100+ Most Popular Macedonian Names for Boys

by Sophia Roberts

Macedonia, nestled in the heart of the Balkans, boasts a rich cultural tapestry woven with traditions and heritage. One of the cornerstones of this cultural identity is its names, reflecting a blend of historical influences and local customs. In this exploration of Macedonian culture, we delve into the realm of names, specifically those bestowed upon boys. From ancient roots to modern trends, the names of Macedonian boys encapsulate stories of resilience, pride, and belonging. Join us on a journey through the most beloved and cherished names that grace the cradle of Macedonia.

100+ Most Popular Macedonian Names for Boys

No. Name Meaning
1 Aleksandar Defender of mankind
2 Filip Lover of horses
3 Stefan Crown
4 Nikola Victory of the people
5 Dimitri Earth-lover
6 Marko Warlike
7 Ivan Gift of God
8 Petar Rock
9 Luka Bringer of light
10 Andrej Manly
11 Viktor Conqueror
12 Bojan Battle
13 Damjan Tamer of horses
14 Dejan To act
15 Jovan God is gracious
16 Gjorgji Farmer
17 Matej Gift of God
18 Kristijan Follower of Christ
19 Trajko From Thrace
20 Hristijan Follower of Christ
21 Emil Industrious
22 Simeon Obedient
23 Riste Restorer
24 Kiril Lordly
25 Martin Warlike
26 Vasil Royal
27 Blagoj Blessed
28 Milan Gracious
29 Darko Gift
30 Zoran Peasant
31 Goran Mountain man
32 Tomislav Twin glory
33 Dragi Dear
34 Vlatko Rule
35 Mile Merciful
36 Gorjan Mountain man
37 Toni Priceless
38 Zdravko Healthy
39 Borce Battle
40 Metodij Method
41 Gorazd Peace
42 Vladimir Famous ruler
43 Zlatko Golden
44 Marjan Warlike
45 Nenad Unseen
46 Dusko Soul
47 Lazar God is my help
48 Emilijan Industrious
49 Todor Gift of God
50 Kosta Constant
51 Sava Sabine
52 Rade Joyful
53 Slavoljub Glory and love
54 Dusan Soul
55 Dragoslav Dear glory
56 Blazhe Stammerer
57 Velimir Great peace
58 Zlatan Golden
59 Ognjen Fiery
60 Aleksa Defender of mankind
61 Radomir Joy and peace
62 Zivko Alive
63 Bogdan Gift of God
64 Vuk Wolf
65 Stojan Standing
66 Sreten Born on Saturday
67 Davor Brave
68 Borko Fight
69 Nebojsa Fearless
70 Vukasin Wolf
71 Milos Lover of grace
72 Uros Bear
73 Bozidar Divine gift
74 Ilija My God is Yahweh
75 Danilo God is my judge
76 Risto Harvest
77 Milovan Lover of grace
78 Vukota Wolf
79 Veljko Great glory
80 Slavisa Glorious
81 Trajan From Thrace
82 Cvetan Flower
83 Mihail Who is like God
84 Petko Rock
85 Dragoljub Dear love
86 Dusanka Soul
87 Vlastimir Own peace
88 Iskra Spark
89 Mileta Merciful
90 Slobodan Free
91 Srdjan Serious
92 Dragomir Precious peace
93 Ratomir Peace advice
94 Dobrivoje Good warrior
95 Predrag Precious love
96 Ranko Joyful
97 Tanasije Resurrection
98 Tihomir Quiet peace
99 Vladislav Rule with glory
100 Vukoslav Wolf glory
101 Zvezdan Star
102 Bratislav Brother glory
103 Borislav Battle glory
104 Dragan Precious
105 Nemanja Without possessions
106 Radivoje Happy worker
107 Trifun Trinity
108 Vasilije Royal
109 Vojislav Warrior glory
110 Zeljko Eager
111 Miroslav Peaceful glory

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In conclusion,

In concluding our exploration of the most popular Macedonian names for boys, we find ourselves immersed in a vibrant tapestry of cultural heritage and tradition. These names, steeped in history and meaning, serve as a testament to the enduring spirit of Macedonia. From the timeless classics to the emerging favorites, each name carries with it a story, a legacy, and a sense of belonging to this ancient land. As we bid farewell to this journey through Macedonian names, may we continue to celebrate and honor the richness of this remarkable culture for generations to come.

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