100+ Most Popular Pakistani Names for Boys

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Exploring the rich tapestry of Pakistani culture reveals a myriad of traditions, values, and customs that have been passed down through generations. Central to this cultural landscape are the names bestowed upon newborn boys, each carrying its own unique significance and history. From the banks of the Indus River to the bustling streets of Lahore, Pakistani names resonate with deep-rooted meanings and often reflect the country’s diverse linguistic heritage and religious influences. In this exploration, we delve into the most popular Pakistani names for boys, uncovering the stories behind these cherished appellations and the cultural significance they hold in Pakistani society.

100+ Most Popular Pakistani Names for Boys

No. Name Meaning
1 Muhammad Praiseworthy
2 Ali High, exalted
3 Hassan Handsome, beautiful
4 Hussain Beautiful, handsome
5 Ahmed Much praised
6 Usman Baby Bustard
7 Ayan Gift of God
8 Zain Grace, beauty
9 Omar Flourishing, long-lived
10 Bilal Moisture, water
11 Saad Felicity, good fortune
12 Ahsan Excellence, perfection
13 Farhan Joyful, happy
14 Danish Knowledge, wisdom
15 Salman Safe, secure
16 Fahad Lynx, leopard
17 Arham Merciful, compassionate
18 Hamza Strong, steadfast
19 Zayan Beautiful
20 Rayyan Luxuriant, plentiful
21 Ishaq Love
22 Abdullah Servant of Allah
23 Raza Contentment, pleasure
24 Ehsan Perfection, excellence
25 Talha Kind of tree
26 Junaid Soldier, warrior
27 Imran Prosperity
28 Kashif Discoverer, revealer
29 Waqar Dignity, sobriety
30 Tahir Pure, clean
31 Noman Men with all blessings
32 Irfan Knowledge, wisdom
33 Haider Lion
34 Yasin Prophet Muhammad’s name
35 Raheel Brave
36 Nasir Supporter, helper
37 Faisal Decisive, resolute
38 Arsalan Lion
39 Tanveer Rays of light
40 Azhar Luminous, brilliant
41 Shahid Witness, martyr
42 Adnan Settler
43 Wahab Generous, giving
44 Qasim Divider, distributor
45 Nadeem Companion, friend
46 Waleed Newborn child
47 Shehroz King of hearts
48 Safyan Pure
49 Haris Guardian, protector
50 Faizan Benefactor, generous
51 Imtiaz Excellence, distinction
52 Zohaib Leader, king
53 Arif Knowledgeable, expert
54 Murtaza Chosen
55 Asad Lion, happy, fortunate
56 Asim Guardian, protector
57 Javed Eternal, immortal
58 Waheed Unique, exclusive
59 Kamran Successful
60 Azam Greatest, powerful
61 Feroz Victorious, triumphant
62 Akhtar Star
63 Rizwan Garden
64 Amir Prince, ruler
65 Sami Exalted, high
66 Naveed Good news, glad tidings
67 Shahbaz Royal falcon
68 Yasir Wealth, ease
69 Naeem Comfort, ease
70 Asif Forgiveness, pure
71 Sarfaraz Protected by the king
72 Khalid Eternal, immortal
73 Sabir Patient, tolerant
74 Shoaib Prophet’s name
75 Zafar Victory, triumph
76 Ghulam Servant, slave
77 Rashid Rightly guided, wise
78 Babar Lion
79 Iqbal Prosperity, good fortune
80 Zahid Devout, self-denying
81 Tariq Morning star, visitor
82 Majid Glorious, noble
83 Munir Bright, shining
84 Arshad Pious, rightly guided
85 Sohail Brilliant, shining
86 Jahanzeb Beautiful, charming
87 Tanzeel Revelation, descent
88 Saleem Safe, sound
89 Aamir Inhabitant, populous
90 Shakeel Handsome, comely
91 Nisar Sacrifice, offering
92 Saboor Patient, perseverant
93 Faheem Intelligent, wise
94 Zahoor Appearance, manifestation
95 Shafiq Kind, compassionate
96 Taufeeq Success, prosperity
97 Atif Compassionate, affectionate
98 Fawad Heart, soul
99 Arsal Lion
100 Rauf Kind, compassionate
101 Ehtisham Modesty, decorum
102 Wajid Finder, discoverer
103 Moiz Respectful, honorable
104 Nabeel Noble, generous
105 Shayan Intelligent, wise
106 Daniyal Intelligent, wise
107 Rehan Sweet basil
108 Jibran Result, value
109 Kashan To live
110 Rameez Symbol, emblem
111 Talib Seeker, student
112 Zarak Visitor
113 Reza Contentment, satisfaction
114 Tanvir Strong, powerful
115 Azeem Great, magnificent
116 Akram Generous, noble
117 Ilyas Prophet’s name
118 Arman Wish, desire
119 Subhan Holy, pure
120 Aariz Respectable man
121 Haaris Farmer
122 Zaheer Bright, shining
123 Yousuf God will add
124 Muneeb One who turns in repentance to Allah
125 Khurram Happy, joyous
126 Arslan Lion
127 Sarim Lion
128 Mujtaba Chosen, selected
129 Shahzad Prince, son of a king
130 Waqas Warrior, brave
131 Eshan Desiring, wishing
132 Arshan Pious, righteous
133 Jahangir World conqueror
134 Riaz Garden
135 Bilawal Fresh water, spring
136 Ijaz Miracle, wonder
137 Inam Gift, reward
138 Feroze Victorious, triumphant
139 Adil Just, fair

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In conclusion,

The exploration of the most popular Pakistani names for boys offers a glimpse into the intricate tapestry of Pakistani culture. These names, steeped in history, tradition, and meaning, serve as a reflection of the diverse linguistic and religious influences that shape Pakistani society. From timeless classics to modern innovations, each name carries with it a story, a heritage, and a sense of identity that resonates deeply within the hearts of families across the nation. As Pakistan continues to evolve and embrace its cultural richness, these names remain a testament to the enduring legacy of the past and the vibrant spirit of the future.

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