100+ Most Popular Dutch Girl Names

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In the heart of the Netherlands lies a wealth of tradition and culture, reflected in the beautiful names bestowed upon Dutch baby girls. From timeless classics rooted in centuries-old customs to modern appellations inspired by global trends, Dutch parents have an array of options when it comes to naming their daughters. In this exploration, we delve into the most popular Dutch girl names, each carrying its own unique charm and significance. Whether you seek a name steeped in heritage or one that captures the essence of contemporary Netherlands, you’re sure to find inspiration among these quintessentially Dutch monikers.

100+ Most Popular Dutch Girl Names

No. Name Meaning
1 Emma Whole, universal
2 Sophie Wisdom
3 Lotte Free woman, from Charlotte
4 Julia Youthful
5 Anna Grace
6 Tess Harvest
7 Eva Life
8 Sara Princess
9 Lisa God is my oath
10 Zoë Life
11 Nora Honor
12 Fleur Flower
13 Lieke Short for Angelique, messenger of God
14 Lynn Waterfall
15 Noor Light
16 Mila Gracious, dear
17 Isabel God is my oath
18 Elin Light
19 Floor Prosperous
20 Roos Rose
21 Nina Favor, grace
22 Liv Defense, protection
23 Sanne Lily
24 Iris Rainbow
25 Laura Laurel
26 Meike Pearl
27 Femke Little woman
28 Lieve Dear, beloved
29 Isa Devoted to God
30 Elise God is my oath
31 Linde Gentle, soft
32 Maud Powerful battler
33 Merel Blackbird
34 Rosa Rose
35 Juul Downy-bearded, youthful
36 Puck Wished-for child
37 Jasmijn Jasmine
38 Lot Lot
39 Pleun Unknown
40 Sterre Star
41 Vera Faith, truth
42 Marit Pearl of the sea
43 Saar Princess
44 Anne Grace
45 Evi Life
46 Indy Independent
47 Benthe Blessed
48 Lina Light
49 Nova New
50 Yara Small butterfly
51 Anouk Grace
52 Eliza God is my oath
53 Mirte Myrtle
54 Jade Precious stone
55 Esmee Loved
56 Quinty Fifth
57 Britt Exalted one
58 Pien Great
59 Jolie Pretty
60 Yfke Peaceful ruler
61 Cato Wise
62 Milou Gentle friend
63 Zoey Life
64 Bo Living
65 Danique God is my judge
66 Loïs Renowned warrior
67 Mare Sea
68 Noa Motion
69 Lana Rock
70 Jara The spring
71 Noortje Light
72 Lisanne God is my oath
73 Veerle Feather
74 Myrthe Myrtle
75 Madelief Daisy
76 Jolijn Unknown
77 Livia Blue
78 Ise Gift of Isis
79 Elif Slim, slender
80 Feline Little cat
81 Nienke Pure, chaste
82 Silke Blind
83 Merle Blackbird
84 Yente Unknown
85 Daphne Laurel
86 Fay Fairy
87 Pippa Lover of horses
88 Zara Princess
89 Jette Unknown
90 Romy Of Rome
91 Jente Unknown
92 Lize God is my oath
93 Lonneke Light
94 Renske Unknown
95 Jinte Unknown
96 Jula Youthful
97 Bente Blessed
98 Fem Unknown
99 Femmie Whole, universal
100 Joëlle God is willing
101 Lottie Free woman, from Charlotte
102 Jitske God is gracious
103 Eline Torch, light
104 Nynke Unknown
105 Babs Stranger
106 Dina Judged
107 Doutzen Unknown
108 Gerda Protected
109 Hanne God is gracious
110 Hester Star
111 Ilse Pledged to God
112 Janneke God is gracious
113 Joosje God will add
114 Kim Chief, ruler
115 Liselot God is my oath
116 Maartje Bitter
117 Marleen Bitter, drop of the sea
118 Mirjam Bitterness of sea
119 Nelleke Unknown
120 Sanneke Lily
121 Tanja Fairy queen
122 Willemijn Resolute protection
123 Yvonne Yew
124 Zanne Unknown
125 Aafke Unknown
126 Eefje Life
127 Esmay Esteemed, beloved
128 Hanneke God is gracious
129 Inge God is gracious
130 Janna God is gracious

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In conclusion,

The most popular Dutch girl names embody the rich tapestry of Dutch culture, blending tradition with modernity. From timeless choices to trendy options, Dutch parents have a diverse selection to honor their daughters. These names not only celebrate the country’s heritage but also reflect its dynamic spirit and global influence. As parents navigate the task of choosing the perfect name for their little ones, may they find inspiration and delight in the array of names that the Netherlands offers, each carrying its own unique story and significance.

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