100+ Most Popular Bangladeshi Names for Girls

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Step into the enchanting realm of Bangladeshi names for girls, where tradition and culture intertwine to create a tapestry of timeless beauty. In Bangladesh, names hold profound significance, often reflecting religious beliefs, historical figures, and literary inspirations. From names rooted in Islamic tradition to those celebrating the rich heritage of Bengali literature and history, the options are as diverse as they are captivating. Join us as we embark on a journey through the most popular Bangladeshi names for girls, exploring their meanings, origins, and the cultural richness they embody for families across the nation.

100+ Most Popular Bangladeshi Names for Girls

No. Name Meaning
1 Ayesha Alive, living
2 Fatima Captivating, charming
3 Yasmin Jasmine flower
4 Sumaiya Pure, flawless
5 Farhana Happy, joyful
6 Nusrat Victory, help
7 Nazia Proud, noble
8 Tahmina Strong, powerful
9 Sabina Flower
10 Tasnim Fountain of paradise
11 Sabrina From the river Severn
12 Sharmin Sweet, charming
13 Rehana Sweet basil
14 Nasrin Wild rose
15 Sanjida Respectful, noble
16 Sadia Lucky, fortunate
17 Shefali Jasmine flower
18 Sultana Queen
19 Meherun Moonlight
20 Afroza Delicate, tender-hearted
21 Shahnaz Pride of the king
22 Anika Gracious, elegant
23 Jannat Paradise
24 Raisa Leader, captain
25 Rubina Red gemstone, bright
26 Shabnam Dew, mist
27 Shireen Sweet, pleasant
28 Shima A flower
29 Tanjila Crowned, adorned
30 Laila Night
31 Rokeya Star of the sea
32 Salma Peaceful, safe
33 Safiya Pure, sincere
34 Arifa Knowledgeable, learned
35 Khadija Early convert to Islam
36 Dilruba Enamored, beloved
37 Rina Joyful, song
38 Mousumi Monsoon rain, raindrops
39 Monira Shining, radiant
40 Marina Of the sea
41 Jharna Spring, waterfall
42 Sheuli A flower
43 Laboni Graceful, elegant
44 Mahbuba Beloved, sweetheart
45 Jesmin Jasmine
46 Khushbu Fragrance, perfume
47 Reshma Silk
48 Shoma Moonbeam, moonlight
49 Shathi Companion, friend
50 Ruma Pretty, beautiful
51 Nasima Breeze, air
52 Suraiya Beautiful, radiant
53 Mumtaz Distinguished, excellent
54 Alisha Protected by God
55 Rukhsana Illuminated, shining
56 Shamsun Beautiful sun
57 Mahfuza Protected, guarded
58 Ferdousi Heavenly, paradise-like
59 Lutfun Kind, gentle
60 Zarin Golden, precious
61 Mahjabin Beautiful, sweet-faced
62 Tamanna Wish, desire
63 Shiree Sweet, charming
64 Arshi Heavenly, divine
65 Rozina Gentle, soft-spoken
66 Shanta Peaceful, calm
67 Moonmoon Moonlight, radiant
68 Nargis Narcissus flower
69 Shukria Thankful, grateful
70 Munira Luminous, shining
71 Roshni Light, brightness
72 Safa Pure, clear
73 Rubaiyat Poems, verses
74 Anwara Luminous, radiant
75 Amena Trustworthy, faithful
76 Afsana Story, tale
77 Farzana Wise, knowledgeable
78 Sahana Patient, tolerant
79 Parveen Star, skilled
80 Shahida Witness, martyr
81 Jahanara Queen of the world
82 Surma Kohl, eyeliner
83 Sufia Wisdom, knowledge
84 Sohana Beautiful, gentle
85 Anjuman Gathering, assembly
86 Khadijah Early convert to Islam
87 Tamina Priceless, valuable
88 Shapla Water lily, lotus
89 Anonna Goddess of harvest
90 Moon Moon
91 Soma Moonlight
92 Nila Sapphire, blue
93 Samina Healthy, sound
94 Chandni Moonlight, moonbeam
95 Sraboni Night rain
96 Sathi Companion, friend
97 Marufa Known, recognized
98 Shyama Dark, black
99 Anamika Nameless, without identity
100 Rojina Colorful, beautiful
101 Tania Fairy queen
102 Rubaiya Poetry, verses
103 Arpita Dedicated, devoted
104 Tumpa Deep, profound
105 Paromita Graceful, adorned
106 Afsari Eloquent, expressive
107 Tanha Unique, special
108 Mita Friend, companion
109 Fariha Happy, joyful
110 Mahin Beautiful, attractive
111 Arina Pure, peaceful
112 Mithila Kingdom of love
113 Tanisha Ambition, desire
114 Mahika Dew drops
115 Adiba Cultured, well-mannered
116 Saheli Friend, companion
117 Anjali Gift, offering
118 Sneha Love, affection
119 Aysha Lively, prosperous
120 Mishu Sweet, cute
121 Israt Happiness, joy

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In conclusion,

As we conclude our exploration of the most popular Bangladeshi names for girls, we are reminded of the rich tapestry of culture and tradition that defines Bangladeshi society. Each name carries with it a story, a heritage, and a sense of identity deeply rooted in the values and aspirations of the people. From names inspired by Islamic teachings to those honoring legendary figures and literary heroines, the choices are as diverse as the vibrant mosaic of Bangladeshi life. As we celebrate the beauty and significance of these names, we honor the enduring legacy of tradition and heritage that continues to shape the lives of generations to come.

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