90+ Most Popular Latvian Names for Boys

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As you embark on the journey of naming your newborn son, exploring the rich cultural heritage of Latvia offers a treasure trove of distinctive and meaningful options. In Latvia, names are more than mere labels; they are reflections of tradition, history, and values deeply ingrained in the nation’s identity. From ancient roots to modern trends, the spectrum of Latvian names is diverse and fascinating, each carrying its own story and significance. Join us as we delve into the enchanting world of Latvian nomenclature and discover the most popular names for boys, each imbued with a sense of pride and heritage.

90+ Most Popular Latvian Names for Boys

No. Name Meaning
1 Janis God is gracious
2 Martins Warlike
3 Arturs Noble
4 Roberts Bright fame
5 Kristaps Christ-bearer
6 Matiss Gift of God
7 Andris Manly
8 Reinis Counselor
9 Edgars Spear of fortune
10 Rihards Brave ruler
11 Ernests Serious
12 Gustavs Staff of the gods
13 Niks Victory of the people
14 Armands Army man
15 Ansis God is gracious
16 Juris Farmer
17 Janeks God is gracious
18 Kaspars Treasurer
19 Edvards Wealthy guardian
20 Raimonds Wise protector
21 Daniels God is my judge
22 Emils Industrious
23 Aleksis Defender of mankind
24 Dainis Leader
25 Maris Of the sea
26 Vilnis Wave
27 Kristofers Christ-bearer
28 Aigars Spear
29 Toms Twin
30 Haralds Army ruler
31 Imants Brave
32 Aldis From the old house
33 Guntis War
34 Uldis Prosperous
35 Valters Ruler of the army
36 Harijs Army ruler
37 Didzis Great
38 Krišjānis Follower of Christ
39 Valdis Ruler
40 Lauris Laurel
41 Rolands Famous throughout the land
42 Dāvis Beloved
43 Egils Edge of a sword
44 Oskars Spear of the gods
45 Raivis Joyous
46 Ivars Archer
47 Mārtiņš Warlike
48 Voldemārs Famous ruler
49 Kārlis Manly
50 Jānis God is gracious
51 Atis Father
52 Einārs Eagle
53 Rūdolfs Famous wolf
54 Miks Who is like God?
55 Jēkabs Supplanter
56 Uvis Grove
57 Dzintars Amber
58 Renārs Decisive
59 Aivars Spear of the gods
60 Ainars Golden eagle
61 Ingars Heroic
62 Gvido Guide
63 Zigurds Victory and peace
64 Jaunius Young
65 Ludis Lion
66 Alvis All-wise
67 Varis Faithful
68 Valērijs Strong
69 Alens Bright
70 Rainers Deciding warrior
71 Almants All wise
72 Raitis Gladness
73 Gunārs Army man
74 Aivis Alive
75 Edvarts Wealthy guardian
76 Aldaris Old man
77 Eižens Star
78 Andulis Noble
79 Ingus Heroic
80 Viesturs Guardian of faith
81 Verners Defending army
82 Uģis Fearless
83 Ojārs Warrior
84 Rostislavs Glorious fame
85 Indulis Day
86 Valtis Ruler
87 Atvars Dawn
88 Krists Christ
89 Mārcis Mars
90 Eriks Eternal ruler
91 Zigmunds Victorious protector
92 Andis Manly
93 Reinholds Rule of the gods
94 Raivo Gladness
95 Āris Eagle
96 Zigfrīds Victory and peace
97 Ēriks Eternal ruler
98 Arvīds Golden wood
99 Maigonis Moon-like

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In conclusion,

As we conclude our exploration of the most popular Latvian names for boys, it’s evident that these names carry a profound connection to Latvia’s rich cultural tapestry. From the timeless classics rooted in history to the modern appellations reflecting contemporary trends, each name holds a unique charm and significance. Whether you’re drawn to the strength of “Artūrs,” the wisdom of “Jānis,” or the grace of “Matīss,” there’s a Latvian name to suit every preference and personality. By embracing these names, parents not only honor Latvia’s heritage but also bestow upon their sons a timeless legacy that resonates with pride and tradition. As you embark on the journey of naming your child, may the enchanting allure of Latvian names inspire you to choose a name that will accompany your son throughout his life’s journey, embodying the resilience, spirit, and character of Latvia itself.

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