100+ Most Popular Canadian Boy Names

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Canada, a nation known for its cultural diversity and rich heritage, boasts a plethora of names that reflect its unique blend of influences. From the rugged landscapes of the Rockies to the bustling streets of Toronto, Canadian boy names resonate with strength, resilience, and a deep connection to the land. In this article, we delve into the vast tapestry of Canadian culture to uncover the most popular names for boys, each carrying its own story and significance within the mosaic of Canadian identity. Join us on a journey through the top picks that capture the essence of Canada’s multicultural fabric.

100+ Most Popular Canadian Boy Names

No. Name Meaning
1 Liam Resolute protector
2 Noah Rest, comfort
3 Ethan Strong, firm
4 Benjamin Son of the right hand
5 William Resolute protector
6 Jacob Supplanter
7 Lucas Light, illumination
8 Oliver Olive tree
9 Alexander Defender of the people
10 James Supplanter
11 Carter Cart driver
12 Logan Hollow
13 Jack God is gracious
14 Owen Young warrior
15 Matthew Gift of God
16 Thomas Twin
17 Henry Ruler of the household
18 Daniel God is my judge
19 Jackson Son of Jack
20 Samuel Name of God
21 Nathan He gave
22 Gabriel God is my strength
23 Isaac He laughs
24 Dylan Son of the sea
25 Michael Who is like God?
26 David Beloved
27 Ryan Little king
28 Aiden Fiery
29 Joseph He will add
30 Andrew Manly, brave
31 Nicholas Victory of the people
32 Max Greatest
33 Elijah Yahweh is God
34 Caleb Faithful
35 Sebastian Revered
36 Anthony Priceless
37 Connor Lover of wolves
38 Hunter One who hunts
39 Mason Worker in stone
40 Zachary Remembered by God
41 Jayden Thankful
42 Luke Light
43 Wyatt Brave in battle
44 Christian Follower of Christ
45 Tyler Tile maker
46 Adam Man
47 Cole Coal miner
48 Evan Young warrior
49 Tristan Tumult, outcry
50 Finn Fair
51 Xavier Bright, splendid
52 Levi Joined, attached
53 Cameron Bent nose
54 Julian Youthful
55 Leo Lion
56 Brayden Broad hill
57 Dominic Belonging to the Lord
58 Riley Courageous
59 Grayson Son of the steward
60 Blake Fair-haired
61 Adrian From Hadria
62 Everett Brave as a wild boar
63 Jaxon Son of Jack
64 Cooper Barrel maker
65 Hudson Son of Hud
66 Nolan Descendant of Nuallán
67 Austin Great
68 Jordan To flow down
69 Colton From the dark town
70 Easton East town
71 Kingston King’s town
72 Vincent Conquering
73 Parker Park keeper
74 Lincoln Town by the pool
75 Kai Sea
76 Wesley Western meadow
77 Sawyer Wood cutter
78 Roman Roman
79 Tucker Fabric pleater
80 Elliot The Lord is my God
81 Declan Full of goodness
82 Bennett Blessed
83 Jonah Dove
84 Matteo Gift of God
85 Maxwell Great stream
86 Griffin Strong lord
87 Arthur Bear
88 Jesse Gift
89 Tobias God is good
90 Beckett Beehive
91 Zane God is gracious
92 Finnegan Fair
93 Brooks Brook, stream
94 Greyson Son of the steward
95 Drew Wise
96 Holden Deep valley
97 Silas Wood, forest
98 Landon Long hill
99 Marshall Horse servant
100 Malcolm Disciple of Saint Columba
101 Reed Red-haired
102 Reid Red-haired
103 Kieran Little dark one
104 Daxton Town of Dax
105 Graham Gravelly homestead
106 August Great, venerable
107 Phoenix Dark red
108 Remington Settlement by the stream
109 Finnian Fair
110 Conrad Bold counsel
111 Lawson Son of Lawrence
112 Preston Priest’s town
113 Sterling High, excellent
114 Gage Pledge
115 Soren Stern
116 Thaddeus Gift of God
117 Rhys Enthusiasm
118 Finnley Fair
119 Atlas To carry
120 Davis Son of David
121 Zander Defender of men
122 Saul Asked for
123 Blaine Slender
124 Orson Bear cub
125 Callum Dove
126 Remy Oarsman
127 Darian Upholder of the good
128 Ellis Benevolent
129 Jasper Treasurer
130 Roland Famous throughout the land
131 Lucian Light
132 Winston Joy stone
133 Alden Old, wise
134 Cullen Good-looking
135 Emery Industrious
136 Ronan Little seal
137 Bishop Overseer
138 Alder Old
139 Emrys Immortal
140 Vance Marshland

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In conclusion,

Exploring the most popular Canadian boy names offers a glimpse into the diverse tapestry of Canadian culture and identity. From timeless classics to modern innovations, these names reflect the rich heritage and multicultural influences that shape Canada. Whether inspired by nature, history, or cultural traditions, each name carries its own unique charm and significance. As Canada continues to evolve and embrace its diversity, these names serve as a reminder of the unity found in celebrating the many threads that weave together the fabric of Canadian society.

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