100+ Most Popular Bangladeshi Names for Boys

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Bangladesh, a land steeped in rich culture and history, holds a treasure trove of names that reflect its diverse heritage and traditions. When it comes to naming their sons, Bangladeshis often draw from a deep reservoir of meaningful and culturally significant names. From names rooted in Islamic tradition to those inspired by Bengali literature and history, the options are as varied as they are captivating. In this article, we delve into the most popular Bangladeshi names for boys, exploring their meanings, origins, and the cultural significance they hold for families across the nation. Join us on a journey through the vibrant tapestry of Bangladeshi nomenclature as we uncover the names that have stood the test of time and continue to resonate with pride and reverence.

100+ Most Popular Bangladeshi Names for Boys

No. Name Meaning
1 Ahmed Praiseworthy
2 Ali Exalted
3 Ayan Bright, clear
4 Arif Knowledgeable
5 Ashik Lover
6 Asif Forgiving
7 Bashar Bringer of good news
8 Bilal Moisture, water
9 Farhan Happy, joyful
10 Fahad Leopard, lynx
11 Hasan Good, beautiful
12 Imran Prosperous
13 Iqbal Prosperity, good fortune
14 Ismail God will hear
15 Jubayer Young, youthful
16 Kamrul Full moon
17 Kashif Revealer
18 Kazi Judge, magistrate
19 Khalid Eternal, immortal
20 Khurshid Sun
21 Mahbub Beloved
22 Mahir Skilled, expert
23 Minhaz Supporter, helper
24 Mizan Balance, scale
25 Mohsin Benefactor, charitable
26 Monir Bright, shining
27 Mustafa Chosen one
28 Nazim Organizer, arranger
29 Noman Men of blessings
30 Nur Light
31 Ovi Pure, holy
32 Rashed Righteous, guided
33 Rahman Compassionate
34 Rafiq Companion, friend
35 Reza Satisfied, content
36 Saber Patient, enduring
37 Saif Sword, sword of Islam
38 Salim Peaceful, safe
39 Shahid Witness, martyr
40 Shakil Handsome
41 Sharif Noble, honorable
42 Shams Sun, brightness
43 Shihab Shooting star
44 Sohel Moon
45 Sultan Ruler, king
46 Tareq Morning star, guide
47 Tanvir Moonlight
48 Tofazzal Variant of Tawfiq
49 Wahid Unique, singular
50 Yusuf God will increase
51 Zahir Bright, shining
52 Aarav Peaceful
53 Aryan Noble, honorable
54 Arafat Great pilgrimage
55 Amin Trustworthy, faithful
56 Anik Soldier, brave
57 Anis Close friend, companion
58 Aref Wise, knowledgeable
59 Afnan Branches, twigs
60 Ehsan Benevolence, kindness
61 Faisal Decisive, judge
62 Hossain Beautiful, handsome
63 Harun Rightly guided
64 Javed Eternal, immortal
65 Jahid Distinguished, eminent
66 Kamal Perfection, excellence
67 Kaisar Emperor
68 Liton Variant of Lutfur
69 Masud Lucky, fortunate
70 Momin Believer, faithful
71 Musa Moses, a prophet’s name
72 Naeem Blessing, favor
73 Nasir Helper, supporter
74 Niloy Blue lotus
75 Omar Flourishing, life
76 Parvez Victorious, fortunate
77 Pranto Light, shine
78 Qadir Able, powerful
79 Rajib Variant of Rajiv
80 Rakib Watchful, vigilant
81 Rafi High, exalted
82 Rais Leader, chief
83 Raju Variant of Raja
84 Saiful Sword of the faith
85 Saddam One who confronts
86 Saqib Shining star
87 Sarwar Leader, commander
88 Shahin Falcon, hawk
89 Shuvo Lucky, fortunate
90 Siam The sky, heaven
91 Siraj Lamp, light
92 Subhan Holy, glorified
93 Tanim Variant of Tawfiq
94 Taposh Firefly
95 Tariq Morning star, guide
96 Toufiq Success, prosperity
97 Uzzal Bright, radiant
98 Wali Guardian, protector
99 Zia Light, splendor
100 Ahsan Mercy, goodness
101 Ashraf Noble, honored
102 Aziz Beloved, powerful
103 Babu Baby, young
104 Biplob Revolution, change
105 Debashish Sun, fire
106 Dulal Beloved, pampered
107 Farid Unique, precious
108 Hanif True believer, monotheist
109 Helal Crescent, moon
110 Jubair Courageous, brave
111 Kabir Great, powerful
112 Lutfur Kind, gentle
113 Majid Glorious, honorable
114 Mukul Blossom, flower
115 Murad Desire, wish
116 Nizam Order, system
117 Pappu Little boy, small
118 Rafsan Soft-hearted, tender
119 Rubel Ruby, red
120 Sahadat Witness, testimony
121 Saleh Good, virtuous
122 Sami Exalted, sublime
123 Sazzad Diligent, hardworking
124 Shafiq Kind, compassionate
125 Shamim Pleasant, gentle
126 Shubho Happy, auspicious
127 Sohag Blissful, peaceful
128 Sujon Pure, clean
129 Tuhin Snow
130 Wahab Giving, generous
131 Wasim Handsome, graceful
132 Zaman Time, era
133 Zakir Rememberer, remembrancer

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In conclusion,

As we conclude our exploration of the most popular Bangladeshi names for boys, it becomes evident that each name carries a story, a tradition, and a sense of identity deeply rooted in Bangladeshi culture. From names inspired by the Quran to those honoring historical figures and literary icons, these names serve as a reflection of the values and aspirations cherished by Bangladeshi families. Whether seeking a name that embodies strength, wisdom, or spiritual significance, parents in Bangladesh have a rich tapestry of names to choose from, each imbued with its own unique charm and meaning. As we celebrate the diversity and depth of Bangladeshi nomenclature, we are reminded of the enduring legacy of tradition and heritage that continues to shape the lives of generations to come.

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