100+ Most Popular Russian Names for Boys

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Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy is an exciting and meaningful task, reflecting cultural heritage, family traditions, and personal preferences. In Russia, a rich tapestry of names carries centuries of history and significance. From timeless classics to modern favorites, the landscape of Russian boys’ names offers a diverse array of options. In this article, we’ll explore the most popular Russian names for boys, providing insight into their origins, meanings, and enduring appeal in contemporary society. Whether you’re seeking a name deeply rooted in tradition or one with a contemporary flair, you’re sure to find inspiration among these celebrated choices.

100+ Most Popular Russian Names for Boys

No. Name Meaning
1 Alexander Defender of men
2 Dmitry Earth-lover
3 Ivan Gift from God
4 Nikolai Victory of the people
5 Mikhail Who is like God?
6 Sergey Servant
7 Maxim Greatest
8 Andrey Manly
9 Vladimir Rule with greatness
10 Artem Safe
11 Alexey Defender
12 Daniil God is my judge
13 Roman Citizen of Rome
14 Anton Invaluable
15 Kirill Lordly
16 Pavel Small
17 Denis Dedicated to Dionysus
18 Evgeny Well born
19 Ilya The Lord is my God
20 Boris Fighter, warrior
21 Victor Conqueror
22 Igor Warrior
23 Yaroslav Bright and glorious
24 Vladislav Glorious ruler
25 Timur Iron
26 Nikita Unconquered
27 Egor Farmer
28 Konstantin Constant
29 Anatoly Sun rising
30 Gleb Fame, glory
31 Oleg Holy
32 Grigory Vigilant
33 Leonid Lion-like
34 Fyodor Gift of God
35 Vitaly Life-giving
36 Arkady From Arcadia
37 Stepan Crown
38 Eduard Wealthy guardian
39 Dmitriy Follower of Demeter
40 Ruslan Lion
41 Maksim Greatest
42 Valentin Strong, vigorous
43 Vyacheslav Glory, fame
44 Konstantine Steadfast
45 Semyon Listener
46 Vasily Kingly
47 Gennady Noble, generous
48 Artyom Safe, sound
49 Yegor Farmer
50 Matvey Gift of God
51 Bogdan Given by God
52 Evgeniy Well-born
53 Makar Blessed
54 Arseniy Masculine
55 Mark Warlike
56 Rodion Song of a hero
57 Iosif God will add
58 Nikolas Victory of the people
59 Anatoliy From the east
60 Albert Noble, bright
61 Andrian Manly
62 Kuzma Cosmonaut
63 Lev Lion
64 Gavriil God is my strength
65 Vasiliy Kingly
66 Tikhon God-fearing
67 Saveliy Saved
68 Serafim Burning one
69 Feofilakt God-guarded
70 Nikifor Victor of the people
71 Nikandr Victor of man
72 Vsevolod Rule with glory
73 Platon Broad-shouldered
74 Rostislav Glorious fame
75 Anatoli Eastern
76 Zakhar Remembered by God
77 Nazar Pure
78 Timofey Honoring God
79 Innokentiy Innocent
80 Varfolomey Son of thunder
81 Arkadiy From Arcadia
82 Artemiy Safe, sound
83 Afanasiy Immortal
84 Kir Master
85 Aleksandr Defender of men
86 Georgiy Farmer
87 Vadim To know
88 Yaroslavl Bright and glorious
89 Stanislav Glorious government
90 Grigoriy Watchful
91 Maximilian Greatest
92 Vitaliy Life-giving
93 Leon Lion
94 Danila God is my judge
95 Arseny Masculine
96 Maksimilian Greatest
97 Dmitri Earth-lover
98 Alexei Defender
99 Sergei Servant
100 Timofei Honoring God
101 Illya The Lord is my God

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In conclusion,

As we conclude our exploration of the most popular Russian names for boys, it’s evident that each name carries its own unique charm and significance. Whether you’re drawn to the rich history of classic names like Alexander and Ivan, or you prefer the modern appeal of names like Nikita or Maxim, there’s a wealth of options to consider. Ultimately, the name you choose for your son is a reflection of your values, aspirations, and cultural heritage. By delving into the world of Russian names, you not only gain insight into a fascinating linguistic tradition but also have the opportunity to bestow upon your child a name that will resonate with meaning and character for a lifetime.

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