100+ Most Popular Bulgarian Boy Names

by Sophia Roberts

Bulgaria, a country rich in culture and history, offers a plethora of intriguing names for boys that reflect its diverse heritage. From ancient traditions to modern influences, Bulgarian boy names carry a unique charm and significance. In this article, we delve into the most popular Bulgarian boy names, exploring their meanings and cultural significance, providing inspiration for parents seeking a distinctive name for their son. Join us on a journey through the vibrant world of Bulgarian names, where tradition meets contemporary appeal.

100+ Most Popular Bulgarian Boy Names

No. Name Meaning
1 Dimitar Devoted to Demeter
2 Nikolay Victory of the people
3 Ivan Gift of God
4 Georgi Farmer
5 Stefan Crown
6 Petar Rock
7 Aleksandar Defender of mankind
8 Hristo Christ
9 Todor Gift of God
10 Martin Warlike
11 Vladislav Rule with glory
12 Radoslav Glad glory
13 Viktor Conqueror
14 Angel Messenger
15 Kiril Lordly
16 Emil Industrious
17 Bogdan Given by God
18 Simeon Obedient
19 Krasimir Beautiful peace
20 Boris Battle, fight
21 Plamen Flame
22 Mihail Who is like God?
23 Asen God’s name
24 Dobromir Good peace
25 Yordan Descend
26 Lyuben Beloved
27 Kaloyan Good, noble
28 Atanas Immortal
29 Valentin Strong, healthy
30 Zlatan Golden
31 Rosen Dew
32 Boyan Warrior
33 Iliyan The sun
34 Velizar Great ruler
35 Lubomir Love and peace
36 Preslav Glory
37 Yavor Maple tree
38 Yanko God is gracious
39 Krum Fierce
40 Milen Kind
41 Danail God is my judge
42 Deyan Divinely
43 Vasil Kingly
44 Zdravko Healthy
45 Bozhidar Gift of God
46 Tsvetan Flower-like
47 Yulian Youthful
48 Dobrin Good-hearted
49 Hristofor Christ-bearer
50 Rumen Reddish
51 Dobri Kind
52 Nikola Victory of the people
53 Spas Salvation
54 Kamen Stone
55 Kostadin Constant
56 Stoil Ambitious
57 Zahari God remembers
58 Blagoy Good
59 Genadi Noble
60 Yosif God will increase
61 Svetoslav Glory of light
62 Mitko Beloved of God
63 Zlatko Golden
64 Zhivko Living
65 Slavi Glory
66 Ventsislav Crown of glory
67 Delian Born of Zeus (Greek god)
68 Damyan Tame, subdued
69 Iskren Sincere
70 Kolyo Victory of the people
71 Dragomir Precious and peaceful
72 Milcho Sweet and gentle
73 Svetlin Ray of light
74 Stanislav Glory of the state
75 Tsvyatko Colorful
76 Luchezar Bringer of light
77 Tsvetomir Flower of peace
78 Tihomir Peaceful
79 Blagovest Good news
80 Borislav Battle glory
81 Yotko Help, support
82 Zhelyazko Iron
83 Krasen Beautiful
84 Miroslav Peace and glory
85 Rangel Messenger of God
86 Stoyan Steadfast
87 Lyubomir Love and peace
88 Yanislav Gift of God
89 Velichko Great
90 Kuzman Famous
91 Tsvetko Flower-like
92 Marin Of the sea
93 Vladko Ruler
94 Ognian Fiery
95 Slavcho Glory
96 Boril Fighter
97 Blagomir Peaceful and good
98 Stoyko Steadfast
99 Stanimir Establishment of peace
100 Petko Rock

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In conclusion,

The array of popular Bulgarian boy names showcases the rich tapestry of Bulgarian culture and history. From names rooted in ancient traditions to those influenced by modern trends, each name carries its own unique charm and significance. Whether you’re drawn to names steeped in mythology, tied to nature, or reflecting religious heritage, Bulgarian names offer a diverse range of options for parents seeking a meaningful and distinctive name for their son. As you embark on the journey of naming your child, may the exploration of Bulgarian boy names inspire you to find the perfect name that resonates with your family’s values and aspirations, ensuring a timeless and cherished choice for generations to come.

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