90+ Most Popular Lithuanian Girl Names

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In Lithuania, a country brimming with cultural heritage and tradition, the realm of girl names is a reflection of its rich history and linguistic diversity. From names steeped in ancient mythology to those influenced by Christian saints, Lithuanian girl names exude elegance and charm. Join us as we embark on a journey to explore the most popular Lithuanian girl names, each carrying its own story and significance, offering inspiration to parents seeking the perfect name for their daughters.

90+ Most Popular Lithuanian Girl Names

No. Name Meaning
1 Emilija Rival
2 Gabija Hearth
3 Austėja Bee
4 Sofija Wisdom
5 Viktorija Victor
6 Kotryna Pure
7 Jurgita Farmer
8 Eglė Fir tree
9 Greta Pearl
10 Agnė Pure
11 Rūta Rue
12 Viltė Hope
13 Uršulė Little bear
14 Ieva Life
15 Lina Palm tree
16 Inga Hero’s daughter
17 Simona Listening
18 Vaida Joyous, merry
19 Sonata Sonnet
20 Rasa Dew
21 Justina Fair, righteous
22 Karolina Free man
23 Indrė Rain
24 Vilija Hope
25 Daiva Destiny
26 Deimantė Diamond
27 Evelina Life, living
28 Ingrida Ing’s beauty
29 Živilė Alive, living
30 Miglė Daisy
31 Vesta Fire
32 Goda Good, goodness
33 Aistė Dawn
34 Kristina Follower of Christ
35 Laima Luck, fate
36 Monika Adviser
37 Laura Laurel
38 Jūratė Sea
39 Jolanta Violet flower
40 Laimutė Lucky, fortunate
41 Algė Swift
42 Aukse Gold
43 Dovilė Gift of God
44 Giedrė Clear, serene
45 Vitalija Life
46 Neringa Seacoast
47 Dalia Branch, bough
48 Renata Reborn, born again
49 Danutė God is my judge
50 Birutė Strong, exalted
51 Gintarė Amber
52 Vaiva Vaiwa (name of a Lithuanian goddess)
53 Žyginta War, fight
54 Raminta Gray
55 Vilte Hope
56 Edita Joy, happiness
57 Aldona Old
58 Gražina Beautiful
59 Vanda Wanderer
60 Živile Alive, living
61 Vlada Rule, to govern
62 Agota Good
63 Milda Gentle, mild
64 Asta Star
65 Elžbieta God is my oath
66 Evalina To breathe
67 Ineta Pure
68 Linara Amber
69 Loretta Laurel
70 Marija Bitter, sorrowful
71 Meda Bear
72 Nijolė God is gracious
73 Odeta Wealthy
74 Paulina Small
75 Rosita Rose
76 Rugilė Rye
77 Salomėja Peaceful
78 Sandra Defender of man
79 Saule Sun
80 Svajonė Dream
81 Veronika Victory bringer
82 Vilma Will, desire
83 Virginija Virgin
84 Vytautė To see
85 Žavinta Enchantment
86 Laisvė Freedom
87 Liucija Light
88 Livija Olive
89 Loreta Laurel
90 Margarita Pearl
91 Mila Gracious, dear

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In conclusion,

As we conclude our exploration of the most popular Lithuanian girl names, we are reminded of the rich tapestry of culture, history, and tradition that these names encapsulate. From timeless classics like Austėja and Lina to modern favorites such as Gabrielė and Emilija, each name carries its own unique charm and significance deeply rooted in Lithuanian heritage. Whether inspired by nature, mythology, or Christian saints, these names reflect the beauty and diversity of Lithuanian culture. May this compilation serve as a source of inspiration for parents as they choose a name that honors their heritage and resonates with the spirit of their daughters.

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