100+ Most Popular Finnish Names for Boys

by Sophia Roberts

Finland, with its rich cultural heritage and unique linguistic traditions, offers a plethora of captivating names for baby boys. From timeless classics to modern favorites, Finnish names carry a sense of history and significance. In this article, we delve into the diverse world of Finnish names to explore the most popular choices for boys, each imbued with its own charm and meaning. Whether you’re seeking a name rooted in tradition or one that reflects contemporary trends, Finland’s naming customs provide a wealth of inspiration for parents-to-be.

100+ Most Popular Finnish Names for Boys

No. Name Meaning
1 Aapo Derived from Abraham, meaning “father of many”
2 Aatu Noble, kind
3 Akseli Father of peace
4 Aleksi Defender of mankind
5 Antero Manly, strong
6 Eetu Wealthy, fortunate
7 Eino Only one, unique
8 Elias Yahweh is God
9 Emil Industrious, hardworking
10 Esa God is salvation
11 Henri Ruler of the household
12 Ilari Cheerful, joyful
13 Ilmari Air, spirit
14 Janne God is gracious
15 Jasper Treasurer
16 Joona God is gracious
17 Joonas God is gracious
18 Juho God will add
19 Jukka God is gracious
20 Jussi God is gracious
21 Kalle Free man
22 Lauri Laurel
23 Lenni Lion
24 Leo Lion
25 Luukas Light, illumination
26 Markus Of Mars, the god of war
27 Matias Gift of God
28 Mikael Who is like God?
29 Niklas Victory of the people
30 Nuutti New
31 Olli Ancestor’s descendant
32 Onni Luck, fortune
33 Otto Wealth, fortune
34 Paavo Small, humble
35 Peetu Rock, stone
36 Pietari Rock, stone
37 Rasmus Beloved, desired
38 Roope Bright fame
39 Sakari God remembers
40 Samuel God has heard
41 Santeri Holy
42 Sauli Asked for, prayed for
43 Taavi Beloved
44 Taneli God is my judge
45 Tapio God of the forest
46 Teemu God-fearing
47 Topi Gift of God
48 Tuomas Twin
49 Valtteri Ruler of the army
50 Veeti A hero
51 Aarne Eagle
52 Eemeli Rival
53 Eero Eternal ruler
54 Eki Sword
55 Eljas God is salvation
56 Erkki Ever ruler
57 Eevi Life
58 Esko Divine helmet
59 Evartti Bear strong
60 Feliks Lucky, successful
61 Henrikki Ruler of the household
62 Ilkka Air, spirit
63 Isto Gift of Isis
64 Jalmari Helmeted warrior
65 Jaakko Supplanter
66 Jaani God is gracious
67 Jari Spear, spearman
68 Jarkko Strong, firm
69 Joakim God will establish
70 Joni God is gracious
71 Jorma God will uplift
72 Juha God is gracious
73 Kaarlo Free man
74 Kari Free man
75 Kasperi Treasurer
76 Kauko Far away, remote
77 Kimi Ruler
78 Konsta Steadfast
79 Lari Laurels
80 Lassi Laurel
81 Mauno Strength, power
82 Mikko Who is like God?
83 Miska Who is like God?
84 Niko Victory of the people
85 Oskari Divine spear
86 Ossi Divine spear
87 Pasi King, emperor
88 Pekka Rock, stone
89 Pentti Blessed
90 Pertti Strength, power
91 Petri Stone, rock
92 Raimo Protector
93 Risto Christ-like
94 Rolf Famous wolf
95 Sami Listener
96 Santtu Holy
97 Seppo God of the fields
98 Simo Listener
99 Tarmo Energy, vigour
100 Tero Harvest
101 Timo Honourable, revered
102 Tino Steadfast
103 Toivo Hope
104 Tommi Twin
105 Urho Brave, courageous
106 Veikko Brother, comrade
107 Veli Brother
108 Vesa Sprout, young tree
109 Vili Will, desire
110 Ville Desire
111 Voitto Victory
112 Yrjö Farmer
113 Aki Autumn
114 Anssi God is gracious
115 Jere God will raise up
116 Jooseppi God will add
117 Jukka-Pekka God is gracious, stone
118 Jussi-Pekka God is gracious, stone
119 Kai Sea
120 Kari-Pekka Free man, stone
121 Kasper Treasurer
122 Kimmo Ruler
123 Kristian Christian
124 Olli-Pekka Ancestor’s descendant, stone
125 Reijo Rejoice
126 Tapani Finnish form of Stephen, crown

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In conclusion,

In conclusion, the array of popular Finnish names for boys showcases the cultural richness and diversity of Finland. Whether drawn from ancient mythology, nature, or modern trends, these names carry a sense of identity and heritage. From the timeless elegance of names like Akseli and Eero to the trendy appeal of Onni and Lenni, Finnish naming traditions offer something for every parent’s taste and preference. As parents embark on the journey of choosing a name for their son, the abundance of options from Finland’s vibrant naming landscape ensures that they can find a name that resonates deeply and holds special significance for their family.

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