60+ Most Popular Lao Names for Boys

by Sophia Roberts

Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy is a meaningful decision, often reflecting cultural heritage and personal values. In Laos, names are carefully selected to embody virtues and aspirations. This list of the most popular Lao names for boys offers inspiration and insight into the beautiful naming traditions of Laos.

60+ Most Popular Lao Names for Boys

No. Name Lao Equivalent Meaning
1 Bounma ບຸນມາ Good fortune
2 Souphanh ສຸພັນ Auspicious
3 Somsanith ສົມສະນິດ Prosperous
4 Phouvieng ພູວຽງ Radiant
5 Thonglith ທອງລິດ Golden charm
6 Siphandone ສີພັນດອນ Light of the sun
7 Thavone ທະວອນ Morning star
8 Phetsamone ພີເດັດສະມອນ Diamond heart
9 Bounthavy ບຸນທະວີ Prosperity
10 Khampheng ຄຳເພງ Distinguished
11 Sisavath ສີສະວັດ Lion-like
12 Bounnhang ບຸນຫນາງ Lucky
13 Phouvanh ພູວັນ Beautiful sky
14 Vongphet ວົງເພັດ Prosperous
15 Sengdao ສົງດາວ Bright light
16 Phouvong ພູວົງ Golden moon
17 Phoumy ພູເມີ Prosperous
18 Souliya ສຸລີຢາ Sunshine
19 Phongphet ພອງເພັດ Prosperous
20 Phoutthasak ພູທາສັກ Diamond sword
21 Khamsay ຄຳໃສຢາ Prosperous
22 Phouphet ພູເພັດ Diamond
23 Thavisack ທະວິສັກ Prosperous
24 Khamsavanh ຄຳສະວັນ Auspicious
25 Bounleuth ບຸນລຶວ Prosperity
26 Phongsa ພອງສາ Prosperous
27 Thipphachanh ທິພະຈັນ Diamond heart
28 Sisavanh ສີສະວັນ Lion-like
29 Keobounphanh ແກ່ອບຸນພັນ Prosperous
30 Thongphet ທອງເພັດ Golden charm
31 Phoxay ພົວຊາຍ Prosperous
32 Sengmany ສົງມັນຍ Bright light
33 Khamphone ຄຳພອນ Distinguished
34 Phongmany ພອງມັນຍ Prosperous
35 Thongkham ທອງຄຳ Golden heart
36 Somsack ສົມສັກ Prosperous
37 Phetdavanh ເພດດະວັນ Diamond light
38 Sengsoulin ສົງສູລິນ Bright soul
39 Thongkhone ທອງຄອນ Golden voice
40 Khamsing ຄຳສິງ Prosperous
41 Bounmy ບຸນມີ Prosperity
42 Khamvongsa ຄຳວົງສາ Distinguished
43 Phongsavanh ພອງສະວັນ Prosperous
44 Sisomphone ສີສົມພອນ Lion-like
45 Phoumi ພູມີ Prosperous
46 Sengthong ສົງທອງ Prosperity
47 Phouthasak ພູທາສັກ Diamond sword
48 Phetphoumy ເພດພູມີ Diamond blessing
49 Phouthone ພູທັນ Prosperous
50 Phitsamay ພິທະສະມະາຍ Lucky
51 Phounsy ພູນສີ Prosperity
52 Phonsavanh ພອງສະວັນ Prosperous
53 Khampheuy ຄຳເພີ Distinguished
54 Phoutthasone ພູທາສອນ Diamond heart
55 Sengphet ສົງເພັດ Bright light
56 Phetmany ເພດມັນຍ Diamond soul
57 Souksavanh ສູກສະວັນ Auspicious
58 Sounthone ສູນທ່ອນ Prosperous
59 Soukthavy ສູກທະວີ Auspicious
60 Sengphone ສົງພອນ Bright spirit

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In summary,

Selecting a name for your baby boy is a special journey that connects you to the rich cultural heritage of Laos. The names on this list are not just popular; they carry deep meanings and reflect the values and traditions of Lao society. Whether you choose a traditional name or a modern one, each name embodies the hopes and dreams for a bright future. We hope this compilation has provided you with inspiration and a deeper appreciation for the beautiful naming customs of Laos.

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