100+ Most Popular Hong Kong Names for Boys

by Sophia Roberts

Choosing the perfect name for a baby boy is a significant decision for parents. In Hong Kong, names often reflect cultural and familial heritage. This article explores over 100 of the most popular Hong Kong names for boys, providing insights into their meanings and origins to help you find the perfect name.

100+ Most Popular Hong Kong Names for Boys

No. Name Hong Kong Equivalent Meaning
1 Chi-Wai 智偉 Intelligent and great
2 Chun Handsome
3 Fai Radiant
4 Hok Learning
5 Ho-Man 浩文 Great literature
6 Kam Brocade (symbolizing elegance)
7 Kin Firm, strong
8 Kwong Bright
9 Lap Stand, establish
10 Man-Kit 文傑 Literary and outstanding
11 Ming Bright
12 Pak Hundred
13 Sai Load, carry
14 Shing Accomplish, succeed
15 Tat Achieve
16 Tin Sky, heaven
17 Wai Great, mighty
18 Wing Glory, honor
19 Yan Benevolent
20 Yat Outstanding
21 Yik Benefit
22 Yiu 耀 Shine, glory
23 Yuen Round, complete
24 Chi-Ho 志豪 Ambitious and heroic
25 Chung Loyal
26 Dai Big, great
27 Hon Chinese
28 Kai Open, begin
29 Kwok Nation
30 Lok Joy, happy
31 Ngai Art, talent
32 Pang Roc (mythological bird)
33 Sheung Heroic, brave
34 Siu Small, young
35 Tai Peaceful, prosperous
36 Tung East
37 Wai-Keung 偉強 Great and strong
38 Wing-Yip 永業 Eternal business
39 Yau Friend
40 Yik-Hong 益康 Beneficial health
41 Yin Virtuous
42 Yu-Hang 宇恆 Universal and constant
43 Cheung Auspicious
44 Chun-Kit 俊傑 Handsome and outstanding
45 Chun-Yin 俊賢 Handsome and virtuous
46 Hang Constant
47 Hin Loftiness, spacious
48 Ho-Fung 浩峰 Vast peak
49 Ho-Yin 浩賢 Vast and virtuous
50 Kin-Hong 健康 Healthy
51 Kwai Precious
52 Lap-Man 立文 Establish literature
53 Man Literature
54 Man-Lung 文龍 Literature and dragon (symbolizing strength)
55 Man-Tat 文達 Literature and achievement
56 Ming-Hin 明顯 Evident, clear
57 Ming-Yam 明蔭 Bright shade
58 Pak-Ho 百豪 Hundred and heroic
59 Pak-Man 百文 Hundred and literature
60 Pak-Wing 百榮 Hundred and glory
61 Shing-Hin 成顯 Accomplished and evident
62 Shing-Yu 成宇 Accomplished universe
63 Shun Obedient
64 Siu-Hin 小顯 Small and evident
65 Tak Virtue
66 Tat-Wai 達偉 Achieve greatness
67 Tin-Chi 天志 Ambition and heaven
68 Tsz Child
69 Tsz-Ho 子豪 Child and heroic
70 Tsz-Kin 子健 Child and healthy
71 Tsz-Yu 子宇 Child and universe
72 Wai-Kei 偉祺 Great fortune
73 Wai-Kin 偉健 Great and healthy
74 Wai-Lun 偉倫 Great ethics
75 Wai-Man 偉文 Great literature
76 Wai-Ming 偉明 Great and bright
77 Wai-Tung 偉東 Great east
78 Wai-Yip 偉業 Great business
79 Wai-Yu 偉宇 Great universe
80 Wing-Chi 榮志 Glory and ambition
81 Wing-Ho 榮豪 Glory and heroic
82 Wing-Kei 榮祺 Glory and fortune
83 Wing-Lok 榮樂 Glory and joy
84 Wing-Man 榮文 Glory and literature
85 Wing-Tai 榮泰 Glory and peace
86 Wing-Tung 榮東 Glory and east
87 Wing-Yat 榮逸 Glory and outstanding
88 Yan-Kin 仁健 Benevolent and healthy
89 Yat-Long 逸朗 Outstanding and bright
90 Yau-Chi 友志 Friend and ambition
91 Yee Righteousness
92 Yik-Lun 益倫 Beneficial ethics
93 Yiu-Fai 耀輝 Shine and radiance
94 Yiu-Hin 耀顯 Shine and evident
95 Yiu-Wai 耀偉 Shine and greatness
96 Yuen-Han 圓翰 Complete and calligraphy
97 Yuen-Man 圓文 Complete literature
98 Yuen-Wai 圓偉 Complete and greatness
99 Yuen-Yee 圓義 Complete righteousness
100 Yun-Tung 潤東 Moist and east
101 Chan Truth
102 Chi-Him 志謙 Ambitious and humble
103 Chi-Kwong 志光 Ambitious and bright
104 Chi-Lam 志霖 Ambitious and drizzle
105 Chi-Man 志文 Ambitious literature
106 Chi-Yan 志仁 Ambitious and benevolent
107 Chi-Yin 志賢 Ambitious and virtuous
108 Chun-Him 俊謙 Handsome and humble
109 Chun-Man 俊文 Handsome literature
110 Chun-Wai 俊偉 Handsome and great
111 Chung-Him 忠謙 Loyal and humble
112 Chung-Kwong 忠光 Loyal and bright
113 Chung-Yin 忠賢 Loyal and virtuous
114 Dai-Lok 大樂 Big joy
115 Fung Sharp, pointed
116 Han-Yee 瀚義 Vast righteousness
117 Hin-Yat 軒逸 Loftiness and outstanding
118 Ho-Hin 浩顯 Vast and evident
119 Ho-Kwok 浩國 Vast nation
120 Ho-Yan 浩仁 Vast benevolence
121 Hon-Ming 漢明 Chinese and bright
122 Hui Radiance
123 Ka-Ming 嘉明 Auspicious and bright
124 Ka-Wai 嘉偉 Auspicious and great
125 Ka-Yan 嘉仁 Auspicious and benevolent
126 Ka-Yee 嘉義 Auspicious righteousness
127 Kam-Lun 錦倫 Brocade ethics
128 Kam-Yin 錦賢 Brocade and virtuous
129 Kar-Kit 家傑 Family outstanding
130 Kar-Wai 家偉 Family greatness
131 Kin-Hin 堅顯 Firm and evident
132 Kin-Man 堅文 Firm literature
133 Kwai-Ho 貴豪 Precious and heroic
134 Kwai-Yin 貴賢 Precious and virtuous
135 Kwok-Fai 國輝 Nation’s radiance
136 Kwok-Yee 國義 Nation’s righteousness
137 Lap-Chun 立俊 Establish handsome
138 Lap-Yin 立賢 Establish virtuous
139 Lok-Hin 樂顯 Joyful and evident
140 Man-Chun 文俊 Literature handsome
141 Man-Fai 文輝 Literature radiance
142 Man-Ho 文豪 Literature heroic
143 Man-Kin 文健 Literature healthy
144 Man-Yee 文義 Literature righteousness
145 Ming-Ho 明豪 Bright and heroic
146 Ming-Kwong 明光 Bright and bright
147 Ming-Yip 明業 Bright business

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In summary,

Selecting a name for your baby boy is a meaningful journey that reflects cultural heritage and personal significance. The most popular Hong Kong names for boys offer a blend of tradition and modernity, providing a rich array of choices. We hope this list has inspired you and helped you discover a name that resonates with your family’s values and aspirations. Whether you choose a name steeped in history or one with a contemporary touch, the perfect name for your little one is just a decision away.

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