90+ Most Popular Malaysian Names for Girls

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Choosing a name for your daughter is a special and meaningful task. In Malaysia, names often reflect the country’s diverse cultural heritage and rich traditions. This article highlights the most popular Malaysian names for girls, exploring their origins and significance. Whether you prefer a name with traditional roots or a modern flair, this list offers a variety of beautiful options to inspire you as you decide on the perfect name for your little girl.

90+ Most Popular Malaysian Names for Girls

No. Name Meaning
1 Nurul Light of
2 Aisha Alive, well, prosperous
3 Siti Lady
4 Hana Happiness
5 Sarah Princess
6 Fatimah Captivating
7 Nor Light
8 Aina Mirror
9 Farah Joy, happiness
10 Nur Light
11 Zara Princess
12 Alya High, exalted
13 Maryam Variant of Mary, mother of Jesus
14 Syaza Fragrance
15 Elya Intelligent, wise
16 Iman Faith
17 Amani Wishes, aspirations
18 Adila Just
19 Fatin Captivating
20 Hani Happy, delighted
21 Syahirah Famous
22 Qistina Justice, fairness
23 Hidayah Guidance
24 Zulaikha Brilliant, intelligent
25 Maisarah Easy, blessed
26 Anis Companion
27 Dalila Guide, leader
28 Balqis Queen of Sheba
29 Azura Sky-blue
30 Aqilah Wise, intelligent
31 Marissa Of the sea
32 Ameera Princess, leader
33 Arissa Bright, shining
34 Amira Princess, leader
35 Izzah Honour, esteem
36 Amni Safe, secure
37 Alysha Noble, illustrious
38 Azalea Flower
39 Auni Help, assistance
40 Amalina Faithful, righteous
41 Airis Messenger
42 Ayra Respectable, deserving
43 Alia Exalted, noble
44 Arianna Holy one
45 Aleesya Protected by God
46 Afiqah Wise, knowledgeable
47 Dalia Gentle
48 Azra Virgin, maiden
49 Aisyah Alive, well, prosperous
50 Elina Bright, shining
51 Nurin Light
52 Humaira Reddish
53 Alisa Great happiness
54 Zainab Fragrant flower
55 Safiya Pure, righteous
56 Dhia Splendor, light
57 Dania Near
58 Aleeya High, exalted
59 Eryna Peaceful
60 Dayana Divine
61 Aysha Alive, well, prosperous
62 Adelia Of noble kin
63 Alisha Noble, protected by God
64 Anisah Close friend
65 Dahlia Flower
66 Erina Beautiful lady
67 Jasmin Jasmine flower
68 Khadijah Premature child
69 Liyana Gentle, tender
70 Mira Admirable, peace
71 Nadia Caller, announcer
72 Puteri Princess
73 Qaisara Queen
74 Raihan Fragrant
75 Sofia Wisdom, skill
76 Tiara Crown
77 Uzma Greatest
78 Vania God’s gift
79 Wafa Faithfulness
80 Xara Princess
81 Yasmine Jasmine flower
82 Zaina Beautiful
83 Nabila Noble
84 Salsabila Springs of Paradise
85 Rania Queen
86 Inara Shining light
87 Jamilah Beautiful
88 Zahra Flower
89 Medina City of the Prophet
90 Hafsa Gatherer, collector
91 Yara Small butterfly

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In conclusion,

Selecting the right name for your daughter is a significant and heartfelt decision. The most popular Malaysian names for girls beautifully capture the essence of the country’s diverse culture and rich traditions. Whether you choose a name for its traditional roots or contemporary charm, each option carries unique meaning and significance. We hope this list has provided you with valuable inspiration and insight as you embark on the journey of naming your little girl.

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