100+ Most Popular Macedonian Names for Girls

by Sophia Roberts

Embark on a journey into the enchanting world of Macedonian culture as we unveil the most cherished names for girls. Nestled in the heart of the Balkans, Macedonia boasts a rich tapestry of traditions and heritage, reflected in the names bestowed upon its daughters. From ancient roots to contemporary favorites, each name carries with it a story of strength, beauty, and belonging. Join us as we explore the timeless allure and cultural significance of the most popular Macedonian names for girls.

100+ Most Popular Macedonian Names for Girls

No. Name Meaning
1 Marija Bitter or beloved
2 Ana Grace
3 Jovana God is gracious
4 Elena Torch
5 Ivana God is gracious
6 Kristina Follower of Christ
7 Sofija Wisdom
8 Aleksandra Defender of mankind
9 Milica Gracious
10 Katarina Pure
11 Magdalena Woman from Magdala
12 Natalija Birthday
13 Teodora Gift of God
14 Milena Gracious
15 Dragana Beloved
16 Andrea Manly
17 Bojana Battle
18 Anja Gracious
19 Tamara Palm tree
20 Maja Great
21 Viktorija Conqueror
22 Valentina Brave
23 Vesna Spring
24 Gordana Heroic
25 Jelena Bright
26 Sanja Dream
27 Marina From the sea
28 Marijana Bitter or beloved
29 Sonja Wisdom
30 Tijana Quiet
31 Nadezhda Hope
32 Ljubica Love
33 Radmila Happy work
34 Slavica Glory
35 Zorica Morning star
36 Violeta Violet
37 Daniela God is my judge
38 Angela Messenger of God
39 Vera Faith
40 Biljana Herb
41 Emilija Industrious
42 Lidija From Lydia
43 Olivera Olive tree
44 Ruzha Rose
45 Svetlana Light
46 Jasmina Jasmine
47 Verica Faithful
48 Mirjana Peaceful
49 Zlata Golden
50 Despina Lady
51 Mila Gracious
52 Simona To hear
53 Andrijana Manly
54 Danica Morning star
55 Nadica Hope
56 Snezana Snowy
57 Zvezda Star
58 Mira Peace
59 Darinka Gift
60 Magda From Magdala
61 Rada Joy
62 Veselinka Joyful
63 Jelka Sprout
64 Lila Lilac
65 Vaska Spring
66 Roksana Dawn
67 Savka Old Slavic name
68 Zora Dawn
69 Dobrila Good
70 Cvetanka Flower
71 Branka Protection
72 Elenka Light
73 Tana Bodyguard
74 Goga Virgin
75 Gospa Lady
76 Rajka Paradise
77 Ceca Blind
78 Vida Life
79 Zorana Golden dawn
80 Milunka Gracious victory
81 Nadja Hope
82 Slađana Sweet
83 Vjera Faith
84 Dijana Divine
85 Iskra Spark
86 Kalina Viburnum
87 Ljiljana Lily
88 Mirica Peaceful
89 Nada Hope
90 Ranka Victory
91 Snežana Snowy
92 Svetlina Light
93 Tanja Fairy queen
94 Ljuba Love
95 Blagica Graceful
96 Vidosava Glorious
97 Zvezdana Star
98 Lidia From Lydia
99 Vukosava Wolf glory
100 Sneža Snowy
101 Nina Dreamer
102 Renata Reborn
103 Suzana Lily
104 Vjekoslava Eternity glory
105 Vladislava Rule with glory
106 Elizabeta God is my oath
107 Neda Born on Sunday

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In conclusion,

Our journey through the most popular Macedonian names for girls has unveiled a captivating tapestry of tradition, resilience, and cultural heritage. These names, rooted in ancient history yet embraced in modern times, serve as a testament to the enduring spirit of Macedonian identity. From classics to contemporary gems, each name carries with it a sense of pride and belonging to this storied land. As we bid farewell to this exploration, may we continue to celebrate and honor the diversity and beauty encapsulated within these timeless names, weaving a thread of connection through generations to come.

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