100+ Most Popular American Girl Names

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As expectant parents eagerly anticipate the arrival of their baby girl, one of the most exciting decisions they face is choosing the perfect name. In this exploration of the most popular American girl names, we embark on a journey through a treasure trove of timeless classics, trendy newcomers, and beloved favorites. From names steeped in rich cultural heritage to those inspired by modern trends, join us as we delve into the enchanting world of American girlhood and uncover the stories behind these beloved names.

100+ Most Popular American Girl Names

No. Name Meaning
1 Emma Universal
2 Olivia Olive tree
3 Ava Life
4 Sophia Wisdom
5 Isabella God is my oath
6 Mia Mine
7 Charlotte Free
8 Amelia Industrious
9 Harper Harp player
10 Evelyn Desired
11 Abigail Father’s joy
12 Emily Industrious
13 Elizabeth God is my oath
14 Scarlett Red
15 Madison Son of Matthew
16 Sofia Wisdom
17 Avery Ruler of the elves
18 Ella Beautiful fairy
19 Lily Lily flower
20 Grace Grace
21 Chloe Blooming
22 Victoria Victory
23 Riley Courageous
24 Aria Air, melody
25 Zoe Life
26 Layla Night
27 Nora Honor
28 Addison Son of Adam
29 Aubrey Elf ruler
30 Hannah Favor, grace
31 Brooklyn Water stream
32 Stella Star
33 Paisley Church
34 Natalie Christmas Day
35 Savannah Flat tropical grassland
36 Claire Clear, bright
37 Eleanor Bright, shining one
38 Penelope Weaver
39 Skylar Sheltering
40 Violet Purple/blue flower
41 Kennedy Helmeted chief
42 Lucy Light
43 Anna Gracious
44 Samantha Listener
45 Caroline Free man
46 Genesis Beginning
47 Willow Willow tree
48 Hailey Hay clearing
49 Leah Weary
50 Zoey Life
51 Audrey Noble strength
52 Ariana Very holy
53 Taylor Cutter of cloth
54 Gabriella God is my strength
55 Maya Water
56 Alexis Defender
57 Autumn Fall season
58 Naomi Pleasantness
59 Bella Beautiful
60 Katherine Pure
61 Mackenzie Son of Kenneth
62 Serenity Peaceful
63 Allison Noble
64 Arianna Holy
65 Peyton Village warrior
66 Madeline Woman from Magdala
67 Faith Trust, belief
68 Lydia Woman from Lydia
69 Ruby Red gemstone
70 Jade Green gemstone
71 Sadie Princess
72 Clara Bright, clear
73 Eliana God has answered
74 Isabelle God is my oath
75 Aurora Dawn
76 Sophie Wisdom
77 Eva Life
78 Quinn Descendant of Conn
79 Lillian Lily
80 Delilah Delicate
81 Jasmine Fragrant flower
82 Reagan Little ruler
83 Molly Bitter
84 Alexa Defender of mankind
85 Diana Divine
86 Valerie Strength, health
87 Paige Young servant
88 Gabrielle God is my strength
89 Angelina Messenger of God
90 Natalia Born on Christmas Day
91 Mary Bitter
92 Andrea Manly
93 Arielle Lion of God
94 Chelsea Port of ships
95 Juliana Youthful
96 Vivian Alive
97 Esmeralda Emerald
98 Hope Hope
99 Trinity Threefold
100 Olive Olive tree
101 Melody Song
102 Celeste Heavenly
103 Summer Warm season
104 Isla Island
105 Elise God is my oath
106 Reese Fiery
107 Hazel Hazel tree
108 Camila Attendant at a religious ceremony
109 Giselle Pledge
110 Leia Weary
111 Vanessa Butterfly
112 Fiona White, fair
113 Veronica True image
114 Josephine God will add
115 Jane God is gracious
116 Hadley Heather meadow
117 Juliette Youthful
118 Harlow Army
119 Annabelle Gracious
120 Cassidy Clever
121 Tessa Harvester
122 Cecilia Blind
123 Morgan Sea defender
124 April Opening buds of spring
125 Mariah Of the sea
126 Sylvia From the forest
127 Wendy Friend
128 Ramona Wise protector
129 Eliza Consecrated to God
130 Whitney White island
131 Cheyenne Unintelligible speakers
132 Kaitlyn Pure
133 Skye Sky
134 Alana Beautiful
135 Amaya Night rain
136 Anastasia Resurrection
137 Danielle God is my judge
138 Ember Spark, burning low
139 Gwendolyn White ring
140 June Young

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In conclusion,

As we conclude our journey through the realm of the most popular American girl names, one thing remains abundantly clear: the profound impact of a name in shaping identity and character. From classic gems like Emma and Olivia to modern marvels like Ava and Sophia, each name carries its own unique charm and significance. As parents embark on the joyous adventure of naming their daughters, may they find inspiration and delight in the rich tapestry of names that embody the spirit of American girlhood.

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