100+ Most Popular Iraqi Boy Names

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Iraqi culture is rich with history and tradition, and one of the most cherished aspects of this heritage is the naming of children. Names hold a special significance in Iraqi society, often reflecting religious beliefs, family lineage, and cultural values. In this article, we delve into the world of Iraqi boy names, exploring a diverse array of choices that have stood the test of time and continue to be embraced by families across the nation. Whether you’re seeking inspiration for a new addition to your family or simply intrigued by the beauty of Iraqi names, join us on a journey through the most popular Iraqi boy names.

100+ Most Popular Iraqi Boy Names

No. Name Iraqi Equivalent Meaning
1 Ali علي Elevated
2 Omar عمر Long-lived
3 Hussein حسين Handsome
4 Mohammed محمد Praiseworthy
5 Ahmed أحمد Most commendable
6 Hassan حسن Good
7 Abbas عباس Frowning
8 Mustafa مصطفى Chosen
9 Faisal فيصل Decisive
10 Youssef يوسف God will add
11 Hadi هادي Leader
12 Ammar عمار Long-lived, Builder
13 Saif سيف Sword
14 Zaid زيد Increase
15 Jawad جواد Generous
16 Kareem كريم Generous
17 Hamza حمزة Lion
18 Khalid خالد Eternal
19 Tariq طارق Morning star
20 Raad رعد Thunder
21 Samir سمير Entertaining companion
22 Adnan عدنان Settler
23 Bilal بلال Moist
24 Walid وليد Newborn
25 Fahad فهد Lynx
26 Qasim قاسم Divider
27 Nasir ناصر Helper
28 Jabir جابر Comforter
29 Nabil نبيل Noble
30 Yasin ياسين The two sides of a sword
31 Raed رائد Pioneer
32 Bashar بشار Bringer of good news
33 Salah صلاح Righteousness
34 Hisham هشام Generosity
35 Waleed وليد Newborn
36 Imad عماد Support, pillar
37 Khaled خالد Eternal
38 Majid ماجد Glorious, noble
39 Usama أسامة Lion-like
40 Riyad رياض Gardens
41 Nizar نزار Flourishing
42 Ziad زياد Growth
43 Farhan فرحان Happy
44 Anwar أنور Radiant
45 Karim كريم Generous
46 Ameer أمير Prince
47 Taha طه Pure
48 Salahuddin صلاح الدين Righteousness of religion
49 Mahdi مهدي Guided one
50 Haydar حيدر Lion
51 Jalal جلال Majesty
52 Baraa براء Innocent
53 Shadi شادي Singer
54 Nadeem نديم Intimate friend
55 Dawood داود Beloved
56 Laith ليث Lion
57 Raheem رحيم Compassionate
58 Zuhair زهير Bright, shining
59 Saleh صالح Virtuous
60 Farid فارد Unique
61 Sameer سمير Entertaining companion
62 Marwan مروان Voluntary
63 Yahya يحيى John
64 Luay لؤي Shield
65 Nazar نظار Spectacles
66 Zain زين Beauty
67 Raafat رافت Kindness
68 Zaki زكي Pure
69 Mutaz معتز Honored
70 Ghassan غسان Youthful
71 Fadi فادي Redeemer
72 Haider حيدر Lion
73 Sadiq صادق Truthful
74 Qusay قصي Distant
75 Yousif يوسف God will add
76 Amer عامر Prosperous
77 Jaafar جعفر Rivulet
78 Hameed حميد Praiseworthy
79 Taym تيم One who abstains
80 Saad سعد Felicity
81 Nawfal نوفل Generous
82 Wasim وسيم Graceful
83 Haytham هيثم Young hawk
84 Wadie وديع Kind, gentle
85 Radwan رضوان Pleased
86 Bader بدر Full moon
87 Rashed راشد Guided, rightly-guided
88 Adel عادل Just
89 Yameen يمين Oath
90 Akeel عاقل Wise
91 Ziyad زياد Growth
92 Hani هاني Happy
93 Muhannad مهند Sword
94 Qais قيس Firm
95 Amin أمين Trustworthy
96 Jawdat جودة Generosity
97 Nawar نوار Flower
98 Barakat بركات Blessings
99 Tayseer تيسير Facilitation
100 Adham أدهم Dark
101 Naji ناجي Survivor, safe
102 Sameh سامح Forgiving, tolerant
103 Iyad إياد Support, strength
104 Imran عمران Prosperity
105 Rakan ركان Strong foundation
106 Zayn زين Grace, beauty
107 Hikmat حكمت Wisdom
108 Shukri شكري Grateful
109 Jassim جاسم One who is brave
110 Zahir ظاهر Clear, evident
111 Ihab إيهاب Gift
112 Wajih وجيه Distinguished
113 Jumah جمعة Friday
114 Khalaf خلف Successor
115 Ghazi غازي Conqueror
116 Salahaddin صلاح الدين Righteousness of religion
117 Wissam وسام Medal
118 Haitham هيثم Young hawk
119 Nasser ناصر Supporter, victorious
120 Anas أنس Friend
121 Tarek طارق Morning star
122 Karam كرم Generosity
123 Qusai قصي Distant
124 Aref عارف Knowledgeable
125 Sharif شريف Noble
126 Wassim وسيم Handsome
127 Thamer ثامر Fruitful, productive
128 Sami سامي Exalted, sublime
129 Fares فارس Knight
130 Tamer تامر One who tames

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In conclusion,

The diversity and significance of Iraqi boy names reflect the depth of the country’s cultural heritage. From names rooted in ancient traditions to those influenced by modern trends, each name tells a story and carries a sense of pride for Iraqi families. Whether honoring ancestors, expressing religious devotion, or simply embracing the beauty of the language, these names serve as a testament to the resilience and richness of Iraqi culture. As we celebrate these beloved names, we also celebrate the enduring spirit of the Iraqi people.

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