100+ Most Popular Pakistani Names for Girls

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Exploring the cultural landscape of Pakistan unveils a treasure trove of tradition and heritage, with names for girls serving as poignant markers of this rich tapestry. From the valleys of Kashmir to the bustling streets of Karachi, Pakistani names for girls are imbued with deep-rooted meanings and cultural significance. In this journey, we delve into the most popular Pakistani names for girls, each carrying its own story, symbolizing the diverse linguistic and religious influences that shape Pakistani society.

100+ Most Popular Pakistani Names for Girls

No. Name Meaning
1 Fatima Captivating
2 Aisha Alive, well-living
3 Zainab Fragrant flower
4 Maryam Beloved, pure
5 Hira Diamond
6 Ayesha Living, prosperous life
7 Sana Radiance, splendor
8 Mahnoor Light of the moon
9 Alina Beautiful
10 Anaya Caring, guardian
11 Sarah Princess, noblewoman
12 Noor Light, brightness
13 Laiba Angel of heaven
14 Amna Trustworthy, honest
15 Aiza Noble, respected
16 Zara Princess, flower
17 Hafsa Young lioness
18 Rabia Spring, breeze
19 Khadija Premature baby
20 Sara Noble, princess
21 Inaya Concern, care
22 Aleena Silk of heaven
23 Aimen Righteous, blessed
24 Nimra Soft, gentle
25 Iqra To recite
26 Areeba Knowledgeable, wise
27 Alisha Protected by God
28 Mehwish Beautiful, moon-like
29 Emaan Faith, belief
30 Arooj Mountain, peak
31 Kinza Hidden treasure
32 Manahil Spring of fresh water
33 Aqsa The mosque in Jerusalem
34 Mariam Beloved, pure
35 Hania Blissful, joyful
36 Maham Moon
37 Zoya Alive, loving
38 Gulzar Garden
39 Aneesa Friendly, sociable
40 Marwa Fragrant plant
41 Reem Gazelle, deer
42 Zunaira Flower
43 Rida Happiness, prosperity
44 Sania Radiant, brilliant
45 Maira Moon
46 Sidra Star-like
47 Sadia Lucky, fortunate
48 Urooj Top, peak
49 Nida Call to prayer
50 Alishba Beautiful, fair
51 Arisha Peaceful, calm
52 Hoorain Beloved of the eyes
53 Rania Queen
54 Hooriya Angel, fairy
55 Anam Blessing, favor
56 Irsa Rainbow
57 Mahira Expert, skilled
58 Zahra White, flower
59 Amina Trustworthy, honest
60 Zoha Light, morning light
61 Nabiha Intelligent, wise
62 Ayra Respectable, noble
63 Areej Fragrance, sweet smell
64 Aaliyah High, exalted
65 Aroosa Bride, rose
66 Farah Happiness, joy
67 Maheen Moon
68 Ayat Sign, miracle
69 Eshaal Paradise flower
70 Samara Fruitful, successful
71 Amal Hope, aspiration
72 Zainub Adorned with beauty
73 Laraib Faultless, pure
74 Hifza Protective angel
75 Kashaf To reveal, to uncover
76 Naima Comfort, tranquility
77 Madiha Praiseworthy, commendable
78 Ayman Blessed, fortunate
79 Zehra Beautiful, radiant
80 Amreen Prosperous, fruitful
81 Sahar Dawn, early morning
82 Saba Morning breeze, zephyr
83 Arzoo Desire, wish
84 Yusra Ease, prosperity
85 Asma High status, excellent
86 Fiza Breeze
87 Amira Princess, leader
88 Aneeqa Beautiful, elegant
89 Zainah Beautiful
90 Iman Faith, belief
91 Anabia Door to paradise
92 Eshal The name of flower in the heaven
93 Aina Mirror, reflection
94 Ruqayyah Rise, ascent
95 Arwa Mountain goat
96 Arooba Loving, affectionate
97 Arham Mercy, compassion
98 Zimal Boundary, frontier
99 Noorain Light
100 Hadiya Guide, leader
101 Samia Exalted, lofty
102 Amani Wishes, aspirations
103 Ayisha Life, alive
104 Amara Eternal, immortal
105 Esha Purity, goodness
106 Sahira Wakeful, vigilant
107 Aairah Noble, respectful
108 Neha Affection, love
109 Abeer Fragrance, perfume
110 Fariha Happy, joyful
111 Ammara One who brings hope
112 Hareem Respectable woman
113 Kainat Universe, creation
114 Sadaf Seashell, mother of pearl
115 Zohra Venus, morning star
116 Insha To create, to form
117 Falak Sky, universe
118 Shehrbano Princess of the city
119 Rameen Obedient, submissive
120 Aizah Noble, respected
121 Eman Faith, belief
122 Nabeeha Intelligent, wise
123 Ghazal Poem, verse
124 Aarzoo Desire, wish
125 Alveena Beautiful, fair
126 Saira Traveller, journey

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In conclusion,

The exploration of the most popular Pakistani names for girls unveils the intricate mosaic of Pakistani culture. These names, steeped in tradition and significance, serve as enduring symbols of the nation’s rich heritage and values. From timeless classics to modern innovations, each name carries with it a story, a legacy, and a sense of identity that resonates deeply within families across Pakistan. As the country continues to evolve and embrace its cultural diversity, these names remain a testament to the enduring spirit and beauty of Pakistani womanhood.

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