100+ Most Popular Greek Names for Girls

by Sophia Roberts

In the realm of names, Greek culture offers a treasure trove of timeless beauty and significance, particularly when it comes to names for girls. From the mythical goddesses of Olympus to historical heroines and enduring virtues, Greek names for girls carry a sense of grace, strength, and wisdom that has captivated parents for generations. Join us as we delve into the enchanting world of the most popular Greek names for girls, exploring their meanings, origins, and enduring appeal.

100+ Most Popular Greek Names for Girls

No. Name Meaning
1 Sophia Wisdom
2 Olivia Olive tree
3 Isabella God is my oath
4 Mia Mine or bitter
5 Amelia Work
6 Charlotte Free woman
7 Zoe Life
8 Ava Life
9 Emily Industrious
10 Harper Harp player
11 Stella Star
12 Chloe Young green shoot
13 Penelope Weaver
14 Lily Lily flower
15 Aria Air, melody
16 Ella Torch, bright light
17 Grace Grace, favor
18 Ariana Very holy
19 Elena Torch, bright light
20 Victoria Victory
21 Aurora Dawn
22 Anastasia Resurrection
23 Natalie Christmas Day
24 Maya Water
25 Hannah Favor, grace
26 Georgia Farmer
27 Eva Life
28 Arianna Very holy
29 Anna Grace, favor
30 Maria Bitterness, rebellion
31 Katherine Pure
32 Ruby Red gemstone
33 Alexa Defender of mankind
34 Diana Divine
35 Juliette Youthful
36 Elise Pledged to God
37 Lila Night
38 Irene Peace
39 Clara Bright, clear
40 Demetra Earth mother
41 Lina Torch, light
42 Daphne Laurel tree
43 Thea Goddess
44 Althea Healer
45 Calista Most beautiful
46 Electra Amber
47 Eleni Light
48 Eurydice Wide justice
49 Helen Torch, bright light
50 Alethea Truth
51 Cleo Glory, fame
52 Clio Glory, fame
53 Gaia Earth
54 Thalia Blooming
55 Calliope Beautiful voice
56 Phoebe Bright, shining
57 Persephone Bringer of death
58 Pandora All-gifted
59 Rhea Flowing
60 Selene Moon
61 Thalassa Sea
62 Hera Protectress
63 Io Moon
64 Leda Lady
65 Nike Victory
66 Xenia Hospitality
67 Arista Best
68 Thera Wild beast
69 Cybele Mother of gods
70 Eirene Peace
71 Lyra Lyre, constellation
72 Melina Honey
73 Myra Sweet oil
74 Oralia Golden
75 Phaedra Bright
76 Sapphira Sapphire
77 Xanthe Yellow
78 Antigone Against birth
79 Cassandra Inflaming man
80 Despina Mistress
81 Eudora Generous gift
82 Evadne Pleasing
83 Harmonia Harmony
84 Iphigenia Strong-born
85 Kallisto Most beautiful
86 Melaina Black
87 Niobe Fern
88 Philomena Friend of strength
89 Theodora Gift of God
90 Urania Heavenly
91 Zephyra Western wind
92 Helene Torch, bright light
93 Agape Love
94 Evangeline Bringer of good news
95 Isidora Gift of Isis
96 Kyriake Belonging to the Lord
97 Euphemia Well-spoken
98 Agatha Good
99 Anastacia Resurrection
100 Angeliki Messenger of God
101 Callista Most beautiful
102 Carissa Beloved
103 Chara Joy
104 Christabel Beautiful Christian
105 Damaris Gentle
106 Damiana To tame, subdue
107 Doris Sea
108 Elenita Torch, bright light
109 Elpis Hope
110 Galatea White as milk
111 Giselle Pledge, hostage
112 Kalista Most beautiful
113 Katina Pure
114 Larissa Citadel
115 Leandra Lioness
116 Leonora Light
117 Marcella Warlike
118 Marika Bitter
119 Marina Of the sea
120 Marissa Of the sea
121 Melinda Gentle
122 Nefeli Cloud
123 Olympia From Mount Olympus
124 Pallas Wisdom
125 Panagiota All-holy
126 Petrina Rock
127 Roxana Dawn
128 Serafina Seraph, fiery
129 Seraphina Fiery ones
130 Sotiria Salvation
131 Stephania Crown
132 Theodosia God’s gift
133 Thessaly Thessalian
134 Veronica True image
135 Xanthia Yellow-haired
136 Yolanda Violet flower
137 Zara Princess
138 Zenobia Life of Zeus
139 Zephyrine Western wind
140 Zinaida Belonging to Zeus
141 Zoë Life
142 Zosia Wisdom
143 Zoey Life
144 Zuleika Fair, brilliant
145 Zulima Golden dove
146 Zyanya Forever and always

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In conclusion,

In conclusion, Greek names for girls offer a captivating blend of mythology, history, and timeless charm. From the revered goddesses of ancient mythology to the inspirational figures of Greek history, these names carry with them a sense of grace, strength, and enduring beauty. Whether it’s the classic elegance of Athena or the ethereal allure of Aphrodite, each name holds a unique story and carries the promise of a bright future for the girls who bear them. As we celebrate the popularity of these names, we also honor the rich cultural heritage and profound influence of Greek tradition on naming practices around the world.

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