90+ Most Popular Lithuanian Boy Names

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In Lithuania, a country steeped in history and culture, the tradition of naming boys reflects a blend of ancient heritage and modern influences. From names rooted in Lithuanian mythology to those inspired by Christian saints, the most popular Lithuanian boy names carry a sense of pride and identity. Join us as we explore a diverse array of names that resonate with tradition and evoke a sense of belonging, offering inspiration to parents seeking the perfect name for their sons.

90+ Most Popular Lithuanian Boy Names

No. Name Meaning
1 Lukas Light
2 Jonas God is gracious
3 Matas Gift of God
4 Dominykas Belonging to the Lord
5 Adomas Earth
6 Martynas Warlike
7 Aleksas Defender of mankind
8 Ignas Fiery
9 Simonas He who hears
10 Eimantas Eager, diligent
11 Domas Belonging to the Lord
12 Edgaras Rich spear
13 Povilas Small
14 Tadas Gift of God
15 Augustas Great, majestic
16 Andrius Man, warrior
17 Mantas Seer, prophet
18 Žygimantas To replace
19 Gabija Fire
20 Antanas Priceless
21 Arūnas Noble, brave
22 Dovydas Beloved
23 Ernestas Earnest, serious
24 Gytis Bringer of light
25 Evaldas Good luck, prosperity
26 Justinas Fair, righteous
27 Kazimieras Peace
28 Saulius Sun
29 Vaidotas Happiness
30 Karolis Strong
31 Kajus To heal
32 Gediminas To take
33 Emilis Rival
34 Šarūnas Swift
35 Rokas Rest
36 Vytautas Leader, ruler
37 Arnas Eagle
38 Artūras Bear
39 Kęstutis To carry
40 Rimvydas To dream
41 Algirdas To nourish
42 Deividas Beloved
43 Laurynas Laurel
44 Marius Male, manly
45 Mindaugas Peace, calm
46 Nerijus Peace, calm
47 Rolandas Famous land
48 Vytenis To see
49 Mantvydas Peace, calm
50 Sigitas Seeker
51 Emilijus Rival, competitor
52 Domantas Belonging to the Lord
53 Algimantas Bringer of light
54 Vytas Life
55 Vilius Desire, will
56 Gintaras Amber
57 Edvardas Guardian of wealth
58 Linas Flaxen-haired
59 Vylius Will
60 Ignacas Fiery
61 Audrius Noble, strong
62 Algis Noble, generous
63 Rimas Thoughtful
64 Saulėnas Son of the sun
65 Vladas Rule, to govern
66 Virgilijus Flourishing
67 Valdas Rule, to govern
68 Egidijus Shield, defense
69 Juozapas God will add
70 Donatas Gift
71 Simas He who hears
72 Aurimas Golden
73 Tautvydas Nation
74 Vygantas Bravery, courage
75 Marijus Of the sea
76 Maksimas Greatest
77 Tauras Bull
78 Mykolas Who is like God
79 Ričardas Powerful ruler
80 Romas From Rome
81 Augustinas Exalted
82 Leonas Lion
83 Kostas Constant, steadfast
84 Kipras Cyprus
85 Mantautas Warrior
86 Dainius Song, melody
87 Vidas Life
88 Vidmantas Protector of knowledge
89 Paulius Small
90 Tautas Nation
91 Edvinas Wealth, fortune
92 Giedrius Swift, nimble
93 Rimantas Peaceful thought
94 Darius Possess well
95 Arvydas Strong, brave
96 Modestas Modest
97 Valentinas Strong, healthy
98 Žilvinas Bright, clear

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In conclusion,

As we conclude our exploration of the most popular Lithuanian boy names, we are reminded of the rich cultural heritage and tradition that these names embody. From timeless classics like Vytautas and Gediminas to modern favorites such as Lukas and Dominykas, each name carries a story and significance deeply rooted in Lithuanian history. Whether drawn from folklore, religion, or the Lithuanian language itself, these names reflect the country’s unique identity and spirit. May this compilation serve as a source of inspiration for parents as they seek to honor their heritage and instill a sense of pride in their sons through their chosen names.

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