100+ Most Popular Slovenian Girl Names

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Embark on a journey into the heart of Slovenian culture as we unveil the most beloved girl names of this enchanting land. From the picturesque landscapes of the Alps to the tranquil shores of the Adriatic Sea, Slovenia’s beauty is mirrored in the names bestowed upon its daughters. Join us as we delve into the stories behind the 100+ most popular Slovenian girl names, each carrying its own tale of tradition, elegance, and enduring charm.

100+ Most Popular Slovenian Girl Names

No. Name Meaning
1 Ana Grace
2 Eva Life
3 Nika Victory
4 Sara Princess
5 Mia Beloved
6 Lara Protection
7 Maša Derived from Maria, meaning “sea of bitterness” or “rebelliousness”
8 Zala Pilgrim
9 Lana Rock or peaceful island
10 Neža Pure
11 Tjaša Short for Tatjana, meaning “fairy queen”
12 Ema Universal
13 Maja Great
14 Julija Youthful
15 Zoja Life
16 Ajda Derived from Aida, meaning “happy” or “prosperous”
17 Hana Grace
18 Lea Weary or meadow
19 Klara Bright or clear
20 Petra Rock
21 Nina Dreamer
22 Pia Pious
23 Katja Pure
24 Kaja Pure
25 Urška Bear
26 Špela Short for Ursula, meaning “little bear”
27 Zara Princess
28 Zoya Life
29 Lucija Light
30 Ela Short for Helena, meaning “light”
31 Tara Star or hill
32 Tisa Derived from the river Tisza, meaning “quiet” or “calm”
33 Jasna Clear or bright
34 Metka Pearl
35 Mateja Gift of God
36 Maruša Bitter
37 Mojca Derived from Maria, meaning “sea of bitterness” or “rebelliousness”
38 Nataša Born on Christmas
39 Patricija Noble
40 Polona Derived from Apollonia, meaning “of Apollo”
41 Silva Forest
42 Simona Listener
43 Sonja Wisdom
44 Tanja Fairy queen
45 Tatjana Fairy queen
46 Tea Gift of God
47 Tina Short for Christina, meaning “follower of Christ”
48 Valentina Strength
49 Veronika True image
50 Vesna Spring
51 Vladimira Rule and peace
52 Zdenka Derived from Zdenko, meaning “to protect”
53 Zorica Morning star
54 Živa Alive
55 Zvonka Little bell
56 Zora Dawn
57 Zofija Wisdom
58 Darja Possessing goodness
59 Edita Rich gift
60 Emilija Rival
61 Helena Light
62 Ivana God is gracious
63 Jana God is gracious
64 Katarina Pure
65 Leja Derived from Lea, meaning “weary” or “meadow”
66 Magdalena From Magdala, meaning “tower”
67 Nada Hope
68 Olga Holy
69 Pavla Small
70 Rebeka To tie
71 Romana Roman
72 Sabina Sabine
73 Sandra Defender of mankind
74 Tatiana Fairy queen
75 Valeria Strength
76 Viktorija Victory
77 Zorana Dawn
78 Adela Noble
79 Amalija Hardworking
80 Danaja God is my judge
81 Dominika Belonging to the Lord
82 Dora Gift
83 Elija Derived from Eli, meaning “ascension” or “my God”
84 Elizabeta God is abundance
85 Evelina Life
86 Franciska Free
87 Gabrijela God is my strength
88 Iris Rainbow
89 Isabela God is my oath
90 Jadranka Sea of the Adriatic
91 Jelka Noble
92 Jolanda Violet
93 Karolina Free man
94 Klementina Merciful
95 Leopoldina Brave people
96 Lili Lily
97 Margareta Pearl
98 Marica Bitter
99 Marija Bitter
100 Milena Favor or grace
101 Nadja Hope
102 Natalija Born on Christmas
103 Olivera Olive tree
104 Pavlina Derived from Paula, meaning “small”
105 Rozalija Rose
106 Slavica Slavic

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In conclusion,

As we draw the curtains on our exploration of Slovenian girl names, we’re reminded of the timeless elegance and cultural richness embedded in each choice. From the graceful “Ana” to the spirited “Eva,” these names serve as a reflection of Slovenia’s heritage and the deep bonds of family and tradition. Whether steeped in history or embraced for their modern flair, these names encapsulate the essence of Slovenian identity. As we celebrate these beloved names, we also celebrate the resilience, beauty, and enduring spirit of Slovenian women throughout generations.

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