100+ Most Popular Polish Boy Names

by Sophia Roberts

Poland, a country rich in history and culture, is home to a plethora of captivating boy names, each steeped in tradition and meaning. From the timeless classics that have stood the test of time to the modern choices influenced by contemporary trends, Polish boy names offer a diverse range of options for parents seeking a name with character and significance. Join us on a journey as we explore the most popular Polish boy names, where centuries-old customs meet the vibrancy of modern life.

100+ Most Popular Polish Boy Names

No. Name Meaning
1 Jakub Supplanter
2 Kacper Treasure bearer
3 Wojciech Warrior’s joy
4 Adam Man
5 Michał Who is like God
6 Mateusz Gift of God
7 Bartosz Son of Talmai
8 Szymon To hear
9 Kamil Perfect
10 Paweł Small
11 Krzysztof Christ-bearer
12 Łukasz From Lucania
13 Piotr Rock
14 Filip Lover of horses
15 Adrian From Hadria
16 Damian To tame
17 Marcin Mars
18 Dawid Beloved
19 Patryk Nobleman, patrician
20 Tomasz Twin
21 Sebastian From Sebaste
22 Rafał God has healed
23 Artur Bear
24 Dominik Belonging to the Lord
25 Daniel God is my judge
26 Ryszard Rich, powerful
27 Marek Warlike
28 Grzegorz Watchful, alert
29 Jan God is gracious
30 Jacek Hyacinth
31 Igor Warrior
32 Andrzej Man, warrior
33 Maciej Who is like God
34 Miłosz Grace, favor
35 Tadeusz Praise
36 Krystian Follower of Christ
37 Julian Youthful
38 Zenon Zeus’ gift
39 Emil Rival
40 Zygmunt Victorious protection
41 Oskar Spear of the gods
42 Henryk Ruler of the home
43 Mikołaj Victory of the people
44 Ernest Serious, resolute
45 Kazimierz Peaceful, destroyer
46 Robert Bright fame
47 Jerzy Farmer
48 Wiktor Conqueror, victor
49 Aleksander Defender of mankind
50 Arkadiusz Brave, enduring
51 Cezary Long-haired
52 Dariusz Possessing goodness
53 Eugeniusz Well-born, noble
54 Fabian Bean grower
55 Gabriel God is my strength
56 Ignacy Fiery, ardent
57 Janusz God is gracious
58 Leszek Glorious ruler
59 Maksymilian Greatest
60 Narcyz Daffodil
61 Olgierd Battle glory
62 Przemysław Thoughtful ruler
63 Stanisław Glory of the camp
64 Tymoteusz Honoring God
65 Urszula Little bear
66 Walenty Strong, healthy
67 Władysław Ruler with glory
68 Xawery Bright, splendid
69 Yaroslav Bright and glorious
70 Zbigniew To dispel anger
71 Zygfryd Peaceful victory
72 Bartłomiej Son of Tolmai
73 Czesław Honor, glory
74 Dobromir Good peace
75 Eligiusz Chosen, elected
76 Feliks Happy, fortunate
77 Gustaw Staff of the gods
78 Hieronim Holy name
79 Ireneusz Peaceful hero
80 Kazimir Proclaiming peace
81 Lech White, light
82 Mirosław Peaceful glory
83 Norbert Northern bright
84 Radosław Joyful glory
85 Teodor Gift of God
86 Urban City dweller
87 Wawrzyniec Laurel
88 Zdzisław To achieve glory
89 Ziemowit Land of peace
90 Wojtek Warrior
91 Aleksy Defender of mankind
92 Borys Fighter
93 Cyprian From Cyprus
94 Dorian From the sea
95 Franciszek Frenchman
96 Gerard Brave spear
97 Hubert Bright mind
98 Janek God is gracious
99 Karol Free man
100 Leon Lion
101 Mieczysław Sword of glory
102 Nikodem Victory of the people
103 Orest Mountain dweller
104 Seweryn Severe
105 Tadek Praise
106 Wacław More glory
107 Zbyszek To increase, to add
108 Aleksiej Defender
109 Benedykt Blessed
110 Emiljan Rival
111 Felicjan Lucky
112 Gracjan Pleasing
113 Józef God will add
114 Leopold Brave people
115 Napoleon New city
116 Patrycjusz Nobleman, patrician
117 Sławomir Glorious peace
118 Tymon Perfect, flawless
119 Urszul Little bear

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In conclusion,

In concluding our exploration of the most popular Polish boy names, we are left with a deep appreciation for the rich cultural heritage and diversity encapsulated within each name. From the enduring classics like Jakub and Mateusz to the contemporary favorites such as Kacper and Filip, Polish boy names reflect the nation’s history, values, and evolving trends. Whether rooted in tradition or influenced by modernity, these names carry a sense of pride and identity for families across Poland and beyond. As we celebrate the beauty and significance of these names, let us embrace the cultural richness they represent and honor the heritage they carry forward into the future.

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