100+ Most Popular Serbian Boy Names

by Sophia Roberts

Serbia, a land rich in history and culture, boasts a diverse array of names that reflect its unique heritage. From traditional names passed down through generations to modern choices influenced by global trends, Serbian boy names offer a fascinating glimpse into the country’s identity. In this article, we delve into the most popular Serbian boy names, exploring their meanings, origins, and significance within Serbian society. Join us on a journey through the rich tapestry of Serbian nomenclature as we uncover the stories behind these beloved names.

100+ Most Popular Serbian Boy Names

No. Name Meaning
1 Nikola Victory of the People
2 Marko Warlike
3 Aleksandar Defender of the People
4 Stefan Crowned
5 Jovan God is Gracious
6 Luka Light
7 Nemanja No single meaning
8 Filip Lover of Horses
9 Miloš Gracious
10 Ivan God is Gracious
11 Vladimir Ruler of the World
12 Dušan Soul
13 Petar Rock
14 Bojan Battle
15 Uroš Lord
16 Vuk Wolf
17 Mihailo Who is like God
18 Đorđe Farmer
19 Bogdan Gift of God
20 Andrija Manly
21 Dejan To act
22 Darko Gift
23 Pavle Small
24 Aleksa Defender of the People
25 Dragoslav Dear glory
26 Danilo God is my judge
27 Lazar God has helped
28 Goran Mountain man
29 Branislav Glorious protector
30 Miroslav Peaceful glory
31 Slobodan Free
32 Dusan Soul
33 Milovan Dear and gracious
34 Rade Happy
35 Nenad Unforeseen
36 Zoran Dawn
37 Igor Warrior
38 Dragan Dear one
39 Željko Wish
40 Srdjan Servant
41 Vlada Rule
42 Radovan Joy
43 Milan Gracious
44 Janko God is Gracious
45 Vasilije Kingly
46 Zdravko Healthy
47 Predrag Very dear
48 Nedeljko Born on Sunday
49 Mladen Young
50 Sava Sabine
51 Radivoje Joyous warfare
52 Radoslav Happy glory
53 Stevan Crowned
54 Milorad Gracious care
55 Novak New
56 Nikolaj Victory of the People
57 Mihajlo Who is like God
58 Radomir Peaceful joy
59 Sreten Radiant
60 Ratko War
61 Slavko Glory
62 Vojislav Wishing glory
63 Veljko Great glory
64 Miroljub Loving peace
65 Vladan Rule
66 Vukan Wolf
67 Bogoljub Beloved of God
68 Ognjen Fiery
69 Rastko Growth
70 Strahinja Fearless
71 Vidoš Joyous
72 Branko Glorious defender
73 Maksim Greatest
74 Toma Twin
75 Dalibor Far away battle
76 Milenko Gracious
77 Vidosav Joyous glory
78 Zvezdan Star
79 Miladin Hardworking
80 Dobrivoje Good warrior
81 Borislav Glorious battle
82 Dragutin Precious
83 Milutin Gracious
84 Vukasin Wolf
85 Vlastimir Ruler of the world
86 Vukota Wolf
87 Zarko Gold
88 Milos Beloved
89 Ljubomir Lover of peace
90 Ranko Brave
91 Zeljko Wish
92 Uros Lord
93 Velimir Great peace
94 Bozidar Divine gift
95 Dobrica Good
96 Zlatko Golden
97 Rastislav Growth of glory
98 Vojin Warrior
99 Srecko Lucky
100 Dobrivoj Good warrior
101 Vidoslav Joyous glory
102 Zlatan Golden
103 Zivko Alive

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In conclusion,

The exploration of the most popular Serbian boy names reveals not only a deep connection to the country’s history and traditions but also a reflection of its ever-evolving cultural landscape. From timeless classics to contemporary favorites, these names carry with them stories of resilience, pride, and heritage. Whether you’re drawn to the strength of names like Aleksandar and Stefan, or the uniqueness of choices like Lazar and Nikola, Serbian boy names offer a rich tapestry of options for parents seeking to honor their roots or embrace a new cultural perspective. As we celebrate the diversity and significance of Serbian names, we’re reminded of the power of language to connect us to our past and shape our future.

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