100+ Most Popular Filipino Names for Girls

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In the tapestry of Filipino culture, names for girls weave a story of tradition, aspiration, and identity. From timeless classics rooted in history to contemporary appellations inspired by global trends, Filipino names for girls reflect the rich diversity and heritage of the Philippines. Let’s embark on a journey through the most beloved and widely used names, each carrying its own significance and charm in the hearts of Filipino families.

100+ Most Popular Filipino Names for Girls

No. Name Meaning
1 Maria Of the sea, beloved
2 Angel Messenger of God
3 Sofia Wisdom
4 Gabriela God is my strength
5 Andrea Strong and manly
6 Isabella God is my oath
7 Samantha Listener
8 Nicole Victory of the people
9 Elizabeth God is my oath
10 Bianca White, fair
11 Mia Beloved
12 Sophia Wisdom
13 Angela Messenger of God
14 Julia Youthful
15 Alexandra Defender of mankind
16 Camille Young ceremonial attendant
17 Danielle God is my judge
18 Katrina Pure
19 Stephanie Crowned with laurels
20 Patricia Noble
21 Kimberly Ruler, leader
22 Michelle Who is like God?
23 Hannah Grace
24 Alyssa Noble
25 Vanessa Butterfly
26 Chelsea Chalk landing place
27 Christine Follower of Christ
28 Janelle God is gracious
29 Angelica Messenger of God
30 Joyce Rejoice
31 Janine God is gracious
32 Clarisse Bright, clear
33 Sharon A plain
34 Marianne Bitter grace
35 Denise Follower of Dionysius
36 Karen Pure
37 Jasmine Gift from God
38 Natalie Christmas Day
39 Grace Grace
40 Abigail Father’s joy
41 Frances Free man
42 Faith Confidence, trust
43 Ysabel God is my oath
44 Cindy Moon
45 Diana Divine
46 Kiara Dark-haired
47 Angelina Messenger of God
48 Roselyn Beautiful rose
49 Monique Advisor
50 Lorena Crowned with laurel
51 Erika Eternal ruler
52 Rhea Flowing stream
53 Janice God is gracious
54 Trisha Noble
55 Marjorie Pearl
56 Elaine Bright, shining
57 Carla Strong
58 Lynette Little lion
59 Giselle Pledge
60 Kristine Follower of Christ
61 Lea Weary, tired
62 Rina Pure
63 Charmaine Song
64 Lorraine From Lorraine, France
65 Rosalyn Beautiful rose
66 Vivian Alive
67 Angelique Messenger of God
68 Janessa God is gracious
69 Roxanne Dawn
70 Carmela Garden
71 Maricar Maria + Kar, “Bitter Grace”
72 Mabel Lovable
73 Aimee Beloved
74 Marisol Mary + Sol, “Bitter Grace”
75 Rosario Rosary
76 Evangeline Good news
77 Jean God is gracious
78 Priscilla Ancient
79 Eloisa Famous in battle
80 Analyn Gracious
81 Geraldine Spear ruler
82 Lorelei Alluring
83 Rosanna Rose
84 Cherie Dear
85 Rowena Fame, joyous joy
86 Luz Light
87 Felicia Lucky
88 Yvette Yew
89 Myra Admirable
90 Josephine God will increase
91 Eliza God is my oath
92 Charlene Little and womanly
93 Dianne Divine
94 Angelita Little angel
95 Marita Of the sea, bitter
96 Regina Queen
97 Belinda Pretty
98 Mercy Compassion
99 Estelle Star
100 Imelda Powerful fighter
101 Mayumi True gentle beauty
102 Rosalinda Beautiful rose
103 Cassandra Shining upon men
104 Maxine Greatest
105 Daphne Laurel tree
106 Danica Morning star
107 Althea With healing power
108 Clarissa Bright, clear
109 Jocelyn Joyous
110 Celeste Heavenly
111 Angelie Messenger of God
112 Leilani Heavenly flower
113 Gwendolyn Fair bow, blessed ring
114 Maureen Star of the sea
115 Carina Beloved
116 April Opening, beginning
117 Sheena God is gracious
118 Glenda Holy, good
119 Rochelle Small rock
120 Krystal Ice
121 Darlene Darling
122 Noelle Christmas
123 Marissa Of the sea, bitter
124 Carissa Beloved
125 Riza Rich
126 Kristel Follower of Christ
127 Marlene Bitter
128 Zarah Princess
129 Almira Princess
130 Elvira Elf warrior
131 Melinda Gentle, honey
132 Hazel The hazel tree
133 Jessamine Jasmine flower
134 Lenore Light
135 Melody Song

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In conclusion,

In concluding our exploration of the most popular Filipino names for girls, we are reminded of the deep cultural significance embedded within each name. These names not only serve as identifiers but also carry the hopes, dreams, and legacies of generations past and present. From traditional names steeped in history to modern choices influenced by global culture, the diversity of Filipino names reflects the richness of Filipino identity. As parents bestow these names upon their daughters, they continue a tradition that celebrates the beauty, resilience, and diversity of Filipino heritage.

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