100+ Most Popular Croatian Girl Names

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In Croatia, the naming of a newborn girl is a cherished tradition steeped in culture and history. From timeless classics to modern innovations, Croatian girl names offer a glimpse into the country’s vibrant heritage. Join us as we explore over 100 of the most popular Croatian girl names, each imbued with its own unique charm and significance.

100+ Most Popular Croatian Girl Names

No. Name Meaning
1 Mia Mine
2 Lucija Light
3 Petra Rock
4 Ana Grace
5 Marija Beloved
6 Luka Light
7 Lea Weary, tired
8 Sara Princess
9 Ivana God is gracious
10 Ema Universal
11 Magdalena Woman from Magdala
12 Marta Lady
13 Helena Light
14 Antonija Priceless
15 Karla Strong
16 Dora Gift
17 Lana Rock, peaceful
18 Katarina Pure
19 Nika Victory
20 Andrea Brave, manly
21 Ivona Archer
22 Lara Protection
23 Maja Great
24 Jelena Shining light
25 Nikolina Victory of the people
26 Iva Willow tree
27 Tena Strong
28 Anita Grace
29 Matea Gift of God
30 Tea Gift of God
31 Kristina Christian
32 Veronika Bringer of victory
33 Ena Fire
34 Daria Wealthy
35 Mirna Peaceful
36 Sanja Dream
37 Vedrana Joyous
38 Irena Peace
39 Tanja Fairy queen
40 Marijana Bitter
41 Valentina Strong, healthy
42 Anđela Angel
43 Mira Peace
44 Leona Lioness
45 Renata Reborn
46 Martina Warlike, dedicated
47 Anamarija Grace, bitter
48 Marina Of the sea
49 Nikica Victory of the people
50 Klara Bright, clear
51 Dijana Divine
52 Sonja Wisdom
53 Zara Blooming flower
54 Silvija Of the woods
55 Ines Chaste, pure
56 Ela Noble, exalted
57 Lejla Dark beauty
58 Viktorija Conqueror
59 Tamara Palm tree
60 Mila Gracious, dear
61 Barbara Foreign woman
62 Karmen Song, garden
63 Larisa Cheerful, light-hearted
64 Melani Dark, black
65 Staša Resurrection
66 Stela Star
67 Zrinka Pure gold
68 Lucijana Light
69 Dorotea Gift of God
70 Elizabeta God is my oath
71 Evelina Life, breath
72 Gordana Strong, proud
73 Ilijana Torch, shining light
74 Ingrid Beautiful
75 Jasna Clear, bright
76 Karolina Strong
77 Leontina Lion-like
78 Lorena Crowned with laurel
79 Margareta Pearl
80 Marica Bitter
81 Milena Gracious, dear
82 Nataša Born on Christmas
83 Nevena Marigold
84 Radmila Happy, joyful
85 Ruža Rose
86 Sandra Defender of mankind
87 Snježana Snow
88 Vanja God is gracious
89 Vlasta Power
90 Vesna Spring
91 Violeta Violet
92 Zlata Golden
93 Zora Dawn
94 Zvjezdana Starry
95 Branka Defender
96 Danica Morning star
97 Dubravka Oak tree
98 Emica Rival
99 Jagoda Strawberry
100 Jasmina Jasmine
101 Jasminka Jasmine
102 Ljiljana Lily
103 Mirjana Peaceful
104 Natalija Born on Christmas
105 Ružica Little rose

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In conclusion,

In wrapping up our exploration of the most popular Croatian girl names, we’ve delved into a world rich with tradition, meaning, and cultural significance. From names inspired by nature to those honoring saints and historical figures, each name tells a story of Croatia’s vibrant heritage. Whether you seek a name steeped in tradition or one that embraces modern trends, Croatian girl names offer a diverse array of options to suit every preference. As we celebrate the beauty of Croatian culture, may these names continue to inspire parents around the world as they bestow upon their daughters names that are both timeless and meaningful.

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