100+ Most Popular Korean Names for Girls

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Choosing the perfect name for a baby girl is a meaningful task. Korean names are beloved worldwide for their beauty and significance. This article presents over 100 popular Korean names for girls, showcasing their origins and meanings. Whether you prefer traditional or modern names, you’ll find inspiration here.

100+ Most Popular Korean Names for Girls

No. Name Korean Equivalent Meaning
1 Ji-woo 지우 Wisdom
2 Seo-yeon 서연 Felicitous
3 Ji-hye 지혜 Wisdom
4 Ji-yoon 지윤 Precious Gem
5 Seo-hyun 서현 Refined
6 Yeon-woo 연우 Soft and Tender
7 Hye-won 혜원 Graceful
8 Soo-jin 수진 Gentle
9 Ye-jin 예진 Beautiful Treasure
10 Hye-jin 혜진 Bright and Precious
11 Ji-eun 지은 Kindness
12 Min-ji 민지 Clever
13 Hye-jeong 혜정 Wisdom and Grace
14 Hye-rim 혜림 Wise Forest
15 Eun-ji 은지 Grace
16 Yoo-jin 유진 Talented
17 Su-ji 수지 Graceful and Wise
18 Ji-min 지민 Quick and Clever
19 Ye-seo 예서 Like a Book
20 Min-seo 민서 Gentle and Auspicious
21 Eun-seo 은서 Graceful and Auspicious
22 Ji-yeon 지연 Graceful and Beautiful
23 Hae-won 해원 Graceful Garden
24 Na-yeon 나연 Honest and Beautiful
25 Ji-hyun 지현 Wisdom and Grace
26 Soo-yeon 수연 Pure and Beautiful
27 Seo-jin 서진 Auspicious and Precious
28 Da-hyun 다현 Beautiful Sunshine
29 Yoon-ji 윤지 Graceful Wisdom
30 Hye-sun 혜선 Shining Grace
31 Su-hyun 수현 Gentle and Bright
32 Soo-ah 수아 Elegant and Beautiful
33 Soo-min 수민 Gentle and Clever
34 Soo-ji 수지 Gentle and Wise
35 Soo-young 수영 Gentle and Brave
36 Ji-sun 지선 Wise and Good
37 Ye-eun 예은 Beautiful Kindness
38 Eun-hye 은혜 Grace and Kindness
39 Min-ah 민아 Clever and Graceful
40 Yoo-rim 유림 Beautiful Forest
41 Soo-hyun 수현 Excellent Virtue
42 Ji-soo 지수 Wisdom and Beauty
43 Eun-woo 은우 Graceful and Radiant
44 Min-ju 민주 Clever and Gentle
45 Ji-ah 지아 Wisdom and Love
46 Soo-jung 수정 Gentle and Noble
47 Eun-ju 은주 Graceful and Precious
48 Na-ri 나리 Lily
49 Ji-yeong 지영 Wisdom and Eternity
50 Seo-hyeon 서현 Refined and Wise
51 Su-bin 수빈 Gentle and Bright
52 Ji-won 지원 Wisdom and Grace
53 Hyeon-ju 현주 Wise and Precious
54 Yoon-ah 윤아 Graceful and Beautiful
55 Hye-in 혜인 Grace and Kindness
56 Yeon-joo 연주 Gentle and Harmonious
57 Soo-bin 수빈 Gentle and Graceful
58 Yoo-rin 유린 Beautiful and Noble
59 Na-young 나영 Gentle and Beautiful
60 Ji-hae 지해 Wisdom and Grace
61 Hye-joo 혜주 Graceful and Precious
62 Ji-a 지아 Wisdom and Love
63 Ji-su 지수 Wisdom and Beauty
64 Hye-sung 혜성 Shining Grace
65 Min-hee 민희 Clever and Joyful
66 Seo-ah 서아 Auspicious and Graceful
67 Hye-rin 혜린 Bright and Graceful
68 Yoo-ri 유리 Beautiful and Graceful
69 Soo-kyung 수경 Gentle and Elegant
70 Hye-young 혜영 Graceful and Brave
71 Su-mi 수미 Beautiful and Gentle
72 Eun-sol 은솔 Graceful and Pine Tree
73 Yoon-seo 윤서 Gentle and Auspicious
74 Hye-mi 혜미 Shining Beauty
75 Yeon-hee 연희 Gentle and Graceful
76 Ji-seon 지선 Wisdom and Goodness
77 Ji-young 지영 Wisdom and Eternity
78 Eun-ha 은하 Graceful and Vast
79 Hye-ran 혜란 Graceful Orchid
80 Hye-lin 혜린 Graceful and Delicate
81 Su-ah 수아 Elegant and Graceful
82 Soo-mi 수미 Beautiful and Gentle
83 Hye-kyung 혜경 Shining and Noble
84 Yeon-ju 연주 Gentle and Harmony
85 Hae-ri 해리 Graceful and Bright
86 Ji-ae 지애 Wisdom and Love
87 Hye-jung 혜정 Graceful and Wise
88 Eun-bin 은빈 Graceful and Bright
89 Yeon-seo 연서 Gentle and Auspicious
90 Yoo-mi 유미 Beautiful and Graceful

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In conclusion,

Selecting a name for your baby girl is a special journey that reflects both cultural heritage and personal significance. The popularity of Korean names globally underscores their unique charm and deep meanings. We hope this list of over 100 popular Korean names for girls has provided you with inspiration and insight. Whether you choose a traditional or modern name, each carries a story and a piece of Korean heritage that will accompany your child throughout her life.

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