100+ Most Popular Croatian Boy Names

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Croatian culture is rich with tradition and history, and one aspect that reflects this heritage is the naming of children. Choosing the perfect name for a newborn is a cherished tradition in Croatia, where names often carry deep familial or cultural significance. In this article, we delve into the fascinating world of Croatian boy names, exploring the most popular choices that have stood the test of time. From timeless classics to modern favorites, Croatian boy names offer a glimpse into the country’s vibrant cultural tapestry. Join us as we uncover the meaning and allure behind over 100 of the most beloved Croatian boy names.

100+ Most Popular Croatian Boy Names

No. Name Meaning
1 Luka Light
2 Matej Gift of God
3 Ivan God is gracious
4 Marko Warlike
5 Ante Inestimable
6 Filip Lover of horses
7 Petar Rock
8 Josip God will increase
9 Karlo Free man
10 Dominik Belonging to the Lord
11 Nikola Victory of the people
12 Lovro Famous warrior
13 Fran Free man
14 Mihael Who is like God
15 Stjepan Crown
16 Andrija Manly, brave
17 Tomislav Tomislav
18 Damir Peace
19 Bruno Brown
20 Marin Of the sea
21 Dario Upholder of the good
22 Matija Gift of God
23 Jakov Supplanter
24 Mario Warlike
25 Robert Bright fame
26 Alen Fair, handsome
27 Boris Battle, fight
28 Hrvoje Hrvatsko vojvoda (Croatian duke)
29 Duje Gift of God
30 Denis Of Dionysos, the god of wine
31 Kristijan Christian
32 Leo Lion
33 Renato Born again
34 Vedran Peaceful
35 Mislav The thought of glory
36 Davor Gift
37 Igor Warrior
38 Slaven Slavic
39 Zvonimir Sound of peace
40 Dražen Dear, precious
41 Milan Gracious, dear
42 Domagoj Domagoj
43 Vinko Victor
44 Goran Highlander
45 Dalibor Faraway battle
46 Zoran Dawn
47 Zdravko Healthy
48 Roko Renowned, famous
49 Marinko Mariner
50 Krešimir Krešimir
51 Danko Given by God
52 Miroslav Peaceful glory
53 Mirko Peace
54 Sandro Defender of men
55 Zlatko Golden
56 Božidar Gift of God
57 Radovan Happy, joyful
58 Siniša Blue, violet
59 Darko Gift
60 Stipe Crowned, wreathed
61 Tin Theophany, revelation
62 Anđelo Angel
63 Marjan Marjan
64 Vlado Ruler, prince
65 Krešo Krešo
66 Dinko Dinko
67 Nenad Nenad
68 Drago Precious, dear
69 Mile Kind, gracious
70 Elvis All-wise, all-knowing
71 Jurica Farmer
72 Stanko Stanko
73 Josko Josko
74 Patrik Nobleman, patrician
75 Vatroslav Vatroslav
76 Danijel God is my judge
77 Zlatan Golden
78 Bojan Battle, warrior
79 Mate Gift, grace
80 Slavko Glory, fame
81 Janko God is gracious
82 Zvonko Sound, bell
83 Valentino Brave, strong
84 Maro Maro
85 Pavao Small, humble
86 Jakša Little John
87 Željko Desires, wishes
88 Branko Defender, protector
89 Božo Gift of God
90 Ivica Archer
91 Radoslav Happy, joyful
92 Dragan Dear, beloved
93 Mladen Young, youthful
94 Mateo Gift of God
95 Borislav Battle, glory
96 Viktor Conqueror, victor
97 Emil Industrious, striving
98 Miran Peaceful
99 Srećko Lucky, fortunate
100 Davorin Gift
101 Dušan Soul
102 Zdenko Given protection by God
103 Ratko War-like
104 René Reborn
105 Miro Peace
106 Branimir Peaceful protector
107 Matko Gift of God
108 Borna Warrior
109 Dino Little sword
110 Nikica Victory of the people
111 Franjo Free man

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In conclusion,

Exploring the most popular Croatian boy names has been a journey through tradition, culture, and history. From names deeply rooted in Croatian folklore to those influenced by global trends, each name carries its own unique charm and significance. Whether you’re seeking a name that honors family heritage or one that resonates with contemporary flair, Croatian boy names offer a diverse array of options. As we celebrate the rich tapestry of Croatian culture, may these names continue to inspire parents around the world as they embark on the timeless tradition of naming their sons.

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