100+ Most Popular Filipino Names for Boys

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In the vibrant tapestry of Filipino culture, names carry deep significance, reflecting not only heritage but also aspirations and values. Among the myriad of choices, some names stand out for their popularity and enduring charm. From traditional favorites rooted in history to modern appellations inspired by trends, the names bestowed upon Filipino boys encapsulate a rich blend of tradition, culture, and contemporary influences. Let’s embark on a journey through the most beloved and widely used Filipino names for boys, each imbued with its own story and meaning.

100+ Most Popular Filipino Names for Boys

No. Name Meaning
1 Juan God is gracious
2 Jose God will increase
3 Antonio Praiseworthy
4 Pedro Rock
5 Francisco Free man
6 Manuel God is with us
7 Gabriel God is my strength
8 Miguel Who is like God?
9 Andres Brave, manly
10 Carlos Free man
11 Fernando Bold voyager
12 Ramon Wise protector
13 Eduardo Wealthy guardian
14 Ricardo Powerful ruler
15 Luis Famous warrior
16 Leonardo Bold lion
17 Roberto Bright fame
18 Victor Conqueror
19 Ernesto Earnest, serious
20 Rodrigo Famous ruler
21 Alejandro Defender of mankind
22 Daniel God is my judge
23 Tomas Twin
24 Rafael God has healed
25 Benjamin Son of my right hand
26 Marcelo Young warrior
27 Emilio Industrious
28 Alberto Noble, bright
29 Julio Youthful
30 Lorenzo Laurel crown
31 Diego Supplanter
32 Agustin Majestic
33 Vicente Conquering
34 Federico Peaceful ruler
35 Alfonso Noble, ready
36 Isidro Gift of Isis
37 Cesar Hairy
38 Armando Army man
39 Narciso Daffodil
40 Angel Messenger of God
41 Artemio Gift of Artemis
42 Rufino Red-haired
43 Renato Reborn
44 Alvin Noble friend
45 Edgardo Wealthy spear
46 Nelson Son of Neil
47 Eusebio Pious, devout
48 Orlando Famous throughout the land
49 Noel Christmas
50 Ronaldo Rules with counsel
51 Nestor Voyager
52 Ernest Earnest, serious
53 Romulo Strong-willed
54 Carmelo Garden
55 Dante Enduring
56 Jaime Supplanter
57 Reynaldo Counselor ruler
58 Jericho City of the moon
59 Geronimo Sacred name
60 Marvin Sea friend
61 Reynard Brave counsel
62 Rodel Famous land
63 Feliciano Lucky
64 Norberto Bright north
65 Anselmo Divine protection
66 Marlon Little falcon
67 Arnaldo Eagle power
68 Wilfredo Peaceful will
69 Julius Youthful
70 Dexter Skilled right-handed man
71 Wendell Wanderer
72 Godfrey God’s peace
73 Norbert Bright north
74 Rowell Famous wolf
75 Gil Bright pledge
76 Elmer Noble and renowned
77 Derick Ruler of the people
78 Aldrin Old, wise ruler
79 Leandro Lion man
80 Dindo To dine, dinner
81 Rex King
82 Rolly Famous wolf
83 Willy Will, desire
84 Ariel Lion of God
85 Ruben Behold, a son
86 Rommel Roman
87 Laurence Crowned with laurel
88 Erwin Friend of the sea
89 Eldon Ella’s hill
90 Harold Army ruler
91 Claro Bright, clear
92 Bong Fragrant
93 Luigi Famous warrior
94 Emil Industrious
95 Rolando Famous throughout the land
96 Lando Famous country
97 Adonis Extremely good-looking
98 Nicanor Conqueror of men
99 Rogelio Famous spear
100 Ferdinand Brave journey
101 Boyet Battle
102 Boy Youthful
103 Melchor King
104 Rubén Behold, a son
105 Diosdado God-given
106 Dodong Darling
107 Efren Fruitful
108 Lito Delight
109 Andy Brave, manly
110 Eddy Wealthy guardian
111 Gerry Spear rule
112 Alex Defender of mankind
113 Rey King
114 Ron Ruler with counsel
115 Ogie Spear
116 Gardo Strong spear
117 Dado Wealthy spear
118 Toti Father
119 Wilmer Desire to protect
120 Randy Shield
121 Ernie Earnest, serious
122 Ed Wealthy guardian
123 Gary Spear rule
124 Rudy Famous wolf
125 Ronny Ruler with counsel
126 Ricky Powerful ruler
127 Mon Adviser, ruler
128 Robert Bright fame
129 Edwin Wealthy friend
130 Dan God is my judge
131 Sam Heard by God
132 Jim Supplanter
133 Joe God will increase
134 Albert Noble, bright
135 Jessie Wealthy

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In conclusion,

As we conclude our exploration of the most popular Filipino names for boys, we are reminded of the profound significance that names hold within Filipino culture. These names not only serve as labels but also carry with them a sense of identity, heritage, and belonging. From the classic elegance of names steeped in tradition to the modern flair of contemporary choices, each name reflects the diverse tapestry of Filipino society. Whether rooted in history, inspired by nature, or influenced by global trends, these names serve as a testament to the rich cultural heritage and dynamic spirit of the Philippines. As parents bestow these names upon their sons, they continue a legacy that transcends generations, celebrating the beauty and diversity of Filipino identity.

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