100+ Most Popular Korean Names for Boys

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Choosing the perfect name for a baby boy is important and meaningful. Korean names have become popular worldwide for their unique meanings and beautiful sounds. This article explores over 100 of the most popular Korean names for boys, highlighting their origins and significance. Whether you’re inspired by tradition or looking for something unique, these names offer a glimpse into Korean culture.

100+ Most Popular Korean Names for Boys

No. Name Korean Equivalent Meaning
1 Min-jun 민준 Cleverness
2 Seo-jun 서준 Obedient
3 Ha-joon 하준 Summer
4 Do-jun 도준 Virtuous
5 Ji-ho 지호 Wisdom
6 Ye-jun 예준 Talent
7 Woo-jin 우진 Handsome
8 Jun-seo 준서 Talented
9 Si-woo 시우 Excellence
10 Jae-won 재원 Full Moon
11 Ji-hu 지후 Wisdom and Emptiness
12 Min-ho 민호 Brave and Heroic
13 Ji-hoon 지훈 Wisdom and Benevolence
14 Joon-woo 준우 Handsome and Talented
15 Hyun-woo 현우 Brightness and Talented
16 Yoon-seo 윤서 Softness and Excellency
17 Seung-ho 승호 Victory and Tiger
18 Tae-yang 태양 Sun
19 Min-woo 민우 Gentle and Handsome
20 Ji-an 지안 Wisdom and Peace
21 Joo-won 주원 Rich Origin
22 Gun-woo 건우 Strength and Excellence
23 Seok-woo 석우 Stone and Excellence
24 Chan-woo 찬우 Praising and Excellence
25 Sung-min 성민 Success and Cleverness
26 Dae-hyun 대현 Great and Virtuous
27 Jung-hoon 정훈 Righteousness and Benevolence
28 Jae-hee 재희 Attractiveness and Joy
29 Hyeon-seo 현서 Brightness and Auspiciousness
30 Woo-sung 우성 Universe and Success
31 Yoo-joon 유준 Gentleness and Talented
32 Soo-hyun 수현 Excellence and Wisdom
33 Joon-seo 준서 Obedient and Talented
34 Jin-ho 진호 Genuine and Obedient
35 Jung-woo 정우 Righteousness and Excellence
36 Min-jae 민재 Cleverness and Respect
37 Jae-min 재민 Attractiveness and Cleverness
38 Tae-ho 태호 Greatness and Tiger
39 Joon-ho 준호 Talented and Tiger
40 Kyung-ho 경호 Respect and Tiger
41 Tae-min 태민 Greatness and Cleverness
42 Sang-hoon 상훈 Success and Benevolence
43 Seong-hoon 성훈 Success and Benevolence
44 Eun-woo 은우 Silver and Talented
45 Jun-hyuk 준혁 Talented and Distinguished
46 Joon-young 준영 Talented and Brave
47 Young-jae 영재 Talent and Wisdom
48 Woo-hyun 우현 Universe and Cleverness
49 Min-sung 민성 Cleverness and Success
50 Hyun-seok 현석 Brightness and Rock
51 Dong-hyun 동현 East and Brightness
52 Hyun-jae 현재 Brightness and Talent
53 Ji-seok 지석 Wisdom and Stone
54 Seung-hyun 승현 Victory and Brightness
55 Joon-hyung 준형 Talented and Model
56 Ji-yoon 지윤 Wisdom and Softness
57 In-ho 인호 Bright Lake
58 Soo-bin 수빈 Excellence and Crystal
59 Joon-sung 준성 Talented and Success
60 Seung-joon 승준 Victory and Talented
61 Hoon-woo 훈우 Benevolent and Talented
62 Chang-min 창민 Prosperity and Cleverness
63 Sang-min 상민 Success and Cleverness
64 Tae-hyung 태형 Greatness and Model
65 Min-gyu 민규 Cleverness and Honor
66 Ji-hwan 지환 Wisdom and Happiness
67 Dong-won 동원 East and First
68 Ji-ha 지하 Wisdom and Descend
69 Seung-min 승민 Victory and Cleverness
70 Dong-ha 동하 East and Greatness
71 Hyun-ki 현기 Brightness and Energy
72 Ki-tae 기태 Rise and Greatness
73 Sung-hyun 성현 Success and Brightness
74 Min-suk 민석 Cleverness and Rock
75 Sung-jin 성진 Success and Precious
76 Min-ki 민기 Cleverness and Energy
77 Ho-seok 호석 Brightness and Lake
78 Tae-joon 태준 Greatness and Talented
79 Seung-yeon 승연 Victory and Talent
80 Jung-hyun 정현 Righteousness and Brightness
81 Han-sol 한솔 One and Pine Tree
82 Min-seok 민석 Cleverness and Rock
83 Tae-sung 태성 Greatness and Success
84 Jun-young 준영 Handsome and Brave
85 Jung-min 정민 Righteousness and Cleverness
86 Joon-hee 준희 Talented and Joy
87 Ji-hyun 지현 Wisdom and Brightness
88 Ji-sung 지성 Wisdom and Success
89 Young-min 영민 Talent and Cleverness
90 Dong-jun 동준 East and Talented
91 Kyung-min 경민 Respect and Cleverness
92 Jae-seok 재석 Attractiveness and Stone
93 Min-hyuk 민혁 Cleverness and Radiance
94 Ji-hyung 지형 Wisdom and Model
95 Chang-ho 창호 Prosperity and Tiger
96 Sang-hyun 상현 Success and Brightness
97 Hyun-soo 현수 Brightness and Water
98 Seung-hwan 승환 Victory and Model
99 Dong-woo 동우 East and Greatness
100 Ji-won 지원 Wisdom and First
101 Sung-woo 성우 Success and Greatness
102 Ho-jun 호준 Brightness and Talented
103 Ji-woo 지우 Wisdom and Excellence
104 Seung-gyu 승규 Victory and Standard
105 Seung-woo 승우 Victory and Greatness
106 Seung-jae 승재 Victory and Respect
107 Jin-seok 진석 Genuine and Stone
108 Sung-hoon 성훈 Success and Benevolence
109 Kyung-hoon 경훈 Respect and Benevolence
110 Ki-hoon 기훈 Rise and Benevolence
111 Jun-seok 준석 Handsome and Stone
112 Joon-ki 준기 Talented and Standard
113 Jong-hyun 종현 Loyalty and Brightness

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In conclusion,

Selecting a name for your baby boy is a special journey that combines cultural heritage and personal significance. The popularity of Korean names worldwide highlights their unique charm and meaningful roots. We hope this list of over 100 popular Korean names for boys has provided you with inspiration and insight into the rich cultural tapestry of Korea. Whether you choose a traditional name or a modern one, each name carries a story and a piece of heritage that will accompany your child throughout his life.

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