100+ Most Popular Myanmar Names for Girls

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Choosing a name for your daughter is a special decision. In Myanmar, girls’ names reflect cultural values and beauty. This guide offers over 100 popular Myanmar names for girls, blending tradition and modernity to inspire you.

100+ Most Popular Myanmar Names for Girls

No. Name Meaning
1 Hnin Diamond
2 Su Gold
3 Thiri Princess
4 Thinzar Diamond Princess
5 May Flower
6 Su Su Golden Flower
7 Thet Success
8 Phyu Emerald
9 Nwe Bright
10 Aye Noble
11 Yin Silver
12 Hla Moon
13 Khin Sweet
14 Win Bright
15 Wai Water
16 Mya Emerald
17 Htet Treasure
18 Thu Clear
19 Thandar Star
20 Kyi Clear
21 Ei Silk
22 Thazin Queen
23 Zin Diamond
24 Sandar Moon
25 Phway Flower
26 Hsu Bright
27 Hlaing Great
28 Zin Mar Diamond Light
29 Swe Beauty
30 Mi Grace
31 Nandar Moon Bright
32 Hnin Wai Diamond Water
33 Zar Chi Diamond Light
34 Mon Flower
35 Hla Hla Moon Moon
36 Myat Merit
37 Thwe Silver
38 Nan Orchid
39 Nan Htwe Silver Water
40 Nilar Moon Water
41 Thiri Hnin Princess Diamond
42 Yee Victory
43 War War Flower Flower
44 Thandar Hla Star Moon
45 Thazin Hlaing Queen Great
46 Nan Thiri Moon Princess
47 Wut Hmone Prosperity
48 Kyi Kyi Clear Clear
49 May Thet Flower Success
50 Su Hlaing Gold Great
51 Htet Htet Treasure Treasure
52 May Thu Flower Clear
53 Thiri Su Princess Gold
54 Su Mon Gold Grace
55 Thinzar Hlaing Diamond Great
56 Yin Yin Silver Silver
57 Phyu Phyu Emerald Emerald
58 Thandar Htet Star Treasure
59 Thet Htar Success Star
60 Nwe Nwe Bright Bright
61 Mya Mya Emerald Emerald
62 Khin Khin Sweet Sweet
63 Su Htet Gold Treasure
64 Aye Aye Noble Noble
65 May Hnin Flower Diamond
66 Thu Thu Clear Clear
67 Phway Phway Flower Flower
68 Hsu Hsu Bright Bright
69 Zin Zin Diamond Diamond
70 Wai Wai Water Water
71 Su Myat Gold Merit
72 Hnin Hnin Diamond Diamond
73 Sandar Win Moon Bright
74 Hlaing Hlaing Great Great
75 Thazin Su Queen Gold
76 Hla Htay Moon Clear
77 Thandar Hnin Star Diamond
78 Zar Zar Light Light
79 Nan Hnin Moon Diamond
80 Nandar Hlaing Moon Great
81 Su Hnin Gold Diamond
82 Thiri Thandar Princess Star
83 May Zin Flower Diamond
84 Su Thazin Gold Queen
85 Phyo Phyo Diamond Diamond
86 Nan Nan Moon Moon
87 Thwe Thwe Silver Silver
88 Su Nandar Gold Moon Bright
89 May Htet Flower Treasure
90 Su Hla Gold Moon
91 Thandar Myat Star Merit
92 May Phyu Flower Emerald
93 Khin Su Sweet Gold
94 Su Wai Gold Water
95 Thet Hnin Success Diamond
96 Hla Myat Moon Merit
97 Thinzar Htet Diamond Treasure
98 Yin May Silver Flower
99 Thandar Su Star Gold
100 Khin Hnin Sweet Diamond
101 Phway Su Flower Gold
102 Su Thu Gold Clear
103 Thet Thet Success Success
104 Mya Thiri Emerald Princess
105 Thazin Htet Queen Treasure
106 Thiri Phyu Princess Emerald
107 May Thazin Flower Queen
108 Su Zar Gold Light
109 May Kyi Flower Clear
110 Su Phway Gold Flower
111 Su Khin Gold Sweet

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In conclusion,

Selecting the perfect name for your daughter is a meaningful journey. The names in this list celebrate Myanmar’s rich cultural heritage and values. We hope this collection has inspired you to find a name that embodies beauty, grace, and a deep connection to Myanmar’s traditions for your little girl.

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