered
14 Tobias God is good
15 Daniel God is my judge
16 Axel Father of peace
17 Marcus Warlike
18 Emil Industrious
19 David Beloved
20 Lucas Light
21 Simon Heard
22 Jonathan God has given
23 Viktor Conqueror
24 Philip Lover of horses
25 Anton Priceless
26 Martin Warlike
27 Johannes God is gracious
28 Mattias Gift of God
29 Christian Follower of Christ
30 Alexander Defender of the people
31 Peter Rock
32 Arvid Eagle
33 Benjamin Son of the right hand
34 Max Greatest
35 William Will helmet
36 Isak Laughter
37 Oliver Olive tree
38 Victor Conqueror
39 Samuel Heard of God
40 Joakim God will establish
41 Hugo Mind, intellect
42 Gustaf Staff of the gods
43 Joel God is willing
44 Robin Fame-bright
45 Linus Flaxen-haired
46 Albin White, fair
47 Leo Lion
48 Pontus Sea
49 Rasmus Beloved
50 Adam Man, earth
51 Emma Universal, whole
52 Sofia Wisdom
53 Anna Grace
54 Maria Bitter or beloved
55 Linnea Lime tree
56 Johanna God is gracious
57 Sara Princess
58 Julia Youthful
59 Alice Noble
60 Elin Torch, light
61 Amanda Worthy of love
62 Frida Peaceful
63 Clara Bright, clear
64 Ebba Strength of an animal
65 Alva Elf, supernatural being
66 Ellen Bright, shining
67 Ida Industrious
68 Olivia Olive
69 Hanna Grace
70 Moa Gull, sea bird
71 Isabella Devoted to God
72 Emilia Rival
73 Louise Famous warrior
74 Malin Strength
75 Lisa God is my oath
76 Matilda Strength in battle
77 Ingrid Ing’s beauty
78 Victoria Victory
79 Felicia Lucky
80 Linn Linden tree
81 Maja Sea of bitterness
82 Agnes Pure, chaste
83 Astrid Divine strength
84 Lovisa Renowned warrior
85 Wilma Will helmet
86 Tilda Battle strength
87 Selma Helmet of God
88 Saga Story, tale
89 Stella Star
90 Vera Faith
91 Elsa Noble
92 Nora Honor
93 Thea Gift of God
94 Ronja God’s joyful song
95 Liv Protection, shelter
96 Märta Lady, mistress
97 Sigrid Beautiful victory
98 Emelie Industrious
99 Vendela Wanderer
100 Elvira All true
101 Ester Star
102 Hedvig Warfare
103 Freja Lady

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In conclusion,

In conclusion, the selection of popular Swedish names for boys reflects the rich tapestry of Swedish culture, blending tradition with modernity. Whether you’re drawn to timeless classics or contemporary favorites, each name carries its own unique charm and significance. From Axel to Gustav, these names offer parents a wide range of options to bestow upon their sons, symbolizing pride, heritage, and a connection to Sweden’s storied past. May these names bring joy and a sense of identity to boys across generations, embodying the spirit of Swedish tradition and innovation.

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