100+ Most Popular Myanmar Names for Boys

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Choosing a name for your child is a meaningful decision. In Myanmar, names carry cultural and historical significance. This guide presents over 100 of the most popular Myanmar names for boys, offering options that honor tradition and reflect the rich heritage of Myanmar.

100+ Most Popular Myanmar Names for Boys

No. Name Meaning
1 Aung Success
2 Kyaw Prosperity
3 Min King
4 Thura Brave
5 Zaw Gold
6 Win Bright
7 Tun Leader
8 Soe Gentle
9 Htun Strong
10 Oo Royalty
11 Nyein Shine
12 Ko Elder brother
13 Nyi Gentleman
14 Hein Delight
15 Naing Victory
16 Wai Peaceful
17 Myint Precious
18 Lin Gemstone
19 Khaing Glory
20 Phyo Prosperous
21 Hlaing Great
22 Yadana Jewel
23 Htet Treasure
24 Moe Beloved
25 Zeya Victory
26 Pyae Praise
27 Lwin Peace
28 Khant Brave
29 Phone Prosperity
30 Sithu Warrior
31 Zawgyi Alchemist
32 Nyein Chan Bright Moon
33 Myo Noble
34 Paing Shield
35 Shwe Golden
36 Arkar Powerful
37 Ye Brave
38 Maung Younger brother
39 Maung Maung Beloved younger brother
40 Tun Tun Twin
41 Thant Peaceful
42 Mya Emerald
43 Thu Clear
44 Zeya Thura Brave victory
45 Hsan Gentle
46 Kyaw Min Prosperous king
47 Naing Lin Victorious gemstone
48 Soe Htet Gentle treasure
49 Moe Aung Beloved success
50 Khant Min Brave king
51 Thant Zin Peaceful diamond
52 Kaung Great
53 Aung Min Successful king
54 Htet Wai Treasure of peace
55 Aung Htun Successful leader
56 Ko Ko Brotherly
57 Thar Noble
58 Zaw Win Gold brightness
59 Myo Aung Noble success
60 Kyaw Htet Prosperous treasure
61 Wai Yan Gentlemanly bright
62 Soe Moe Gentle beloved
63 Min Thu King of the stars
64 Thura Zaw Brave gold
65 Lin Aung Beloved gemstone
66 Hla Moon
67 Min Khant King of bravery
68 Yan Naing Bright victory
69 Ko Kyaw Brother prosperous
70 Kaung Htet Great treasure
71 Pyae Sone Precious gem
72 Hein Htet Delightful treasure
73 Aung Kyaw Successful prosperity
74 Khine Diamond
75 Tun Min Noble leader
76 Soe Thura Gentle brave
77 Htet Naing Treasure of victory
78 Lin Kyaw Gemstone prosperity
79 Aung Zaw Successful gold
80 Thura Min Brave king
81 Hlaing Min Great king
82 Moe Win Beloved brightness
83 Zin Htet Diamond treasure
84 Zayar Brave warrior
85 Min Thant King of peace
86 Wai Phyo Peaceful prosperity
87 Kyaw Myint Prosperous gemstone
88 Myint Aung Precious success
89 Htut Leader
90 Naing Aung Victorious success
91 Kaung Zin Great diamond
92 Phyo Thant Prosperous peace
93 Nay Leading
94 Ko Min Brother king
95 Ye Tun Brave clear
96 Tun Oo Clear royalty
97 Zaw Lin Gold gemstone
98 Myo Htet Noble treasure
99 Hla Min Moon king
100 Nyi Nyi Gentlemanly gentleman
101 Thant Myint Peaceful precious
102 Thura Ko Brave elder brother
103 Kyaw Zin Prosperous diamond
104 Aung Zin Successful diamond
105 Thura Htet Brave treasure
106 Myo Zaw Noble gold
107 Zaw Zaw Gold gold
108 Thant Zaw Peaceful gold
109 Hlaing Zaw Great gold
110 Zaw Myint Gold precious
111 Aung Thura Successful brave
112 Htet Myat Treasure palace
113 Thura Yan Brave treasure
114 Min Htet King treasure
115 Kyaw Kyaw Prosperous prosperous
116 Wai Htet Peaceful treasure
117 Min Zaw King gold
118 Thura Lin Brave gemstone
119 Myint Naing Precious victory
120 Kaung Myat Great treasure
121 Nay Lin Leading gemstone
122 Zin Min Diamond king
123 Yan Aung Bright success
124 Thura Naing Brave victory
125 Win Htet Bright treasure
126 Aung Naing Successful victory
127 Thu Zaw Clear gold
128 Htet Aung Treasure success
129 Thura Zin Brave diamond
130 Min Naing King of victory
131 Kyaw Hla Prosperous moon
132 Myat Htet Emerald treasure
133 Aung Thu Successful clear
134 Zaw Thu Gold clear
135 Htet Zaw Treasure gold
136 Yan Lin Bright gemstone
137 Min Hla King moon
138 Htet Lin Treasure gemstone
139 Thura Win Brave gold
140 Aung Hla Successful moon

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In conclusion,

Selecting the perfect name for your son is a profound and personal journey. The names on this list highlight the rich cultural heritage and traditions of Myanmar, offering a blend of timeless and contemporary choices. Whether you are drawn to names that evoke strength, wisdom, or a deep connection to Myanmar’s history, we hope this collection has provided you with meaningful inspiration for naming your child.

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