100+ Most Popular Bulgarian Girl Names

by Sophia Roberts

Embark on a journey through the enchanting world of Bulgarian girl names, where tradition intertwines with contemporary allure. Delve into a collection of the most beloved names, each carrying its own unique charm and cultural significance. Whether you’re drawn to names steeped in mythology, inspired by nature, or reflecting religious heritage, the diverse selection of popular Bulgarian girl names offers endless inspiration for parents seeking a meaningful and distinctive name for their daughter. Join us as we explore the beauty and depth of Bulgarian naming traditions, celebrating the timeless elegance and grace of these beloved names.

100+ Most Popular Bulgarian Girl Names

No. Name Meaning
1 Maria Wished-for child
2 Elena Bright, shining light
3 Anna Gracious, full of grace
4 Sofia Wisdom
5 Viktoria Victory
6 Gabriela God is my strength
7 Milena Gracious, dear
8 Kristina Follower of Christ
9 Maya Mother, great
10 Daniela God is my judge
11 Nikol Victory of the people
12 Raya Paradise
13 Ivana God is gracious
14 Tanya Fairy queen
15 Stoyanka Stand firm
16 Polina Small
17 Teodora Gift of God
18 Desislava Long-lasting glory
19 Rositsa Dew
20 Radostina Joyful
21 Liliya Lily
22 Violeta Violet
23 Gergana Vigilant, watchful
24 Svetlana Light
25 Nadezhda Hope
26 Kalina Viburnum, flower
27 Emiliya Rival
28 Marina Of the sea
29 Veronika True image
30 Iskra Spark
31 Rumyana Rosy
32 Tsvetelina Flower
33 Petia Rock
34 Simona Listener
35 Valentina Strong, healthy
36 Miroslava Peace and glory
37 Magdalena Woman from Magdala (place name)
38 Zdravka Healthy
39 Reneta Reborn
40 Lyubov Love
41 Bogdana Given by God
42 Kremena Spring (the season)
43 Aneliya Messenger of God
44 Galina Calm, tranquil
45 Vasilena Royal
46 Stefaniya Crowned
47 Mila Gracious, dear
48 Zlatka Golden
49 Veselina Joyful
50 Iva Willow tree
51 Militsa Beloved
52 Rosalina Rose
53 Snezhana Snowy
54 Borislava Battle glory
55 Elitsa Noble
56 Rozalia Rose
57 Yordanka Farmer
58 Lilia Lily
59 Tsveta Flower
60 Donka World ruler
61 Miglena Cloudy
62 Evgeniya Well-born
63 Vanya God’s gift
64 Simeona Listener
65 Radka Careful
66 Darina Gift
67 Magdalina Woman from Magdala (place name)
68 Kalinka Snowball
69 Rumiana Rosy
70 Zlatina Golden
71 Katerina Pure
72 Slavka Glorious
73 Yana God is gracious
74 Valya Strong, healthy
75 Antoaneta Priceless
76 Yuliana Youthful
77 Yordana Descend
78 Radoslava Happy glory
79 Anelia Messenger of God
80 Galia Calm, tranquil
81 Daniella God is my judge
82 Zornitsa Morning star
83 Snezhanka Snowy
84 Radost Joy
85 Dilyana Kind, gentle
86 Vesela Joyful
87 Svetlina Light
88 Boriana Warrior
89 Zvezdelina Star
90 Asya Graceful
91 Ginka Well-born
92 Nevena Marigold
93 Tsvetanka Flower blossom
94 Stefka Crowned
95 Tereza Harvester
96 Emanuela God is with us
97 Stefania Crowned
98 Yavora Spring (the season)
99 Vessela Evening star
100 Vasilka Royal
101 Lyubenka Beloved
102 Velina Goddess of love
103 Ralitsa Calm, tranquil
104 Zlatimira Golden peace
105 Dara Pearl
106 Dilyara Kind, gentle
107 Sanya Dream
108 Dafina Hidden treasure
109 Radomira Peaceful joy
110 Blaguna Pleasant, lovely
111 Malina Raspberry
112 Rayna Queen
113 Zoya Life
114 Velislava Great glory
115 Rumyanka Rosy
116 Galya Calm, tranquil
117 Verka Faithful
118 Milka Gracious, dear
119 Mina Love
120 Rosalinda Pretty rose
121 Dobrinka Good
122 Veska Wisdom
123 Evdokiya Good reputation
124 Darinka Gift of God
125 Adelina Noble
126 Vida Life
127 Tsvetana Flower blossom
128 Plamena Flame
129 Gerginka Vigilant
130 Zheni Noble
131 Mariana Beloved
132 Bozhana Gift of God
133 Lyubina Love
134 Krasimira Beautiful peace
135 Raina Queen
136 Velika Great
137 Svetla Light
138 Radina Careful
139 Greta Pearl
140 Rada Happy
141 Nedelya Sunday
142 Tana Fairy queen

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In conclusion,

The compilation of popular Bulgarian girl names showcases the richness of Bulgarian culture and heritage. From names rooted in ancient mythology to those influenced by modern trends, each name holds its own significance and beauty. Whether you’re captivated by names inspired by nature, adorned with religious symbolism, or steeped in historical tradition, Bulgarian girl names offer a plethora of options for parents seeking a meaningful and distinctive name for their daughter. As you navigate the journey of naming your child, may the exploration of Bulgarian girl names inspire you to choose a name that resonates with your family’s values and aspirations, creating a timeless and cherished choice for generations to come.

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