100+ Most Popular Japanese Names for Boys

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Choosing the perfect name for a baby boy is a significant and joyous task for any parent. Japanese names, with their deep meanings and beautiful sounds, have been gaining popularity worldwide. Whether you’re looking for a name that honors your heritage, reflects a particular virtue, or simply sounds elegant, the rich tradition of Japanese names offers a myriad of choices. In this article, we explore over 100 of the most popular Japanese names for boys, delving into their meanings and cultural significance to help you find the perfect name for your little one.

100+ Most Popular Japanese Names for Boys

No. Name Japanese Meaning
1 Satoshi さとし Wise
2 Hiroshi ひろし Generous
3 Takashi たかし Noble, Ambitious
4 Yuki ゆうき Courageous, Snow
5 Haruto はると Sun, Fly
6 Kaito かいと Ocean, Fly
7 Ren れん Lotus
8 Ryo りょう Good
9 Daiki だいき Great Radiance
10 Ryota りょうた Good, Thick
11 Shota しょうた Shining, Thick
12 Yuta ゆうた Courageous, Thick
13 Sora そら Sky
14 Kota こうた Wide, Thick
15 Kazuki かずき Harmony, Radiance
16 Yuuki ゆうき Courageous, Radiance
17 Taichi たいち Large, One
18 Riku りく Land, Sky
19 Takumi たくみ Skill, Beauty
20 Tatsuya たつや Accomplished, Valley
21 Yuto ゆうと Courageous, Man
22 Shun しゅん Speed, Swift
23 Keisuke けいすけ Respect, Assistance
24 Kenta けんた Strong, Plump
25 Kazuma かずま One, True, Harmony
26 Yuya ゆうや Courageous, Arrow
27 Naoki なおき Honest, Tree
28 Rui るい Wise, Prosperity
29 Ryosuke りょうすけ Good, Assistance
30 Haruki はるき Spring, Radiance
31 Shogo しょうご To Soar, Great
32 Takeru たける Valiant, Warrior
33 Yuuma ゆうま Courageous, Truth
34 Koji こうじ Enlightened, Two
35 Sota そうた Smooth, Thick
36 Hayato はやと Falcon, Person
37 Yuma ゆうま Courageous, True
38 Shoma しょうま Rising, Truth
39 Naoya なおや Honest, Valley
40 Yuji ゆうじ Courageous, Second
41 Kenji けんじ Intelligent, Two
42 Akihiro あきひろ Bright, Abundance
43 Kento けんと Strong, East
44 Tsubasa つばさ Wings
45 Takahiro たかひろ Noble, Abundance
46 Tomoya ともや Intelligent, Valley
47 Shohei しょうへい Celebrate, Flat
48 Renji れんじ Clean, Second Son
49 Sosuke そうすけ Reverence, Assistance
50 Yusuke ゆうすけ Courageous, Assistance
51 Masato まさと Righteous, Person
52 Ryuki りゅうき Dragon, Radiance
53 Yusei ゆうせい Brave, Star
54 Yosuke ようすけ Brave, Help
55 Takaya たかや Noble, Valley
56 Hiroto ひろと Generous, Fly
57 Tetsuya てつや Iron, Valley
58 Hayate はやて Gale, Hand
59 Kosei こせい Enlightened, Pure
60 Toshiro としろ Intelligent, Son
61 Arata あらた Fresh, New
62 Daichi だいち Large, Earth
63 Reo れお Courageous, Man
64 Subaru すばる United, Stars
65 Kai かい Ocean, Shell
66 Koki こうき Wide, Radiant
67 Kazuhiro かずひろ One, Generous
68 Makoto まこと Sincerity, Truth
69 Taiga たいが Big, Self
70 Tooru とおる Pass Through, Clear
71 Ryohei りょうへい Good, Flat
72 Akio あきお Bright, Man
73 Atsushi あつし Kind, True
74 Taro たろう Eldest Son, Male
75 Takaaki たかあき Noble, Bright
76 Genki げんき Energetic, Spirit
77 Kazuto かずと One, Peace
78 Renzo れんぞう Clean, Three
79 Masaru まさる Victory, Son
80 Shingo しんご True, Protect
81 Shuhei しゅうへい Outstanding, Flat
82 Hiroaki ひろあき Generous, Bright
83 Haru はる Spring
84 Ryoichi りょういち Good, One
85 Satoru さとる Enlightened, Person
86 Ryunosuke りゅうのすけ Dragon, Help
87 Tatsuki たつき Achieve, Radiance
88 Renato れなと Clean, Person
89 Kenzo けんぞう Strong, Three
90 Daisuke だいすけ Great, Help
91 Renjiro れんじろう Clean, Second Son
92 Itsuki いつき Tree, Radiance
93 Sho しょう Soar
94 Aoi あおい Blue
95 Yujiro ゆうじろう Courageous, Second Son
96 Hiro ひろ Wide
97 Daigo だいご Great, Five
98 Takao たかお Noble, Male
99 Kaiji かいじ Ocean, Two
100 Yuichiro ゆういちろう Courageous, One Thousand
101 Asahi あさひ Morning Sun
102 Shuji しゅうじ Excellent, Second
103 Hiroki ひろき Generous, Radiant
104 Akira あきら Bright, Clear
105 Shiro しろ White
106 Keita けいた Joyful, Plump
107 Katsuo かつお Victorious, Male
108 Tadashi ただし Loyal, True
109 Kojiro こうじろう Enlightened, Second Son
110 Rikuto りくと Land, Far
111 Shinji しんじ True, Two
112 Takeo たけお Brave, Male
113 Hideki ひでき Excellent, Radiant
114 Ryoma りょうま Dragon, Truth
115 Rintaro りんたろう Bell, Thick
116 Teru てる Shine
117 Noboru のぼる Ascend, Rise
118 Yuzuru ゆずる Comfort, Breeze
119 Kosuke こうすけ Rising, Help

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In conclusion,

Choosing a name for your baby boy is a cherished milestone, and exploring the world of Japanese names can provide inspiration and a deeper connection to cultural heritage. Each name carries its unique meaning, history, and beauty, offering a profound way to express hopes and dreams for your child’s future. Whether you favor traditional names or those with contemporary flair, the diversity of popular Japanese names ensures that you’ll find one that resonates with your heart and honors your family’s legacy. We hope this collection of names has provided you with the inspiration you need to choose a name that is both meaningful and memorable for your little one.

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