100+ Most Popular Japanese Names for Girls

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Selecting the perfect name for a baby girl is a heartfelt and exciting journey for any parent. Japanese names, known for their lyrical beauty and profound meanings, are becoming increasingly popular around the world. Whether you seek a name that celebrates your heritage, embodies specific virtues, or simply sounds enchanting, the rich tapestry of Japanese names offers an abundance of options. In this article, we explore over 100 of the most popular Japanese names for girls, highlighting their meanings and cultural significance to help you find the ideal name for your precious daughter.

100+ Most Popular Japanese Names for Girls

No. Name Japanese Meaning
1 Sakura さくら Cherry Blossom
2 Hina ひな Sunlight
3 Yui ゆい Bind, Connect
4 Haruka はるか Distant
5 Aoi あおい Blue
6 Mei めい Bright
7 Rina りな Jasmine
8 Yuna ゆな Kindness
9 Sora そら Sky
10 Emi えみ Beautiful
11 Nao なお Honest
12 Yuki ゆき Snow
13 Hana はな Flower
14 Mio みお Beautiful Cherry Blossom
15 Riko りこ Jasmine Child
16 Aiko あいこ Beloved Child
17 Yuka ゆか Gentle Flower
18 Koharu こはる Small Spring
19 Ayaka あやか Colorful Flower
20 Hinata ひなた Sunny Place
21 Ren れん Lotus
22 Kokoro こころ Heart, Soul
23 Ayumi あゆみ Walking, Progress
24 Saki さき Blossom
25 Mika みか Beautiful Fragrance
26 Kanna かんな Summer Greens
27 Nozomi のぞみ Hope, Wish
28 Nanami ななみ Seven Seas
29 Misaki みさき Beautiful Blossom
30 Asuka あすか Tomorrow
31 Akari あかり Light
32 Ami あみ Friend
33 Nana なな Seven
34 Kaede かえで Maple
35 Suzu すず Bell
36 Honoka ほのか Harmony, Fragrance
37 Risa りさ Sand of Village
38 Yuriko ゆりこ Lily Child
39 Sumire すみれ Violet
40 Marina まりな From the Sea
41 Tomomi ともみ Beautiful Friend
42 Natsumi なつみ Summer Beauty
43 Yume ゆめ Dream
44 Mana まな Love
45 Yuina ゆいな Gentle Greens
46 Aya あや Color, Design
47 Hitomi ひとみ Pupil, Eye
48 Fumiko ふみこ Child of Abundant Beauty
49 Yurie ゆりえ Lily Blessing
50 Megumi めぐみ Blessing, Grace
51 Rika りか True Fragrance
52 Miho みほ Beautiful Ear of Grain
53 Miu みう Beautiful Rain
54 Rie りえ Blessed with Reason
55 Ayano あやの My Design
56 Satsuki さつき Fifth Month
57 Yurika ゆりか Lily Fragrance
58 Kaori かおり Fragrance
59 Natsuki なつき Summer Moon
60 Ritsuko りつこ Child of Truth
61 Emiko えみこ Blessed with Beauty
62 Mayu まゆ True Gentle
63 Ayame あやめ Iris
64 Sayuri さゆり Little Lily
65 Hinako ひなこ Sunflower Child
66 Asumi あすみ Tomorrow Beauty
67 Erika えりか Blessed Ruler
68 Ayane あやね Colorful Sound
69 Ririka りりか Village Child
70 Kiyomi きよみ Pure Beauty
71 Chihiro ちひろ Thousand Questions
72 Mao まお True Cherry Blossom
73 Rimi りみ True Beauty
74 Yuri ゆり Lily
75 Suzuka すずか Bell Flower
76 Nanako ななこ Seven Perfumes
77 Akane あかね Brilliant Red
78 Konomi このみ Love, Beauty
79 Naho なほ Straight, Honest
80 Mai まい Dance, Linen
81 Misa みさ Beautiful Sand
82 Momoko ももこ Peach Child
83 Kaho かほ Fragrance of Flowers
84 Hikari ひかり Light
85 Asami あさみ Morning Beauty
86 Miyu みゆ Beautiful Willow
87 Tomoyo ともよ Friend of Generations
88 Hikaru ひかる Radiance
89 Yumiko ゆみこ Beautiful Archery
90 Mariko まりこ Ball, Child
91 Reina れいな Lovely Greens
92 Yuuna ゆうな Gentle Greens
93 Kana かな Name, Sea
94 Yoko ようこ Sun, Child
95 Akiko あきこ Bright, Child
96 Kiko きこ Child of Rejoicing
97 Miyako みやこ Beautiful Night
98 Maki まき True Hope
99 Emiri えみり Blessed Beauty
100 Chiyo ちよ Thousand Generations
101 Noriko のりこ Child of Law
102 Tsubaki つばき Camellia
103 Ruri るり Lapis Lazuli
104 Ruka るか Bright Blue Flower
105 Haru はる Spring
106 Natsu なつ Summer
107 Haruna はるな Spring Greens
108 Kohana こはな Small Flower
109 Sayaka さやか Clear, Bright
110 Kaoru かおる Fragrance
111 Manami まなみ Love, Beauty

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In conclusion,

Finding the perfect name for your baby girl is a special and joyous occasion, and exploring the realm of Japanese names can offer a wealth of inspiration. Each name carries its own unique beauty, history, and significance, providing a profound way to reflect your hopes and dreams for your daughter’s future. Whether you are drawn to traditional names or those with a modern twist, the wide array of popular Japanese names ensures that you will find one that resonates with your heart and honors your cultural legacy. We hope this collection has helped you discover a meaningful and beautiful name for your little girl.

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